Ryu, ken, bison, balrog


Hello, basicaly what i wanted to ask was is RYU, BISON, BALROG AND KEN good charecters to learn and is better to learn all four rather then just keep one because some people say its bettr to learn 1 character and learn him properly, but i think it better to learn all four so if one fails can go to other.

What do suggest learn 1 charecter to the best of my knowlegde or learn four above basic, this would include cancelling to a certain extent, Thanks in advance


You’re better off sticking to one character and fully learn that character than to split already precious time learning multiple characters. The best characters to learn out of your list are Ryu and Balrog. They’re more solid than their more offensive counterparts. That being said, Bison and Ken are also great choices.


I would actually suggest against picking Ryu. Since he has options for just about EVERYTHING, I’d think it would be more productive to try to learn a character that has trouble in situation X but does exceptional in Y, and sub a character that does great in X but struggles with Y. The reason being is that Ryu doesn’t have many bad matchups (they are all winable IMO) and I just think that it would be harder to learn the ins and outs of the game if you pick a character that has an easymode option for everything that is thrown at them. Yes I do understand that Ryu has to work, but its generally less than everyone else because again, he has options for everything.


right… before all this i had Ryu as my main and Balrog as a sub but im thinking of swapping balrog for Boson is this a good idea, and for ken ill just use him for fun and mess about lol…


Do whatever you want. But try not to be a “Jack of all trade, master of none.”

Be sure to get at least ONE character down good as your main. Then when you’re confident with your skills on that character, move onto another one.


I’m so tired of hearing this. I started with Ryu, and now 5 months later I have been forced to switch to Balrog because it’s so much harder to win with Ryu if you aren’t amazing at this game.

Everyone talks about how solid Ryu is and how he has all these “options”, but what they don’t tell you is that you need 10 years of experience to be able to utilize any of them.

Ryu has great footsies! Sure, but unfortunately at beginner and intermediate levels, footsies are non-existent. 95% of the time if you stick out cr.MK you are going to eat a special and get owned. Whereas Bison/Balrog can just spam their normals brainlessly.

Ryu has great anti-air! Yeah, because executing a late DP on reaction is sooooooooo easy to do right? Compared to Balrog’s cr.HP which is the brain-dead answer to every jump in and requires no reaction at all.

Ryu has great zoning! Yeeeah, except that his main zoning tool is fireballs, which every damn character in this game can get around with ease, and for beginners is likely going to result in massive pwnage from opponents who ultra/super through it, and jump-in combo repeatedly for 300 dmg.

Ryu has a solid pressure game! Oh really? Please explain how Ryu is supposed to get in on someone without taking massive risks… when you come up with your answer, try to imagine a beginner pulling that stuff off.

Ryu has the best reversal ever! Yeah, but unless you are psychic or something, the vast majority of the time this amazing reversal is only going to result in you getting viciously punished.

Ryu has so many ways to combo into ultra! Ok, against scrubs maybe. Good players don’t jump, so there goes light DP to ultra. Ryu is not going to be putting people into the corner, so there goes all those corner setups. cr.MK x EX fireball to ultra from midscreen is impossible to pull off consistently for anyone but a high level player. And FADC ultra? Yeah it’s awesome, but have fun practicing it for hours on end for the next 8 months before you can actually use it in a game. In the meantime, enjoy getting raped from all the times that you screw it up.

If you want to take the loooong and painful road to becoming a solid player, then choose Ryu. It will probably pay off in the long run because you will need to play so much more solidly just to win with him, so you won’t develop any bad habits or crutches.

However, if you don’t want to wait a year before you start winning, then just go with Balrog or Bison. THEY are the easy mode characters. Ryu is hard mode IMO.

I’ve been using Balrog for 2 days, and I’m already at 1900 PP. I was never able to crack 1800 with Ryu, and that’s with 5 months and hundreds of hours of practice.


Replied in bold.


I only play characters with fireballs and DPs and I have to say compared to the other shotos and Sagat Ryu is not easy to win with. Btw i’ve played you several times on ranked inf4myMTL and I think your Ryu is definitely better than your Rog.

Also Big Boss rarely will you see Daigo do an AA with C.HP he will always DP and compared to Ken’s or Sagat’s uppercut with Ryu you have to do it very late.


Even still, Ryu is like a swiss army knife. A tool for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Ryu is a threat from the ding of the bell, to the final round won, meter or no meter. You can’t say that for anyone else in the game.


Yes, that is the point. I have invested a ton of time into my Ryu, and it still has not paid off because I get my ass handed to me by garbage players who are using EZ mode characters like Balrog, Adon, Blanka, and Bison.

I can beat them, but the amount of skill and focus that I have to utilize is insane compared to what they have to do.

If I make 1 or 2 mistakes, I am finished. Ryu doesn’t have the luxury of spamming LP dash punch, LK scissors, jaguar tooth, blanka ball and all this other crap that is super safe.

I literally know nothing about Balrog, and it is WAY easier for me to win with him. I am beating people with 2500PP left and right, which is something that feels impossible with Ryu.

All of the points that BigBoss is bringing up, are advanced stuff that takes tremendous practice. For someone who is just starting out, none of that stuff is going to work against people with 1500 to 3000 PP because it’s just too difficult to pull off.

The bottom line is that although Ryu is solid, he is definitely not easy to win with when you get up to around 1500 PP. At that point, you are much better off using Balrog, Bison, Blanka, Guile, or Adon if EZ mode is what you’re after.

IMO if you can make it to 3000PP with Ryu, you have already mastered most of this game and you can probably switch to almost any other character and beast the hell out of people.


sooo guys i know ill keep ryu for deff but for my sub balrog or bison?, and yeh my add is AHMADR786 if some one wants to see my ryu, balrog or bison against them so they could tell me whos better for mw to keep and who needs to be let off of.


Personally I think Bison is way more fun to play than Balrog is. Both characters have their strengths and weaknesses and neither is better than the other, it just depends what you are looking for.

Balrog is a very straight forward character who is very easy to use. He has great footsies and anti-air. His BnB combo is like the easiest in the game. He can combo into his ultra with like zero practice. But, he can be kind of boring because his options are fairly limited. He doesn’t have a cross-up, and really no mix-up game. He is also very susceptible to cross-ups and focuses.

Bison has a lot more options at his disposal which makes him more fun to play. He can play rush down, footsies, hit and run, or just plain run away. He has an amazing cross up, and his BnB combo is pretty easy although still harder than Balrog’s. He has problems on wake-up when he doesn’t have meter, and his ultra is very hard to land. You can expect to not land Bison’s ultra for the majority of your games, whereas with Balrog you will land it almost EVERY round. Also Bison has less health, and is very weak compared to Balrog. His BnB only does around 200 dmg and if you don’t have charge you can’t really punish with anything except st.HK.

Hard choice to be honest. I chose Balrog instead of Bison simply because Balrog has a way better anti-air, and I absolutely hate being jumped in on.


Balrong ain’t a bad beginner character, either. I’m sure someone’s going to bitch at me for them being charge characters, but Balrog is definately a character you can learn the basics with. I’ve always been a believer or teaching, “You gotta block before you can walk,” and charge characters emphasize that element a lot of beginners. Also, since quite a few top tier characters are charge characters (Chun, Bison, Balrog, Guile, and so forth), it allows beginners to understand how they function and what they’re weak to.

Balrog has a pretty damn close end-all-be-all anti-air with low fierce. His far fierce and far roundhouse also work as good pokes. Jump-in fierce isn’t bad as a jump in, and nj.fp isn’t bad for a neutral jump. His super and ultra are easy enough to link into, and he has a good forward and backdash.


I think the point of suggesting Ryu is to get the new people to learn the concepts, not to get easy wins. With this in mind, Ryu is just the better option imo.


Thanks ppl of SRK you have helped me a lot thank you, im going to stick with RYU and change my sub to BISON instead of Balrog, cause i have also noticed that when playing the BALROG i get board and Bison is way more fun to play with and has more options in some situations lol Thanks again ppls, I just wanted to ask is there a tutorial where it tells you how to assemble a toodles axisadapter pcb and how to wire it to my se stick?


i got replys from tech guys its OK! lol


Sounds like Ryu’s not for you, bro.


If you at any point think these moves are safe, then Street fighter is not your game.

Crouching mk to fireball is too cheese. SRK ex cancel U1 is so cheese, even my 13 year old brother can do it, and he doesn’t even play video games often.

Stop. Just stop.

People in this thread has already stated that your Ryu is better than your Balrog/Bison.

If you think it’s hard to win with Ryu…



Stop responding dude, you’re retarded.

Yeah Viper is hard, so what? Completely beside the point here. I didn’t list her as easy mode did I…

And the fact that my Ryu is better than my Rog/Bison yet I get way better results with them just supports what I am saying.

cr.MK x fireball does not win games. Cheap garbage like Jaguar kick DOES win games. It’s not safe? Please pull your head out of your ass. Medium and Hard JK are both 100% safe on block, and light is BARELY punishable by SRK if it lands deep. If spaced correctly (which it always will be anyway), it is safe also.

Anyway I’m done talking to you because clearly you can’t read.


i got my 3000PP with guile but i had to pick ryu to get 4000PP lol. easy mode safe jumps + option selects and mp srk auto corrects nearly everytime… ryu IS godlike in this game