Ryu Matchup Thread

let’s discuss some matchups. please, only people with offline experience that have played against good players. none of this “i played this and it worked online and the player seemed good.”

vs Chun-Li

3.5 : 6.5 (in my opinion)

i like SA1, for the obvious EX fireball limiting her poke spams and weakening her ground game a bit. i first see how good their chun is and what level they’re at. if they’re not as good, i’ll fish for far fierce parries from that distance. if i land the parry, low fierce xx EX joudan, roundhouse tatsu. without meter low forward into roundhouse tatsu works as well. first round i just counter poke with sweep, keep her meter building to a minimum with varying strengths of fireballs. standing forward smacks her out of her low forward, far standing roundhouse, and is overall good in this matchup. one thing that i feel is important about this matchups is that you get damage off of your knockdown, while still maintaining position if you have her cornered. when ryu has chun li cornered, he can do a lot of things with his spacing, fireballs/pokes, kara throw, and mixup. one thing that i learned not to do is fish for parries close to her, very very bad idea and if you guess wrong you’ll end up cornered from her super.

vs Chun-Li with meter: this is where you have to start playing more defensively, but still maintaining your ground with some offense when the opportunity comes. i find myself using UOH over her low pokes, still fireballing but from close range (careful for her jumps, use fierce fireballs), still using standing forward, and one more thing i do differently. i like to walk or dash around (when in a safe distance and not into the poke) with low short. low short goes under chun li’s standing roundhouse, and it disrupts some of her pokes when used to dash in. a lot of good, but not excellent chun players tend to f+roundhouse a lot, and if you dash in and low short you can go under it. remember that her f+roundhouse can be punished on whiff with a sweep (strict timing and risky if she has meter, think of it like trip guarding her). kara UOH can be put to use if your execution is good with it.

defense against her corner pressure: first off defense against her pressure. a good chun li will walk you into the corner, or walk up to you and kara throw or walk up with back fierce. if you see that you’ll need to start sticking things out and taking risks (all about what a bad matchup is, taking more risks than your opponent). you need to make them shift between moving in like that and walking back to try and counter poke or punish whiffs. so keep trying until you shake her off. if you’re already cornered, well, it’s a very bad situation obviously. here’s some things to look at. chun li wants to do 3-4 things when she has you cornered. she gets into max kara throw range, low forward meaty, kara throw, late low forward (to catch the bait of you teching throw), and UOH/back fierce.

  • block then super jump out. some chuns tend to kara throw later and you have time to block AND THEN super jump out. which will beat a meaty c.mk (block), late kara throw, and late c.mk (to catch low option select or punish bait)

  • super jump out right away. it loses to low forward or back fierce meaty, but it beats a late low forward and kara throw attempt.

  • block then UOH. it’s pretty safe, just remember to go to neutral really fast.

  • EX tatsu. it’s not safe at all vs back fierce. but it can go over her meaty low forward and counter her kara throw. the reason i like this over EX shoryu is because the EX shoryu doesn’t really hit when she’s at max kara throw range doing low forward.

when pressuring her: you wanna put the threat of her having to get out of the corner. she can block your strings all day if you haven’t put the threat of you’re gonna throw her ass to death. i’d say do it 2-3 times at first to soften her up a bit, and see what she does on t he 3rd or 4th time. on those times just back up to see if she tries to wall jump out or do something else. it’s a good option because you still have her cornered and you got to see what she is likely to do in that situation. when you keep her there you want to have a threat of EX fireballs too, and actually put the fear of that into her. here are your neutral corner mixups (which are all counter-able so just pick one)

  • UOH/kara UOH

  • walk back out of distance and fish for far fierce, or counter sweep her pokes

  • walk up and standing forward.

  • walk forward then back, then throw an EX fireball

  • walk up and down parry out of back fierce range, walk up and kara throw

  • walk back, dash up with throw, UOH, or close fierce.

note: after UOH i like to dash back to see what they did.

note2: dash up close fierce is only 1 frame longer than dash up throw. you can use something like dash up close fierce xx EX fireball, or just mix up after it.

ok well that’s all i can think of for now, feel free to add on to anything or discuss other matchups.

edit: if chun has no meter wake up parry, the risk/reward is definitely in your favor. if you wake up with parry she can’t really knock you down unless she tried to throw you, so go for it and get some damage.

this thread idea was stolen from ramza in the necro forums.

vs Ken

3:7 (in my opinion)

some people will look at the ratio i gave and go wtf? well it’s pretty bad, that bad. i’ll explain. in this matchup some people will say just have the better shoto skill or whatever, that stuff doesn’t work. he just has more and better options than you. you’re basically playing a mirror match in a disadvantage, in a sense. now there are differences, but they really don’t help ryu all that much. i don’t like this match up more than chun li because ken’s offense is a lot more threatening and his defense, in my opinion is a lot less easier to crack. so i’ll go into detail of why this isn’t so great for ryu, then where to try and land your hits and win the matchup. first off, pretty much all of ryu’s pokes can be reversal shippu’d. not many people reversal ryu’s standing forward, but believe it or not, it can be reversal’d on block or hit. a lot of things can be reversal’d by shippu on block. the obvious difference between ryu and ken is ryu’s EX fireball. some people will say to use that as an advantage, but that’s kind of discarded once ken is rushing you down for free and he can kara srk for heavy damage. ken has many opportunities to land damage while…well you might too but it’s not much of a threat. even if you do happen to have a super stocked and land it, it doesn’t do as much damage as it should for that longer-than-ken’s bar.

so with all that in mind, you’re gonna have to take a lot more risks. honestly you should feel pretty good if you win this matchup and your opponent is at the same skill level. anyways one more thing i just remembered is ryu’s punish combo. low fierce, EX joudan, roundhouse tatsu. you may find yourself parrying on wakeup more, or fishing for his standing roundhouses, which i don’t blame you for, you’ll need to take the risks to win while the ken player can go the safe route. personally, i like jumping in and dashing more. i only resort to footsies and EX fireballing his pokes and such if really has a solid defense game against jumps and dash ins or i’m just being too predictable. one thing to remember is not to get TOO into the footsie game with him, because you won’t get much out of it as he will. you land a max range low forward, your EX fireball won’t even connect. he lands a max range low forward, you eat a super. personally i sweep more than low forward to counter poke.

unlike in the other matchups he has a wakeup shoryu. kara throwing will come in handy since he can’t kara throw you and it’s pretty safe from EX shoryu. but don’t let the threat of shoryu slow down your offense, you’ll need to gain as much damage from knockdowns as you can. you may already know that it’s really hard to gain damage off of a neutral state. ken players who are eager to wake up parry or shoryu i like to jump over and mk crossup them and then start to mix up. it does a lot of good because a lot of experienced players know that they can take a few risks during the match and gain it back even if they do happen to fail.

a good mixup i think is throw and throw baiting, very underrated and underused. there’s not too much to say about this matchup as i thought there would be. any questions/comments/tips are welcomed.

whoa 103 views and no reponses? too long to read?

ryu forums have been lonely lately.

i’ll edit my first post vs ken the next time.

no it’s cool my dude I’m sure everyone is just Ryu haters lolol. I read all the Ryu stuff I’m just not that into talking about it on technical terms and such.

Nice info dude you have a lot of good points

youre good. nice info. i just question if parrying chuns far distance fierce punch into low fierce + ex kick + tatsu works. i always parry that and go for low forward into hurricane kick.

sorry bout the super late response, i thought this forum was dead for good lol. but yeah it works, you just need to cancel the fierce early before it goes too high. low forward into RH tatsu is the safe option, in case you parried her f+RH or she whiffed a kara throw.

Man mostly most of these matchups I understand.

Im really having problems with twelve believe it or not does anyone have any info on that.

i’m too lazy to write a full topic on 12 since not many people encounter him…but i’ll give you some tips that will help.

st.roundhouse anti air - excellent move that makes 12 think twice.

shoryuken - use sparingly against good 12s, they will try and bait this.

EX fireball tip - don’t use to poke like you would in other matches. it’s an OK zoning tool but i prefer to save meter until i know i’ll hit with it, even with SA1.

jump forward strong or roundhouse - this can be good, they both have priority over most of 12’s air normals.

raping his wakeup - 12 doesn’t have much going for him on his wakeup except back dash which can still be meaty’d. the only catch is timing it good enough. both his neutral and roll wakeup get up deceivingly early. after he’s been on the ground for a slight moment, stick your move out before you actually see him getting up. hard to explain but if you’re losing because of this…take the time to practice meatying him.

fish for parries - the risk/reward is always in your favor. try throwing them for a bit (not long because 12 players dash back and cr.short or cr.jab on wakeup usually), but either tick or just fish for a low parry, cr.forward xx SA1, or cr.forward xx EX hadou.

the main idea of the matchup is to not let the 12 player play his game and control the match. you should play patient enough to not fall into his gimmicks, but at the same time offensive enough to take him out of his game. it may take a while to kill him, but remember his damage output doesn’t do shit to you. he relies heavily on you making mistakes over and over


I did want to discuss the Yun/Yang match-up (More on Yun than Yang). What do you zone these guys with? Dive kicks are so fast and safe that you have to correctly guess at them, And Yun’s GJ is just…dumb.

I usually try to fish for mistakes against Yun, especially if I can land an EX joudan off it and destroy a third to a half of his health. Poking at him doesn’t do me much good because of how he’s always moving. He’s probably the hardest character for me to stop once he gets going. Magneto Maniac, what’s your input on this one?

QUICK 12 TIP UPDATE: make them think you will poke a lot before jumping, otherwise they can easily walk under and it can throw you off if you’re not used to it.

ok i’ll just post some random facts in general that i know of against dive kicking, since that is the most difficult to overcome at first. especially if you’re not used to it, then the mixups become heavily in the opponent’s favor.

LK dive kick feint/bait - you can do a few things if it’s in your face, don’t hesitate to option throw. there’s a point where you can block if they did a MK or HK dive kick, and you can throw them before they can throw you (slight dive kick recovery time - thanks to nataku for this note) when they dive kick in your face. if you’re feeling lucky you can even trip guard them with c.mk xx shoryu. whatever you do though, it isn’t smart to parry and save that for a later mixup after you used the first two. if they feint/bait outside of you throw range be careful, and either s.mk to poke (safer since they often parry downwards) or c.mk xx EX hadou if they get used to it. you can still trip guard c.mk into shoryu if you want to. the reason this is safe most of the time is because even if you get hit by a MK or HK while attempting this, you can still recover in time to block (usually crosses up if it hits you, so just block or parry). one last thing you can do is option shoryuken. input the shoryuken and it will parry other dive kicks, and if they feint/bait in front of you, you will srk their c.lk or grab. usually hits them before they land anyway. if they are too far, you can EX hadou these, or s.mk. another really good one is jumping forward with roundhouse, or if you meet him in the air, jumping strong is good too.

MK dive kicks - these usually hit you late and give them a slight advantage or neutral, i never payed attention but the difference isn’t huge, looks neutral enough. on block you can try to shoryu their mixup, but as you know it can be baited. you can try to parry or red parry yun’s s.lp, i would at least. i recommend red parrying low since it will parry his c.lk too, and it takes a while for him to walk up and close s.mp. yang not so much cuz he can do slashes. at a range, s.mp hits this pretty clean. i like to use this a lot. srk will always beat the MK dive kick when he’s close. s.hp is a good option that can also hit it clean or trade, both in your favor. if you catch it early, you can s.hk too, it’s hard for them to feint/bait that normal because they would have to be pretty far. i stole this from a jap player…he likes to neutral jump MK a lot. in match, it’s hard to remember, but it looks very effective and pushes them into the corner pretty well.

HK dive kicks - these are pretty simple to punish. probably the easiest to parry, but that isn’t recommended still because to do that you would be guessing, and getting hit is not in your favor vs the twins, as far as space control goes. these are usually far since that’s where they work the best. if they dive kick towards your head or neck from a close range, you have a good amount of frame advantage over them and you should poke them or mix it up. though now that i do remember, i usually do like to parry vs dive kicks if they’re cornered, since that’s what they’re most likely to go for to try and get out. simple c.hp’s and srks beat these pretty clean also. if you want to get away, you can dash back from their dive kick and EX hadou or mix it up from a neutral position. i like EX hadou since they usually like to throw or jump or whatever and they don’t notice the dash back until it’s too late.

all far dive kicks - these are from far ranges, but here’s my favorite normals to use.

very far - s.hp, s.hk, s.mk. far fierce is actually an excellent move to use when timed right and will beat dive kicks clean. if they are very far, they shouldn’t be able to be in range to bait this. s.hk is pretty much the same thing, with some arc added to it. s.mk is good if they land on it passed the knee part of his body, really good priority and knocks them away.

distanced but not too far - s.mp, neutral jump mk, jump forward roundhouse. s.mp is the safest, very fast and high priority. neutral jumping mk is good too, just make sure you don’t stick it out if they did a LK dive kick, because they will land sooner and parry + punish. for jump forward roundhouse, the only thing they can pretty much do is parry to counter it, so use this when you see them jump up in the air.

the near ones are explained above.

if they neutral jump near and like to hk or mk, just either block or shoryuken. block most of the time is better of course, but if they are continuously doing it then put the fear of shoryuken in there.

more on specific vs yun and yang later on…i’m pretty lazy after that dive kick typing lol.

random edit: UOH is a good tool to use vs the twins to avoid grabs and lows. also s.mk pokes them out of a lot of stuff, and they will have to resort to trying to parry for it later on. use this to your advantage and mind game them with your basic low forward EX hadou.

i disagree with you thought on Ken 7:3 kens favor…

he has a better ground game than Ryu. However all of ryu’s super make up for that…for example…

saI … You now have more ground games based on the fact you have more ex fireballs.
also yes , I believe when you play chun, and ken…ryu HAS to parry … but remember , one low parry, Low fierce into ex donkey kick and F.uppercut equals just as much as kens super…give or take…with less meter… and if your using this super…you have a crouching mk into super you can now use for footsie…

saII: Now ken must fear you in ground game, b/c one parry and you get loads of damage…

            he'll be more cautious when coming at you balls to the walls..which gives you a advantage, knowing your opponent wont charge at you recklessly.. you can than take appropriate action.

saIII: Ryu has like a Genijin (yuns super) size meter. One fat combo can land into a setup and stun…
My super of choice… recently ive decided that this super might not be the best choice against ken… but its not a bad choice if you do too… the only problem i find is that if its toward an end of a round, and you opponent has like 30 percent of life…and zero stun…your gona have to realy on your ex’s to finish him off… other than that…its a great super

again…i dont think its really in kens favor like that… my opinion 5.5 - 4.5 ken.

not to mention ryu’s combo even without meter do SO much damage…

i thought top players usually laugh at ryu’s sa2 , because by the time ryu gets a full meter , they already claim 2 round victory already .

anyway , i really want to learn and improve on ryu’s game play :S . i’m sick of alex

the simple way to win is using sa3 , but ryu players can’t always depend on sa3 to win . we need to develop other important skills .

I say this thread is very accurate. But ryu is strong with his ex moves. If your opponent is thinking about when you use will use ex moves it changes everything

You have to establish respect from your opponent when playing with ryu. If they dont respect your ex moves they will rush you down.

Why should ryu have priority on any of his normals when he has an ex dragon punch. it beats every normal move that does not combo. Ever see the damage from a couching opponent taking an ex dragon to the face. They think twice like where did 35% of my energy go!! REAL talk!!! Try it!! They rush you down 4 times and get EX dragon countered. They done!!

I agree with the Ken matchup. It’s working that uphill slope in this match up. Ryu is strong, but he’s just not top tier in this game. When you see Ryu’s on the Japanese tournaments destroy other Japanese Kens, it’s usually because that Ryu player is just a greater overall 3S player. Not because Ryu has magic moves and amazing priority. Ken has an answer for almost every move Ryu has.

Edit: Can someone help with the Yang match up? He’s much harder for me than Yun. I really get hit with those mantis slashes, ex mantis slashes, and low poke to mantis slashes. I can’t seem to react quick enough. Everything else about Yang I think I’m pretty ok with

yang is probably ryu’s worst matchup. everything he has stops ryu from getting in. i cant suggest much cause i suck vs. yang

wow, but that gives me motivation. knowing that Im not the only one. Even in the japanese streams it seems like pro Ryus do better against pro Yuns than Yangs.

I realized you can often throw after dive kicks, but dive kicks are just slower and easier to punish anyway. But Yangs main tool is those mantis slashes or… low poke into mantis slashes. Very hard to react to and hard to punish