Ryu is better then you think

How come everybody thinks ryu is bad he is not he is better then you all think. IF you know how to use him or who to have on our team.

Tell what you want to know about using ryu and ill do my best to answer you i am trying to be the best with him and i will soon enough haha:lol: :evil:

is this how Ryu is ‘better than i think’? :lol:

I use Ryu all the time. He’s a limited character, but a lot of fun.

Some random notes (because I don’t have a lot of time):

jump fierce xx hurricane - The best way to get in. This is great on Sentinel! I’ve had jump fierce beat Sentinel’s attacks clean, and then hurricane kick - ridiculous. Bait out the anti-air once you get Sent to the ground then keep doing it while calling Doom or Sentinel or something.

tigerknee fireball - Better than it seems, especially the jab fireball. It zones the opponent the fuck out and forces them to come down on you.

c.fierce - Fucktarded priority. If you know someone’s going to be coming down on you, this pretty much beats everything.

air shinkuu hadouken - Fast with a “you’re dead if you didn’t block range”. It’s a little annoying that the time to DHC this move is limited, so remember that.

throw into Storm assist - then launch into fierce xx shinkuu hadouken. OUCH!

More later.

Drop storm projectile or Sent ground, jumping jab hadoken. Good against rushdown characters.

RK throw into sent ground assist at a certain angle will allow you to combo off it. Throw them just at the top of the drones so that they continue to “ride” them for a while.

Jumping RK has some nice range and priority too. Useful against storm’s rk launcher.

i’ll post more later…

eh how about some combos like j.hp, s.lk + Akuma exp., s.mk, assist hits, TK Shinkuu Hadoken

Its offical ryu is a really good character 12 wins :eek: with Ryu Gambit Tron:wtf::wtf:. Ryu did most of the work too hahahaha

I think the most damaging solo combo Ryu has is:

J.Fierce v C.Fierce ^ SJ.Fierce xx Shinkuu Hadouken

Three fierces before the super = ouch. On some characters, this combo won’t work (I’m thinking Magneto and Spiral here. Not sure yet, though), but for them you can usually replace the SJ.Fierce with the fierce air Hadouken and it’ll work.

Which would you choose Ryu or Ken

I would pick Ryu because he can do his super in the air and he can shoot a hadoken across the whole screen

What does Ken have that one good air combo:lame:

Tell me your thoughts on who is better Ryu or Ken

well most damaging solo combo may be j.FP SSRK, I think (or the repeated hurricane kick thing in the corner, which is 100% if you use all 5 levels). sj FP xx Shinkuu hadouken will generally only work on characters who are a little bigger than average (Gambit, Cable, etc and upward). launch into hadouken xx shinkuu hadouken works on everyone though.

good assist combo with Akuma G is just c.sk+assist, c.forward, roundhouse hurricane kick. Ryu’s hurricane kick is glitched on the ground too, so the combo is like 35-40% damage vs Cable, without using a super.

will list more random things as required.

My combo with Ryu/Sent Proj

Jump FP, s lk, s mk, call sent, RK hurricane kick (2 hits)xx SHinku Hado

If timed right, the hurricane kick should hit twice. The first hit should be before the rocket punch connects. The assist should stop the enemy from flying out too far, allowing the second hit to connect.

Tigerknee jab hadokens!

Which reminds me, that combo I listed with Akuma-G (c.sk+assist, c.fk xx Hurricane kick) works with a bunch of other assists with varrying degrees of success.

hey, the old Ryu thread in Gaming Discussion is still up.


I listed a bunch of the assists that work in the combo and how much damage they do (vs healthy cable) toward the bottom of the first page…in between Dark Strider and Bshidoheat’s posts.

my ryu is far superior to dasrik’s…

when jumping… fierce that shit… it has way more priority then his roundhouse at all times… it will snuff most stuff underneath him.

corner infinite isn’t all that practical… sets up off of a storm air combo dhc but thats about it. ryu does well with a projectile assist behind him much like you would play any other weenie low tier character. uh… if you normal jump hadoken, you’ll probably die… better sj. them… um… as a small trick you can do a rh hurricane kick on the ground, and super if they flinch since it comes out instantly.

Ryu is definitely no dark sakura or guile, but he’s still a force to be Recognized and plagurized… word

I barely even do his air combos. Dash, c.lk, s.hp, fireball, super

Gets people everytime. Then when they get smart and block the crouch lk, do his over head. Gets people everytime! hehe

Yeah. Ryu is awsome. First off, he gots that fireball thing which he can also do in the air. Then he has those massive air combos. And best of all, the red headband. No but out of all seriousness…
Ryu, servbot, and roll = total anihillation

cable owns ryu:evil:

got a better combo into super

this one takes alot of life

lp, mp, hp, fireball, hakoken

takes about 60 something…:slight_smile: