Ryu looking for some practice

Hey guys… I want some practice against some okay-good players. I think I’m an okay player??.. Lol anyways I live on the west and would prefer 4 bars at least. Add my gamertag and lets get some games going!

You can add me if you want. I’m on the west, but in Canada. May get 4 bars with you but would have to see. I need practice against shotos. Add me if you want: KumiteX. Chances are this thread will be locked soon – post more requests in the matchmaking thread.

haha I’m in canada too :smiley: where in canada are you?

add me

bison,rufus,sagat,zangief,chunli,honda player
i live in orange county, california

Haha that’s funny. I just assume people are in the US on here because it seems like there’s so few Canadians. I’m in Alberta.

:wonder: Post [here]… dood.