RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay



im just gonna wait until the game comes out and voice my opinion then and hope the spies of capcom (deviljin and d3v) take my thoughts and ideas and give it to capcom. why they get rid of install is beyond me.


He was decent in UMVC3, I hope he won’t be back to Yamcha status of MVC games… Since its a few months, easy way to fix this without complication is exception to the projectile deflect rule and adding a projectile durability 3 so it’s like an ex version of hadouken…

if people are really afraid and terrified with RYU that had air dash like TVC.



Ooooh…that’s not…Ryu…


Too bad it isn’t still Ryu, Ryu should have been exempted


Just equip the space stone with ryu and you won’t have to worry about getting punished while charging hadokens. There, problem solved.


I’m not talking about stone mechanics because everyone can used those what i meant was individual updates and treatment like the other had decent treatment.


i’m trying to make out the chip. it looks like its there but he stops blocking.


This line of thinking has never made sense to me. Ryu is typically the foundation of the game he’s in; he’s specialised subtly but is also able to compete with any situation. His own design depends on the hadoken - if projectile reflection shuts him down, that’s a problem with his character build. Perhaps Hadoken should have a property that prevents it from deflection, like a second hit?


Ryu just isn’t as dependent on his fireball as people make it out to be. People who say that must only play Super Turbo or SFIV.

Ryu has been in plenty of games where his hadoken isn’t that relevant to his strength. You basically don’t need it other than the EX one in 3rd Strike, in Alpha 3 he honestly threw a lot more buttons than fireballs and then tried to fish for CC, in TvC he was mostly generic air dash pressure and in Marvel 3 there were certain matchups he didn’t even really have any reason to use it in.

If Ryu is going to be good there’s a lot of ways he can be good. Whether he is good or bad isn’t necessarily determined by the fireball on its own. The way this game is going he could have a bad for reasons that have nothing to do with his fireball, or even be good for reasons that have nothing to do with his fireball.


His hadouken here should have something like his EX version Hadouken in Sf4 and Sf5 that has better durability, even projectile from normal attacks, lasers and bullets that is multiple hitting easily intimidate Ryu attempt response along with this projectile deflect they’ll just deflect it then follow with whatever superior projectile response that Ryu will easily controled because of the lack of mobility options like air dash…

Cable and Cyclops had multiple jumps and no one questioned it.

His shoryuken and tatsu is an obvious that made him predictable that he needs to depend to tagswitch to make it safe yet it make the whole playstyle predictable that cost your red life of recovery and expose your partner just to protect Ryu.


Buff Chris, he has to reload every 3 magnum shots. Very predictable and vulnerable, while Ryu gets infinite hadoukens. He also has no invincible reversal to deal with rushdown and crazy mixups which they gave Ryu. They want Chris to be the Yamcha of Marvel, I can feel it…

You see what I did there?


Try harder shilling…

Your the guy that has a thought that Ryu is supposed to be “that” way and “that” way than the previous UMVC3

You create imaginary moves previously to justify your shilling now you create misleading comparison.

your to obvious from your past comments that always debunked you.

Wait amazing you didn’t came up that he might have super saiyan blue transformation.

Mixup and rush down? wait your talking a guy with hadoken, shoryuken and tatsu having better mixup and unpredictability than Chris. haha

Your the one that makes people believe that there is a move that isn’t in the command list.

Your the one that bring up crazy assumption of moves that was never been in the game or command list.

Wait Chris is more predictable the Ryu? wait shoryuken, hadouken and tatsu? then the other most recent obvious to hit sen hadouken? predictability…


Misleading biases and fallacy comparison.

Comparing Ryu to Chris in terms of projectile reliability this is funny.

Does even Ryu’s hadouken the only sole projectile dominate Chris numerous projectile option?

Can even Ryu deflect Chris and Can Christ even deflect Ryu? The projectile deflect does not work on laser and bullets.

Your using words that isn’t justify the character. many would play Chris competitively than Ryu in the release.

Yeah the ever obvious Shoryuken at Tatsu


It’s honestly a little amazing that you stick to calling people who disagree with you about character balance “shilling”. It’s like arguing politics with an ESL Alex Jones.

You don’t know what makes a character weak or strong in this game. None of us do yet.

All you’ve done is throw out assumptions like some nutjob in the street wearing a sign that says “THE END IS NIGH” and expect us to address your concerns like you’ve made an actual point. You are the one making assumptions. You have no evidence. All you’ve done is whine.

You come across like a delusional character loyalist throwing a tantrum.


Shakunetsu is funny. He just has books and books of theories about Ryu and other characters. Ryu is practically a religion for him.

I wanna see how he plays the game. Should be interesting.


Your the guy that keeps coming back in this thread that always been wronged.

Wait have you even tried searching the word “shill” in this thread? before giving false imaginary accusation .

Your trying projection right wait yeah right the hadouken, tatsu and shoryuken? cannot be judge by predictability along haha


See? This is what I’m talking about. I would love to engage with his preconceptions in some meaningful way, but every sentence is like spilled Scrabble tiles and SRK buzz-words all wrapped up in some raging persecution complex.


see what? Your current reply to my recent message doesn’t even made sense? you just accuse and accuse?

back reading make sense try it.

The guy was obvious he create what if stuff… like parries, aim-able sen hadoken and evil ryu tranform that make akuma that never appeared in the MVCi command list or even combofiend playthrough videos.

backreading can see the obvious


It shows that you need to pick up on people faster if you’re still trying to have serious conversations with him at this point.


Every possible questioned and issue were answered decently in the previous pages(1-3) on this thread the rest pages were just recurring and redundant comments same that has been talked and in previous pages by old people go in and out or to simply derailing the issue by giving** what if, should if or maybe** imaginary super or special move that never appeared or been there in the playthrough of Combofiend or the command list in MVCi to mislead and confused.


Alright, man. If you’re serious about this: what evidence do you have that Ryu is bad right now? I’m not even talking about the final build anymore, but the most recent build of the game. Because his fireballs can be reflected? Because he can’t fly or airdash? Whatever the case, it’s just an opinionated assumption for one major reason: we still have no idea what really matters in this game.

None of the Ryu footage we have seen so far feature 2 players who actually know how to play the game. Do fireballs matter? Does flight matter? Maybe zoning ends up really weak in this game due to low chip damage and reflectable projectiles. Maybe having flight mode is not as strong due to a lower stage ceiling. I’m using a lot of "maybe"s here because that’s all we really have. As much as you want to believe that you know how Ryu is going to play, you just don’t. You have no real evidence, just assumptions based off his current movelist compared to other characters designed to play differently. If you really love Ryu, you’d save your judgements for after you personally have tested him and tried to take advantage of his tools, or at least until someone who actually knows how to use Ryu demonstrates his potential properly. If you still feel he’s weak after that, then others will be willing to listen to you.