RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay


  • Evil Ryu transformation that gives him Akuma moves and his rainbow kick from AE.
  • Parry from 3rdS/SFV
  • Denjin style fireball charge and dash-cancel.

That’s what I’d do. Because unlike Capcom I like Ryu and want him to be cool.


Wasn’t Ryu top tier in TvC?

He just needs an airdash. Maybe make it so he can Donkey Kick in the air for Big Daddy Kane damage and extended combos. If he’s going to be the only Shoto they should make him decent if there’s no Akuma to fall back on.

Hilarious they added a bunch of new moves and even an install super to Ryu in UMvC3, but none of the moves they added really had any use. His lack of mobility killed him in that game. All he had was big damage and that’s it, and even then, he was outclassed there.


I’m not saying he needs everything mentioned here. I don’t think he needs the evil and ken transformation.

It can be just Air Dash and hadokakusei without damage buff and drain life.

It can be airdash with ren hadoken and hado shoryuken.

It can be ren hadoken with hado shoryuken and hado kakusei without damage buff and drain life.

It can be air dash with ren hadoken and hado kakusei without damage buff and drain life.

Just a combination of 3 if had no airdash. If it had air dash a combination of 2.

It’s not really something new and broken but rather a utility to make Ryu’s opponent more caution against him since the projectile deflect makes his sole arsenal hadoken useless and many characters had other tools like lazers, bullets and multi hitting attacks that can nulify his hadoken easily with just an ease.

Ryu did in umvc3 did had potential and make him less preditable he is part of Chris G team. The thing that is useless is the Baku Hadoken that is a very honest and anticipated move that can only caught people that never aware of that move since put Ryu ina vulnerable situation plus its very prrditable.


It’s funny how I didn’t realize Hado Kakusei drained Ryu’s health until 2016.


Because of the time limit and usually paired with Xfactor that makes you feel having Kaioken. If xfactor would be around today along with hadokakusei it feels like a Goku like hadokakusei for SSJB then power up with Xfactor as kaioken. Haha


How do we know what Ryu needs already? There has literally only been one demonstration of his properties, and that was more a demo of the core game mechanics. We don’t have a clue how strong/weak he is. Hurricane kicks can be projectile invincible for all we know…we should get more gameplay before we decide “no airdash = bad” for him, or any character for that matter.


Based on the many comments above his already uninteresting in this game. If he was interesting we would see some of gameplay videos using him. In fact nobody did cared or even bothered especially after the the projectile update because there are already better choices than him.

We all know that when the game hit retail it is a finished product updates is probably be just glitch fixes and nerfs. Another thing it’s unlikely for uninteresting character like Ryu in versus series to have special treatment of special move update and mobility option addition unless it is a sequel which is imposible.

Don’t worry dude Ryu won’t be broken and be top tier he was average in UMVC3 and TVC but not in MVC3 because of the lacking. It’s normal for people to give feedback during demo that how software development is and we all know the usual updates it’s barely about adding specials and mobility options for an uninteresting character unless this is a sequel.

Last thing the RADICAL UPDATE know as the projectile deflect obviously kills his play style that mostly depends on hadoken in an environment filled with lasers, teleports and bullets that easily nullify his command specials.


Just make him hit hella hard so you use him for finishing combos via tag in.


Air dash is just the kneejerk anime way of fixing him. In Marvel traditionally shotos don’t have air dash movement and although it has slow recovery and travels a very far set distance, the time gem is there to give characters that normally don’t have great air movement an air option.

I prefer for Ryu to stay traditional to Marvel with not having an air dash, but just improving his other options to traverse the air and set up pressure.


Give him a double jump so he can extend combos using it.


Why you play mahvel and pick Ryu is beyond me…:shrug:


What to feel with X factor with Hado kakusei



What to feel doing Shin Hadouken with X factor with Hado kakusei



A Hado Kakusei similar without damage boost and life drain. That permanently enhanced Hyper Combos and Air Dash seems fine for the new projectile deflect mechanic.

Actually Ryu should have been an agile character in terms of mobility since this is to exaggerate his capabilities as a martial artist like they did with Chun li. So air dash and wall jump should have been with him also but not the flight and multiple jump like Chun li has.

Baku Hadouken was the predictable fancy move in UMVC3. Ren Hadouken and Hado Shoryuken would be interesting at least for some situation.

Congrats dude! Your very clever and a genius!


Im ready to blow the game up again, i already have a lot of ideas, the main problem is I feel like its gonna be to easy to do to make it actually worth while morally. But I see the potential for a lot of high hitting combos, just not sure how much of a wow factor there will be when you consider how brain dead the game looks in terms of what juggles and what doesnt.



Ryu wont be tier one with this stuffs


Invincible reversal>tag into combo or blocked reversal>tag made safe are real now.


Ryu actually was top 5 in TvC i think, air dash in heavy was so good.


Ryu is talked about 1 hour in:


I forgot he had a beam in this game lol.


I believe that is the new Sen hadoken… the Baku hadoken replacement?

It’s like another of those fancy move that put you in a pause very vulnerable, immobile and predictable state that is a never for this kind of fast pace environment that everyone had variety responsive offensive option like bullets, teleports., multi-hitting projectile and also laser without the danger. It’s like risking to hit someone with a level 3-4 Focus Attack or a “Denjin Hadoken” without the same reward in a game that is not a street fighter title by logic and play style. A laser beam in trade off for vulnerability, immobility and predictability is a bad trade off in this environment with better option.


Tatsu as a lockdown assist is basically what I wanted.


Air Dash and Hado kakusei Shinkuu buff is all he need to be viable in play like anyone else even with the new projectile deflect.