Ryu is Strong

Ryu can win!

He may not be top tier, but what he lacks in tools, he makes up for with something that none of the top tier characters have…

and that my friends…is heart!

Ryu has heart, and that is where his strength lies!


what he said.


I agree 100% :slight_smile:
Ryu is sick. My dad plays a pretty mean Ryu ,lol.

I’ve had a Ryu revival, and every time I win I say “Ryu is strong” to my opponent… go mopreme :slight_smile:

tiers are for bitches

Yeah Im not a big fan of tiers either. All the characters in the game are awesome, its a shame that so many people choose only Ken or Chun or Yun. Theyre fun characters, but so is everyone else. (And yes I know my sig says I use Chun, shes my favorite character, has been since before I knew about tiers)

Ryu IS strong, the amount of damage that he does still surprises me, hes one of those characters thats really good at turning huge portions of your life bar red all at once hehe.

btw Mopreme, nice work on that Ryu tutorial, one of the better tutorials that Ive seen :tup:

So True :clap:

He will always be nr1 in my book!!

c.mk hit confirm shin is too good… :badboy:

You did good in the Ryu vs Dudley match, I think u could have won a few more thogh

You know what Ryu doesn’t have? The 3 hit giant-killing Shinsho from New Generation.

what he said.

Best Ryu thread i’ve seen

Ryu has always been a great character, I especially like him in this game. Without a fireball trap hes much more fair than his original incarnations, I think hes the least cheap of the shotos in 3S. Well balanced, strong,and, I mean come on, its Ryu. The man has the special gift of being able to fall asleep anywhere!

Sorry but if Ryu was 2I with the 2 Denjins then I think he would break up the top four and push himself upto number 1

:tup: I agree with abhi …
Ryu with 2 denjin = god tier \o/

yes 2 denjins would be just unstoppable. too good.
but if akuma had ryu’s health stamina that would be god tier. lol!

if Ryu had Resurrection he’d be godtier

LMAO!!! Just picturing him doing it hahahahaha!!
Hadouken! Hadouken! Shoryuken! RESURRECTION!!!

and yeah double Denjin Ryu is sick, I still play 2I on the DC sometimes, and WOW is all I can say. I bet theres a 100% combo vs Gouki. I would know but I try not to play that game too much as I dont wanna get confused when I play 3S lol.

I’d trade Resurrection for Seraphic Wing.

AAAAHHHHH SHADUP and get back to ur Akuma Thread :nunchuck: :karate: :cool:

“waves whit flag in response to abhi”

but if akuma had terry’s move’s oh man god tier, and what if he could ex oh my lawd he be good man! lol