RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay



I just hope someday Ryu wouldn’t be included anymore in any MVC series if this trend continues after UMVC3 and Capcom would just pick Akuma instead along with Chun li since they were just function… Why Akuma? because at least he isn’t locked to a specific impression of discrimination and biases to be a bellow average as a character.


And here I thought I was making it sound like you shouldn’t make a claim without evidence to back it up.

Something like bitching about a character being trash in a game you haven’t played with a quarter of its roster unaccounted for.

People have every right to be bitching about a great many things when it comes to MvCI. Comparative character viability sure as hell isn’t one of them.


Amazing how people contradict there opinions to favor there biases. What your ever changing stand to convince stuff doesn’t make your opinion relevant because your opinions justify your cause not your stand.

People who does not give a fak makes other believe that the character is good without even playing and seeing without any concern to the character viability and effectiveness while criticizing interested people that gave opinions and feed backs on the obvious and visible.

Thats how software dev works you give feed backs and that is how a wise client/consumer does gives feed back on information given, not the kind that just buy things and return things. Capcom has no obligation to change stuff as soon as you bought them.

Ryu in MVC3 was upgraded in UMVC3? why? because he lack something. Ryu in MVCi was stripped from those updates and replace by this new chargeable special move that is obvious along with the radical game changer that breaks Ryu’s core playstyle which shouldn’t be there in the first place or should not affect Ryu because Ryu was not dominant in UMVC3 he doesn’t deserve the current treatment.


My argument is his new charge whatever takes to long to get out compared to everybody else. Evidence is in the gifs.

Nothing to do until the game comes out anyways. lol


So it’s a complaint that Ryu has a new thing, but it’s not as good as other people’s and as such is worthless?
What’s next? “Zero has Sogenmu but Morrigan has Astral Vision, which is better, so Zero isn’t as good”?
The fact is they’ve given Ryu something that he can use in this game to take advantage of the tag system outside of Tatsumaki. This can only be a good thing.
Also bear in mind that the two changes to Ryu (Chargable beam + level 3 animation) show that everything we’ve seen up until now has been older builds. Maybe in the newest build his air LK Tatsu gives him so crazy movement, maybe his install makes him become Akuma and actually mobile. At this point we can’t know.

Oh, and anyone complaining about how long it takes to charge that beam.
Have you seen the amount of time people are knocked down for in this game? Knockdown, charge beam, tag doesn’t look outside the realm of possibility at all.


Yup I understand that. So I won’t be complaining about it anymore. No reason to until the game comes out and people test out how good it is. But onto a more important topic…


Why isn’t this his dlc costume? Thor and him would be on GQ magazine.


If Ryu’s Hadouken was spared from this radical change in the first place, it would had been tolerable and considerable even without the beam. Which is easier and solve everything without complicating.


I might’ve sounded like a dick but I’ve seen so little conversation and so much whining and bitching on SRK the last few months and every last morsel of genuine debate ground into dust I read every thread in a whiny redditor voice.
Here’s hoping we get a shit load of footage from Evo and can make proper assessments on just how ass Ryu is going to be.

Thor only comes along with Arthur and his “Lance”.

edit -

Do you mean the system wide change of reflected projectiles?


And were back on the maybe’s, I just hope next footage wouldn’t be back in maybe’s, Combo Function himself all ready had test run Ryu and the command list was everything that it is. Assuming they might add stuff and change stuff is a bit of chance already.

Animation doesn’t automatically means viable and usability.

That radical change will totally messed Ryu core design because his effectivity is his projectile usability which is the sole responsive special and this change will make him not a sensible choice because of his viability than other projectile users.


Seeing how creative they did towards other projectile, from megaman, Ironman and morrigan while removing all the decent Hadouken variations of Ryu did by the team in charge of UMVC3.

It seems biased or just Ryu is taken for granted because he was just a function, It’s like the team in MVCi just want Ryu to be the Yamcha of the series as a noob test play character. Ryu is the one that suffered more from this projectile defect.

And this thread is full of wishful thinking and whimsical assumption that came out of nowhere not from Capcom or there PR or any command list. Every one can come up with a what if this was or that was but they are no Capcom and the command list the legit answers. Combo function already did a test run on this character.

Were I’m not hoping for Ryu to have flashy animation and fanciful moves what we need is effectivity and usefullness I wouldn’t bother playing UMVC3 Ryu with the same effectivity in moves in MVCi. It’s like the team in MVCi is bias to favor a playstyle that is clearly obvious in the capability and upgrade of others.

In fact they even trimmed and narrowed the size of the Shinkuu hadouken.

Akuma should have been in this game instead because he have no character discrimination or some sort of biases in the community that wants Ryu to be the Yamcha of the series it’s obvious by how the previous comment that say his supposed to be down there or be “just” that or just picked another function crap.

If this bias and trends continues Ryu should never appear in any MVC title and replace him with Akuma that has no bias limitation or what so ever imaginary role to a specific community They are just turning Ryu as the Yamcha of the MVC in terms of usability.

The clear was the Ryu core viability as a effective projectile user will never be especially with the projectile deflect that messed his core playstyle directly.


Can’t speak to the early series as I was nearly half my age when they released, so have less memory of the games and (an even less understanding of the games at the time), but at least in U/MvC3, Ryu was never projectile based. His normals and tatsu mix ups were his main tools. And assists helped him in neutral more than any utility he could get from his fireballs, even when they were upgraded in Ultimate.

If anything, his fireballs are more viable now as assists are no longer in the game; neutral is based solely around point characters actions. There are fewer things reducing the effectiveness of fireballs in Infinite.

Still, if Ryu’s projectiles are not of use to you, you can still take advantage of the games mechanics such as the more flexible tag system and gems to give him extra dimensions.


im just gonna wait until the game comes out and voice my opinion then and hope the spies of capcom (deviljin and d3v) take my thoughts and ideas and give it to capcom. why they get rid of install is beyond me.


He was decent in UMVC3, I hope he won’t be back to Yamcha status of MVC games… Since its a few months, easy way to fix this without complication is exception to the projectile deflect rule and adding a projectile durability 3 so it’s like an ex version of hadouken…

if people are really afraid and terrified with RYU that had air dash like TVC.



Ooooh…that’s not…Ryu…


Too bad it isn’t still Ryu, Ryu should have been exempted


Just equip the space stone with ryu and you won’t have to worry about getting punished while charging hadokens. There, problem solved.


I’m not talking about stone mechanics because everyone can used those what i meant was individual updates and treatment like the other had decent treatment.


i’m trying to make out the chip. it looks like its there but he stops blocking.


This line of thinking has never made sense to me. Ryu is typically the foundation of the game he’s in; he’s specialised subtly but is also able to compete with any situation. His own design depends on the hadoken - if projectile reflection shuts him down, that’s a problem with his character build. Perhaps Hadoken should have a property that prevents it from deflection, like a second hit?


Ryu just isn’t as dependent on his fireball as people make it out to be. People who say that must only play Super Turbo or SFIV.

Ryu has been in plenty of games where his hadoken isn’t that relevant to his strength. You basically don’t need it other than the EX one in 3rd Strike, in Alpha 3 he honestly threw a lot more buttons than fireballs and then tried to fish for CC, in TvC he was mostly generic air dash pressure and in Marvel 3 there were certain matchups he didn’t even really have any reason to use it in.

If Ryu is going to be good there’s a lot of ways he can be good. Whether he is good or bad isn’t necessarily determined by the fireball on its own. The way this game is going he could have a bad for reasons that have nothing to do with his fireball, or even be good for reasons that have nothing to do with his fireball.