Ryu match up

I was noticing that there is no match up info on ryu i think it would be great if we all put are thoughts in on this. I seem to either play this match really good or really retarded. So im not sure if i should give advise i get beat by ryus who just do straight jumps and fb from a distance.

i knew their was already a ryu matchup thread here . already forgotten though.
SO… any Ryu Q’s, ask them here and lets do away with the “Help me with RYU” threads Please.
any OTHER character specific questions, PLEASE check for threads already here.it might take all of about 5 minutes or so. and if there is not one than Feel free to start one.
we were all new at some point but go ahead and check to see if there are any threads already and bring them back if you have any more q’s. Any of the forum vets will be happy to help but please stop asking Q’s that have been answered over and over again.
and go ahead and try training also. it can answer more questions than you think.


If they do fireballs from max distance, pressure them. This strategy means that they’re scared to get close to zangief, so push them into the corner and they’ll start to panic.

cr.lariat jump-ins, punish blocked tatsus and DPs, EXGH their FBs. Keep them in the corner, it scares them into making mistakes.

If you can predict them trying to j.tatsu out of the corner you can headbutt them on they’re way up. Keeps them in the corner and brings them closer to a deadly stun.

I think people will stop asking Q’s over and over again when they don’t have to crawl through 27 pages of the match-up thread to find their answer :stuck_out_tongue: So as soon as chosen can update the match-up thread this thread will die.

one thing that improved my game against ryu is never jump foward thinking i’ll land a j.hp when i’m in dp range.

I like slowly creeping up using lariats and jumping to get through/over the fireball barrage then once i’m getting close either pull out an exgh (following the rhythm of their fireballs - i’m assuming that they’re pretty scrubby if they’re using such predictable tactics) or bait a dragonpunch which I can block then punish.


Jumping forward is very risky, especially late in the game where an AA dp can mean you eating an ultra. Taking the chip damage from fireballs is worth it if you can get ryu in the corner.

Dont forget the short jump trick to bait a dp.

Yes it is a good Idea to not jump. Just even being in Ryus range and showing confidence is even enough to make him try to throw out a psychic DP. Then you punish, of course some cooler players won’t do this, but youd be suprised at the ammount that do.

Until recently I was just pressuring ryus into errors, but lately as Ive moved more towards this simple three step strat:

  1. Walk in on ryu
  2. Begin footsies, goal is knockdown not damage.
  3. Destroy him with your crossups/empty-jump/other-awesome-anti-wakeup

Repeat as necesarry. Ryu’s range options arent good enough to hold you off indefinitley; as long as you are WALKING in you can stop his hurricane kicks on reaction with a lariat and shortcut to step 3; if he fireballs you can bulldog it, or QUICK LARIAT->step 3. If he fireballs too close EXGH and bury him.

The strategies here seem like they only work against really bad Ryus.

If Gief is a bit out of dragon punch range, s.HK works all day. I would never throw a DP and just hope my range is right. That’s basic zoning.
Someone mentioned how to stop jump ins, blocked hurricance kicks, and dragon punches. Why on Earth would Ryu just throw any of that out there?
EX-Green Hand for fireballs works, but a good Ryu tends not to throw many of those at the range when Gief has meter. Rather than trying to punish fireballs with EX-Green Hand, I think it’s better to ask yourself, "Okay, now Ryu can’t throw fireballs at this range. How can I capitalize on that?"
Who’s letting you guys just walk in on Ryu? Are there really players out there that are making it that easy? Also, I’d have to say that I think Ryu wins the footsies game against Gief quite easily.

The Gief mix up is what Ryu is trying to avoid the entire match, because once it starts, only a good guess means getting out. I think the strategies here should probably put more thought into getting past the c.mks, fireballs, s.hks, and dragon punches so that you can score a knock down and get the trap going.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant or anything; I’m trying to help improve this section just like you guys. For more information on what Ryu is going to try to do against you, you can check here:

I still dont’ understand why so many Gief’s respond with lariat as the answer. that move gets me punished so much when not used as an AA. I just can’t make that move part of my ame outside of AA or obvious punishment (like hurricane kix).

I actually jump alot against Ryu…just not ‘in’ or when he has super meter. I spend most of my time trying to bait soemthing I can use to score a knockdown, or trying to train him into ‘ducking’ so I can s.rh xx jab spd. Hmm can you kara a SPD with that…never actually ‘tried’…yoga flame w/rh, u/f+jab. Anyways, once knocked down, knee and splash shennanigans start and I turn on ‘auto-pilot’ as I flex muscles for anyone watching.

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No man, it is greatly appreciated! As you said, the game takes a far more challenging turn when the conditions you mentioned are met.

I’m still working on this, as I spar a lot against good ryu’s… maybe some decent strats soon to come…

I understand that Ryu does have the footsies game, but still its about a 50/50 matchup still. Its not that Ryu players are letting Gief walk in, its just that…Gief will get in, eventually…no matter what. (well if the gief atleast even okay). Say he air hurricanes across the screen and already has low life + ultra. He isn’t throwing it out just at random, it is baited out because Ryu throwing out lp.DP is that obvious desperation attempt to win. Even a good player that is losing will eventually throw out an unsafe lp.DP at a range where FB, DP, and st.HK are all unsafe because of EX Ghand. Just as youd say if Gief is out of DP range st.HK works, thats just short jump bait and knock down right there.

While you say you wouldnt throw a DP if you were not in the correct range, I say its only easy to say because every good player has those moments where they just say “Why did i do that…” and thats what Gief is trying to get them to do. While bad players do it more often, good players will do it too. Anyone saying that they don’t do unsafe things is pretty much in denail.

The hurricane kicks comment is pretty scrub Ryu though, I hardly even see Ryu do any hurricane kicks and if they do its just air to get across the screen which is pretty safe. Though it is tradeable with mp.headbutt. Gief can chase but only get close enough to be just on the border of Ryu’s FB range. Any closer and that exchange is unsafe for Gief assuming he uses Ghand to chase.

I agree with your idea of reading other players forums vs your main. It gives you a big idea of what they are trying to get you to do and what is hard for them to get around. What I feel happen alot in some matches is lack of respect for the opponent will get you hit by alot of stuff you wouldn’t expect.

Assuming your opponent doesn’t know their tools can work against you just as much as assuming your opponent knows too much.

Ha I never do unsafe things!

Those constant jump-ins with mk and S.rh are always perfect, lets not forget my flawless mix-up game =P

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this is actually the best page i’ve seen for fighting ryu. i’m always falling victim to a dp, when i get fed up with the hip damage fireball tactic

well, you’ll get extremely fireball happy Ryus with the i’m trying to zone bullshit (when really i call it p___y fighting) and you’ll get really good rush down Ryus who throws like 5 fireballs all “match” long. Now who do I like fighting??? Take a wild guess there.

Yes, these advices are really good. I’ve been doing less lariats . . . and poking a lot. I’m totally 5/5 with Ryus. I get so tired and bored outta my mind fighting shotos cuz of the unbelievable amount of fireball spams. I call total Fing Bullshit telling me that’s the only way to fight Gief. I’d say Nerf those fing fireballs and we’re game . . . well, either way we’re game once we get in on em’.

sorry I’m sounding all hostile, but I’m not. I mean i swear all I fight are ryus and sagats and blankas all day long. Well, Ryus the most honestly. It’s freggin boring.

Haha. You guys fail to mention the turtle ryus (absolute worse use for ryu). All they do is move back and forth and throw a fireball here and there (no patterns). Mix in completely random pokes. Yes. I fight alot of these ryus and its annoying.

OH . . . and don’t forget the jump happy shotos. . . . makes me spam my lariats. lolz. Gets annoying there too. Why bother fighting???

I was fighting this abel today. He was okay. Not too shabby with abel. Gave a really good fight. Then I met him again later on and unfortunately I whooped on him and in the second round he just gave up and stopped fighting. I felt bad but i had to do what I had to . . . SPD!

Also whooped on this shit talker who thought he was all that when he beat my Gief once. Not that hard to figure out how his style was. Anyway, i’m getting off topic her. Well, not really cuz this one IS a ryu fighter.

I’ve noticed this in my fights against shotos . . . in a match up I would go up against a good shoto fighter (so i thought) and it’s a great fight. Trades, mix-ups, spds, fireballs, dps . . . then when i start to have a life lead he’ll stop attacking and back away and gives me a barrage of fireballs until the end of the match or round. Is it me or are they desparate and resort to that craP??? I mean they’ve figured out how I fight so why run and resort to stuff like that?? It happens in almost all the fights i get into. If a Fei Long can whoop on me . . . whynot a shoto??? I call them lame for using such a strategy. I don’t always beat a Fei because he’s good and . . . . what’s this . . . NO FBs!!! Wow!!! That goes to show the player has “skills” and I respect them more than these shoto fighters!!

Yeah, you can flame me about what I say but I stand by what I say cause it’s exactly what I get into and i’m telling you the truth.

tw1g . . . try figuring out how they move and bait them into doing DP on ya and punish. use c.rh once or twice in a row and mix up from there. absorb those FBs. jump in when they least expect it. I hardly jump in in those type of games. so that they get thrown off when I do jump in attacks. works for me!!

Hehe, when I get a life lead i play the reverse role and run away. I’m sure it pisses them off. I got the AA C.Lariat to help me with the jump-ins. the headbutt and a few meters for EXGH to keep them away, lolz. works best with Rog (for me that is). Its an . . . EHhhh. . with shotos. I’d rather destroy them than run lolz.

Azn you have a good point of putting in jump ins once in a while. But I really get scared when they have 3bars of EX and a full ultra (haha).

Although I am thankful for such ryus. I thought I knew spacing and that kinda tactic forced me to re-learn spacing techniques and most importantly safe jumps.

Five rules for fighting Ryu, all of then learned from losing many, many times.

  1. DO NOT JUMP IN. Like at all. Best case scenario is you eat an ex fireball. Worst case is an ultra. in fact, try to fight an entire round or two without jumping once. It’s actually very doable.

  2. DO NOT JUMP IN. Seriously.

  3. USE YOUR POKES Ryu’s c.mk is really great, but Z can make his life miserable w c.hk and s.mk. C.mk is also pretty safe as a psychic against fb, and s.mp is one of the best pokes in the game.

  4. SPD IS A POKE The single best counter to footsies on God’s green earth. Watch the pro players and you’ll see them whiff psychic spds all the time trying to catch other players poking. The timing is tough, but if you get a Ryu who likes spamming c.mk – and you will – all you have to do is guess right once and you’ll ruin his whole day.

  5. WHEN IN DOUBT, TRADE Scoring a knockdown on Ryu is definitely great, but remember, you’re Gief. You are the biggest, strongest, hairiest fighter in the world. The biggest breakthru I had against good Ryu’s was when I started looking for opportunities to trade (c.hk with c.mk, s.mp w fb, duck-lariat with almost any jump in) knowing that I would come out ahead every time. You may not get many perfects, but for Gief, trading means winning.

Good luck.

with Ryu matches, s.lk is your best friend. 6-4 for ryu