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This M/U is a pain in the ass lol.
Feels like Ryu has the advantage and because his dash is ridiculously fast you gotta stay on your toes and don’t down-back for too long waiting for a potential jumpin.


agreed this is my second most hated match so far.


no1? Karin?
ryu vs guile feels quite even for me.
only two match ups Im struggling vs
karin and mika


Dhalsim is number one for me so far, but that could just be because I’m terrible against that character anyway.


Apparently this matchup is even. Guile can zone out Ryu decently well but always beware Ryu’s safe options DP.


Feels even until you fight a Ryu that really knows what they are doing :slight_smile:

Parry is obnoxious and deals really well with Sonic Cross. Once he establishes that, it can be hard to take back momentum from zoning as Ryu will just parry, build V-Gauge, and wait it out. Feels like it’s definitely Ryu’s favor if the Ryu understands things, but not many Ryus seem to.


Can’t you just walk up with sonic cross? I don’t think any sane Ryus would parry when guile is hugging his cross.


I feel like even when you do that, your not playing your game. You’re doing exactly what Ryu needs you to do. He doesn’t need to fear your projectile, because of parry.

Even If you mosey on behind that cross, depending on spacing, he can attempt to cross up and the only answer you have is crouching heavy, which is too slow to react with. If he N.Js you have to use the same move, because you can’t air throw (his N.J hitboxes hang out there a long god damn time.). If you do manage to hit with it, your definitely in a better situation, but he still has the same options.

If feel like Ryu needs to be forced into the corner, where he can’t use all of his buttons because if he messes up, G.HK into FK is a real threat. then we can stick meaties out and play games with him. We just need to be really aware of conditioning the DP.

Problem with this is, the two tools to keep him in the corner, Flash Kick and Air throw don’t really stand up to him. You can’t just flash on him (DP Beats it) and the set up attacks for it (c.mp really only comes to mind) can’t be meaty enough to beat DP. So, we need to predict the flash kick.

I’ve had some success using j.hk in the corner to cut off neutral jump stuff and forcing them to dp. If they wake up hadouken, you beat it with sonic boom, if they wake up with tatsu flash stuffs it. DP is the only thing that can get them out and when you hook it,its a bunch of free damage.


Has anyone tested the Tokido tech on Guile’s V-Reversal yet? Can it be parried? I’m guessing yes.