Ryu j.hp

What are the pros and cons of using j.hp instead of j.hk with ryu, and why i’m seeing mostly punch jump-ins in high level videos

j.hp has a sharper downward angle, so it works better as a jump-in. j.hk is better for air-to-air, and j.mk is for crossing up.

Yeah, I usually use :hp: if they’re close and I’m jumping right on top of them (but not crossing them up) but :hk: if they’re further away and I want to extend my range for the hit


Their stats are pretty much the same. The angle is different, you have a much better chance of hitting with punch if you’re above them. J.HP also comes out a frame faster so that can make a difference in the air.

It has a smaller hit box so it can be used to avoid certain reversals if spaced properly.

High kick is better at getting in a better range

isn’t the HP an elbow blow or something? probably not, but one of them is and is great if they also jump because that jugles and you can land some ex, super or ultra fireball, ideally the latter.

ryus angle jump :mp: is the one you want to juggle with