RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay



I get where everybody is coming from. Remains to be seen how good he actually is until release. So far not looking good.

They even got rid of his install…gosh…


The beam isn’t just about getting it to hit. It’s about getting the opponent to react, since they can’t just reflect it. If they block it, then they eat a tag mixups. If they jump, then they still have to deal with tag. Basically, team building with Ryu is likely going to revolve around who can get the most out of tagging off the beam (and his other specials) - which is basically what we’ve been all predicting regarding this game’s meta.


The tag system and infinity mechanic isn’t a Ryu exclusive thing in fact there are more sensible choices of function/characters that receives individual updates that are viable in play with minimal predictability and better responsiveness to utilize the game mechanics than whatever Ryu can offer overall in this game.

Since everyone had decent individual update that are viable and usable like Morrigan which had a notable change while the overall MVCi Ryu version does not compensate with the lost of his UMVC3 updates and radical unnecessary change of projectile properties that destroy his overall reliable playstyle.


You keep bringing up Morrigan as an example, but as far as I’ve seen her zoning has been nerfed moreso than Ryu’s. In fact, her defensive options in general have been nerfed with unfly cancels gone and her shell kick doesn’t seem to hit overhead anymore so her offense was nerfed too. I feel like you’re exaggerating Ryu’s “possible” shortcomings when you compare him to her and say HE’s the one getting the raw end of the deal.


Is there some kind of character function discrimination here, that this should remain this? I really like UMVC3 that breaks those norms and biases even with it’s setbacks and imperfection.

Why Morrigan because she was the most often used argument to this projectile deflect radical change and why it is bring into this game in first place. Now someone is saying Ryu had better updates in MVCi or would be a better tier than Morrigan?

It’s amazing how people were saying Ryu might be this so he is better or Ryu might be that but the every video proves the otherwise and every previous comments favors my raise issues. I hope the confidence and stand to his character is real indeed without the biases of how they want the character to remain bellow average.How many here are sensationalizing that Sen Hadouken before is in fact better than Baku Hadouken? Which is another move in UMVC3 that is rare seen in competitive play, And I hope also those that promotes the Sen hadoken would used them more than anyone would rationally think about.

Ryu had loss much than his previous UMVC3 counterpart that is a fact.

Projectile deflect affects more Ryu than Morrigan is or the other many character that can be exploited in the future. Why? because Ryu was build to play and depend on a Hadoken than any other characters.

Wait are you said Ryu had better projectile durability than others any credible sources about that? or it was pure assumption and exageration.


Erm when were hadouken’s so pivotal to Ryu’s game in Mvc(3), that projectile deflections having severely reduced his viability?


I see your point @d3v. Getting them to react is the purpose. But I don’t see how this new change is beneficial at all for the character compared to everybody else and their kit. It is so slow compared to a game that is really fast paced.

Granted the game is not even out yet so who knows whether it is good or not. I just would rather see something that helps him keep up with the other characters in the game. Stuff I’m complaining addressing maybe already fixed and put into the game.

For example we saw wwwaaayyy more Akuma’s than Ryu’s in UMVC3 (if Rayray wasn’t the only person). This is because Akuma had more “functions” (lol never gonna get old) to work with over Ryu that made him always the better pick.

I’m just like everybody else thats want change and is upset at what I’m seeing because I care so much. The cool things he had going like his install could be explored more like giving him a damage boost and more meter gain.

When I see Ryu I see a fighter. Not an ordinary man. I just want him to be portrayed as such.

(Yes I know this is animated but its to help my point.)

I lost my train of thought.


I just feel in general this topic is very trivial over a problem that he’s never even really had. None of the shotos in Marvel were even really decent because of their fireball until I guess MVC3 Akuma. VDO barely ever throws fireballs with his Ken in MVC2 and that’s a character that’s maybe lower mid at best in a game where there’s really supposed to only be like 6 characters and 3 assists at the highest level.


Guess people just want to talk about the game.

Hopefully this level of interest remains in during the games lifecycle.


Ah yes, continuous talk of crack



Ryu in TVC and UMVC3 was never a mistake they were average unlike the other version, He being better than his MVC2 counter part was wrong?

Ryu is more supernatural and has more depth in training than Cyclops and Chun li that can do multiple jumps that defy gravity, So why can’t he get to return the Air Dash from TVC because he was to be supposed to be bad like the previous games. I think even removing his Hyper Shinkuu Hadoken in future MVC would be plausible to people here.

Shoryuken and Tatsu as Ryu’s is tthe most used Ryu Special move than Hadouken? yeah seems believable.

He was stripped down in this version from the previous decent version, Projectile deflect shouldn’t be here in the first place. Deflecting his own hadouken while following up with a mobility option(teleport, air dash or etc) or a more dominant form of projectile like bullets, laser and multi hitting project leave Ryu no choice other than to switch, block or use hyper. While the other character are more sensible for advantages and exploiting game mechanics in an overall form.


I wasn’t necessarily placing Ryu higher than Morrigan, just stating that he’s not the most hurt by the projectile deflection or any other gameplay changes. If anything, he will fare much better in this game than he ever had a chance of doing in UMVC3. Free tag system, universal otgs/bounces, and lower chip damage will help him deal with more dedicated zoners while giving him the tools to capitalize off rushdown better than in 3 where he couldn’t even convert off a magic series combo without an assist.


Many criticize and misinterpret DBFZ interview about character viability or possible character biases ironically… MVCi is more DBZ than DBFZ because they want Ryu to be the Yamcha of MVC series?

Okay so he isn’t the most hurt here? because his hadouken has projectile durability?.. might be?

Morrigan tech was the issue that many point out if you back read, yet ironically she got a personal treatment of updates the new diagonal upward fireball that is viable in play, while Ryu got the Glorious/Animu/RPG attack special attack…


Whoever did in charge with individual balance and updates in UMVC3 did a better job despite having more characters while in MVCi kinda meh for taken for granted and stripped particular character that is know as a flagship fighter character because he was supposed to be a role that is?.. Yamcha? MVC character viability wants to be more DBZ than DBFZ…


Ryu is not Yamcha. Ryu is Ryu. Not the best, not the worst. An upward fireball is not the deciding factor between good and trash. He can’t fly/air dash, but he couldn’t do that in 3 either. He is not being given any special treatment one way or the other. We’ll have to wait until substantial gameplay is shown before we say how strong/weak he is. What if he can parry? What if he can aim his beam upwards? You have no idea so just wait and see.


Who said about the upward fireball saying the charcater is trash? were talking about usability and viability here. I be glad to trade and swap the Sen Hadouken and Baku Hadouken together with Morrigan new diagonal projectile update.

Wait what parry your talking about? were are you getting this another fanciful assumption? does that include any news about Ryu doing focus attack and Ken assist special move?

Ryu is Ryu like MVC2?but never Ryu is Ryu like UMVC3? Ryu is not Ryu in TVC? Ryu is not Ryu unless he is MVC2 Ryu? Ryu was the Yamcha of MVC2 the worst, I’m not saying Ryu is Yamacha, but Ryu is the representation of YAMCHA in the MVC series while Chunli is supposed to have better mobility option moment because she was the strongest woman of the world?

Cyclops and Chunli have better mobility option than Ryu because is a lesser martial artist? Ryu is more supernatural than Spiderman and Wolverine combined.


I realized long ago all this pointless banter is just filler while we wait for more solid info, but I will continue cause why not.

I was talking about upward fireballs because you mentioned several times (including this last time) that Morrigan is gaining so much with this move whereas Ryu is supposedly getting nothing. Fyi: Morrigan had an upward Soulfist in 3. It’s not a new move at all. It covers a good angle, sure, but it’s not all that.

The parry crap was me telling you that Ryu’s full moveset and properties have yet to be disclosed. We don’t know how good/bad he is, so why go on this rant about what he needs when he may very well have it?

Lastly, Chun-Li has more air mobility than Ryu because it’s always been that way. From her toe tap in SF2 to her super high jump arc in SFIV to her vskill in SFV she has always been more mobile in the air than Ryu. Doesn’t mean she’s a superior martial artist, just that her style is more speed/mobility based while his is more power based. He’s not the Yamcha of the game if he hits hard, and do you really think they’ll give him low mobility and have him NOT hit hard?


Did you ever even saw the command list? or even watch some play videos or have you ever even backread why Morrigan was in here in the first place?

Wait where are you getting this parry, aiming sen hadoken and whatever ideas you can imagine or come out? it’s pointless to use something that isn’t even there. Is this like another snake oil salesman talk?

Your keep talking of a way? he should be this way… but why can he be the* other way* or the previous way? the UMVC3 way or the TVC way? SF2? Sf4 way? SF5 way?Smash way had a different way too.

Ryu was the Yamcha of MVC2 is that the way?



Some are assumed that DBFZ might have character discrimination because of story biases that may threatened character viability in unjust to favor the strongest in the story, The ironic part is some people wanted Ryu to a return back as a lower than average character or be just a noobie tutorial character because he was an ordinary human being than the rest of the cast (including Chun li, Chris, FrankW or the rest ordinary human that isn’t into mystical martial arts) that he doesn’t deserve everything he receive in UMVC3*(bunch of upgrades)* and TVC*(air dash)* as it was a mistake because they want to favor an idea of him being lower than average as if Ryu is supposed to remain as Yamcha’s counterpart in the MVC series because they dislike the previous in UMVC3 because he should stay bellow. This biases would turn MVC into more DBZ than DBZF itself because of being DBZ interms of favorable character viability and usability.

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If Ryu was actually Yamcha he’d be like DBZF where he’s relegated to being an assist for Akuma because Ryu by lore can not kill Marvel characters or some BS like that.


He can with few like, but It’s not necessary about killing but rather knocking them out. Ryu is a mystical martial artist to begin not a man with that has incredible feats that beyond some mutant can do or a man that heavily depends on equipment. His not an ordinary human that heavily depends on gadgets or some sort of trickery or a gene modified being that fights only with an energy blast.

Satsu no Hadou is the Phoenix Force counterpart in Sf universe but without the immortal and cosmic thing gimmick other than speed, teleportation, invincibility and power.

“I can’t control it” -Phoenix in UMVC

In fact If using lore his more better fighter/martial artist than previous like Chun li, Jill, Spencer and Chris or whoever army, police or a gadget man person.

Ryu had bested already Akuma in the future after the influenced of MU/ Hado kakusei.