Ryu Matchup Thread

So I figured it would be good to have a nice match-up ONLY thread like many other forums since the strats isnt really updated. I’m sure in the beginning it’ll be a little inaccurate or bad but that’s why we’re going to work on tweaking it, then eventually have something nice for our Wiki (which, I want to help build but I think i’m a little too new to touch it)

For now I’ll just take whats in our threads currently and place them here so its easier to go over all of them (and possibly put less load on the server with people hitting back to see balrog, then back again for sagat)

So here we go:

Please not some that I am posting different types of strategies for each players. It is important that you try the ones that suit you best as not all players play the same way. Know you opponent and the moves they have in order to give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

Good luck!

Ryu VS


Akuma (Gouki)

Akuma can be tough if you’re facing a good player. Be careful with his 3 hitter fireball, jump over it but dont let him catch you with his SRK. You also don’t want to be too close to Akuma especially if you’re not going to attack. If you can get the knock down chances are he’s going to try to come back with a wakeup SRK, look for it if not throw him. Stick with the basic combos. Regarding Akuma’s Shun Goku Satsu, if Akuma has ultra or super either keep your distance or try not to let him catch you as you’re landing from a jump. Wait for the two jabs to come out and the start up. As soon as you see this jump either straight up, forward, or backwards. If you have ultra, jump straight up and as you land go straight for the ultra.



Crimson Viper



E. Honda

El Fuerte

Fei Long





M. Bison (Vega/Dictator)







Vega (Balrog/Claw)


from a thread in the Sagat section - a brief treatment on what Sagat might try (original):

i’d add the following (i play Ryu):

  • another great block string for Sagat is c.LK c.LK c.MK xx tiger knee, and he can literally drive people from one corner to the other with it. the tiger knee is safe if blocked low, less safe if blocked high (gotta check the frames on this), but in response Sagat could simply fire a low tiger shot when Ryu stands after the c.MK instead of the tiger knee. Ryu can shoryuken after the c.MK if he knows Sagat will tiger knee but again Sagat can fire a low tiger shot instead of the knee.

  • Sagat can follow up a tiger uppercut trade with tiger knee (or f+HK > Ultra).

in my experience, an efficient Sagat:

  • always follows up an uppercut trade with a tiger knee (no Ultra)
  • doesn’t EX uppercut or EX tiger knee, to conserve meter for FADC and EX tiger shots
  • uses the f+HK juggle to space the Ultra precisely (despite the extra hit’s effect on scaling)
  • FADC > c+MK xx upper seems to be his most practical crumple combo; if he has Ultra it’s FADC > Ultra - he could’ve done c.MK xx upper xx FADC > Ultra, but the straight Ultra conserves two stocks
  • will attack you a lot on wake up with crossup c.LK c.LK c.LK xx upper if the shorts hit; but will change it up to c.MK xx tiger knee if you blocked
  • will hit you with f+HK, f+HK > EX low tiger shot if you get predictable with jumps from afar
  • if far, will always have you waking up into a tiger shot

okay… in a nutshell, i really hate this match. that’s pretty much the reason i started this thread. this is pretty much my impression of the match at the moment. hopefully someone can point out a really obvious tactic i’ve managed to overlook.

long range
in my experience fighting Sagat isn’t so bad from afar as it is up close, because up close is when he has 6 billion ways to link into Ultra. fighting from afar, however, means fighting the fireball war, which Sagat is easily better equipped for. some notes:

  • Sagat simply throws fireballs out at a greater rate, so Ryu will have to jump eventually. it’s inevitable, but it’s not a loss. Ryu should be jumping straight up, or forward then immediately back, just to reset the pace.
  • some players just instinctively jump when they see Sagat crouch and yell “Tiger!” - only to realize it was a slow tiger shot and fall right into it. short air hurricane kick was great in previous games for dodging these but it doesn’t change Ryu’s jump trajectory very much, so Ryu can’t rely on it.
  • haven’t tested thoroughly but short hurricane kick goes through low tiger shots; not sure if it’s just the startup or the whole thing.

point is Ryu can dodge projectiles reasonably well from full screen away, at least much more easily than Sagat can. Sagat’s jump is low, his dash is short, and he doesn’t walk all that fast; for the most part he has to jump over fireballs. to get close to Ryu with f+HK xx tiger knee, the screen has to be clear of projectiles.

the game seems to be one of building a solid lead over Sagat and staying the fuck away from him and that damned Ultra. he will pelt Ryu with tiger shots, to which Ryu must respond with fireball / block / jump / FADC in various combinations. Ryu can block, but imho he should be dodging these high/low slow/fast tiger shots by keeping his eyes peeled; first to preserve Ryu’s lead, and second to show Sagat you’re not gonna just sit and take block damage, which should persuade him to come and get you.

"is he gonna jump or fireball?" guessing game - obviously it’s about jumping him when he throws a fireball, and faking fireballs to DP his jump. it’s also about hitting whiffed limbs. this sub-game is old as SF2, but EX fireballs, FADC and Ryu’s awesome c.MK create subtle little differences (and unlike ST/HF, SF4 Ryu can’t cancel c.HK).

Ryu NEEDS to be able to WALK UP c.MK xx hadoken without a hitch in this match. this can be a challenge for people who haven’t practiced it because walk up c.MK xx hadoken can easily result in walk up c.MK xx shoryuken. the trick is to hold the down position a little before attempting the qcf motion; thankfully c.MK is much more lenient in this game (seems to have more cancellable frames). Sagat’s anti-air game is very strong, so this is one of Ryu’s few ways in. Ryu also needs to be able to DP every jump, but that goes without saying.

  • Sagat will occassionally FA from far in anticipation of your jump (or just to bait a reaction), but Ryu can hit with the tip of c.MK without risk (into hadoken to break armor). hurricane kick breaks armor, but forget about it.

  • Sagat can jump over the hadoken if Ryu tries c.MK xx hadoken from max c.MK range; if you see Sagat likes to do this, hit c.MK and don’t fireball, then uppercut when he jumps.

  • i noticed that if Sagat tries to jump over a fireball late from 3/4 screen away, and Ryu walks up to try to c.MK him when he lands, Sagat’s j.HK doesn’t seem to reach Ryu - actually the j.HK seems to remove Sagat’s trip guard, causing him to eat the c.MK xx hadoken.

  • i find jumping straight up can mess with a Sagat player’s head, simply because it’s harder to tell what comes next (in comparison to a Ryu that sits down and whiffs jab all the time). Ryu’s vertical jumping roundhouse is great air-to-air against Sagat too.

again i’d say it’s all about building a lead over Sagat, then playing it safe - i don’t mean getting a 20% lead midscreen then suddenly running away, but Ryu shouldn’t be taking any unnecessary risks. but that means not giving anything away either - a lead isn’t a reason to suddenly block or FADC Sagat’s jump ins when you DPed his jumps 3/3 times before.

it’s 1:14 am… i’ll go through the in-close game tomorrow.

this feels so generic even after my first read over it. i’m gonna have to start digging into frame data tomorrow.

This is my be the match up I have the more palyed in this game
Plus against some good sagat( master grade or more…)
I was basically alway loosing against strong and solid sagt player. I had no way to win then I hade two things

first one, 3/4 screen I do some random huricane kick at the start of the mach when I feel it s gona be a low tiger shot( do it at the start of the mach, not onc they can tigger uppercut sa ultra…)

if it s a low tiger shot then you will punish if it s hight then you will make him fell like don t shoot low tiger shot.

then one He get afraid and start doing hight tiger shot I just go under and then close the distance and lend an hado just as soon as the tiger shot pass up my head. If he jum forward you have time to shoryu. if he doesn t jump then you just make him feel like he is gona loose at this game because you touch him in gard and he can t touch you or he have o lend low tiger shot…

With just this you kind of breack is way of playing And he might try sonme jump or do some mistake.

He he still do low tiger shot, you can randomly huricane kick as damage frone huricane kick are may be 2 or 3 time mre than tiger shot and plus if you touch then you can capitalyse the wake up game to make some more damage.

that not a lot but for me that changed all the game and now even againt master grade I m no more affraid of this mach up…

This is kind of interesting, I see that a lot of people are having trouble with Sagat matchups, however I don’t feel as if I have had trouble with this match since the beginning of the game. All in all, I could go into detail with things, but I’ll just write my main ideas concerning this matchup.

From full screen, terracotta nailed it on the head. It’s a fireball war until someone gets impatient and tries to advance. Don’t let this be you. Neutral jump over low tigers, and crouch under high tigers. The occasional SA to eat a shot is pretty good too. Make sure you don’t eat 2 in a row, mainly because you don’t want to even risk losing 3 shots worth of life when you didn’t have to. The reason why SA’ing 1 shot is good is because it kinda fucks with the opponent’s mind. It gives him the impression that YOU are capitalizing from something that HE is doing. Other than that, wait it out, and let Sagat come to you. He moves like a sack of bricks and has to do some pretty unsafe things to close distance to you (jump is slow, whiff tiger knee can be punished with a c.hk, dash is to slow, etc.). Point of the matter is, do NOT get into a fireball war with Sagat. Build meter by jumping back and whiffing hurricane kick, and avoid his tiger shots, get the opponent in the mindset that what he is doing is NOT working.

From mid screen, it can get kind of messy, whoever can conquer the mid screen battle, gets the knockdown. At this point Sagat is just WAITING to try and tiger knee you at a safe distance so that he can get in on you and pressure you. Personally, I keep my guard up from this range mainly because I don’t want to give him any chance to get in my face. Sending out a poke with Ryu is risking a situation where Sagat can knockdown, so I would suggest poking VERY rarely and conservatively. If I were to send any poke, it would be an EX fireball…this is a good move mainly because if Sagat blocks it, it pushes him away from you, so you get more breathing room. If it hits, well you get the knockdown. Lastly, a very nicely timed jump at this range can mean great things right here. Sagat is not a patient character, especially at this range, he’s either looking to poke into a string, or he’s looking to close the distance on you. When he’s in this mindset, its your turn to jump…do it when you are at c.mk range so that Sagat doesn’t have much time to think about anti airing you.

Close up…if Sagat does get in on you, the best suggestion that I could give is to just block. Block everything that Sagat has to give. I would MUCH rather take an overhead or throw then to be comboed for a lot of damage. You are going to want to make the Sagat player think that you are VERY firm on blocking his strings…at this point, he knows that his only option is to throw…so just keep an eye out for it and be ready to tech. Try not to get crossed up from close ranges too (example: c.lk, c.lk, jump over with lk, land repeat). Learn how to look for it, and when it happens, jump back hk him in his face. The point of the matter is that you KNOW that Sagat is going for mad pressure at this range…he’s going to be trying to lock you down no matter what. So take that option away from him, and remain blocking…watch for throw attempts and tech. Once Sagat locks you down for a while, I’m sure that there will be patterns or even mistakes in between the strings, learn to look for these and choose a safe way to stop the string…the safest being SRK, SADC.

read up to this and quick question

Ryu NEEDS to be able to WALK UP c.MK xx hadoken without a hitch in this match. this can be a challenge for people who haven’t practiced it because walk up c.MK xx hadoken can easily result in walk up c.MK xx shoryuken. the trick is to hold the down position a little before attempting the qcf motion; thankfully c.MK is much more lenient in this game (seems to have more cancellable frames).”

my question is…
can’t you do c.mk with down+back notation instead, and then go from down,back to qcf from there and get a hadouken instead of a shoryuken?

god i hate this matchup.

only way i win is cause the new sagat players aren’t as patient as the OG sf players.

crossups are easy on him and you just gotta have better footsies overall. it’s a really boring match cause it’s almost a mirror match but slight favor to sagat if they know how to use tiger knee.

sagat gets near you twice and you’re almost dead…

i was supposed to finish this a few nights ago, but i don’t think i can finish it tonight either.

i was watching this Ryu who literally learned to fight Sagat in the space of ~10 games. some things he did:

  • he stayed just outside tiger knee range. Sagat can almost poke with tiger knee, so if you can bait it by sitting outside that range you can punish with c.MK xx EX hadoken. outside tiger knee range is also the range where Sagat’s less reluctant to throw shots because Ryu is just one jump away. at the same time Ryu’s much, much more mobile - he can walk up to Sagat faster than Sagat can retreat (e.g. to poke with low forward) and he can “hover” in and out of Sagat’s tiger knee range, whereas Sagat’s (lack of) walking speed hinders him a bit.

  • when Sagat starts his c.LK c.LK c.LK hit confirms (to go into c.MK xx tiger knee or tiger upper), you can FADC the c.MK or just back dash (tap db db). on blocking the tiger knee, for most sensible follow ups Sagat has (c.MK xx tiger knee, c.MK xx low tiger), Ryu can FADC into back dash to make room.

  • low fierce for anti-air. i don’t completely agree with it, but i thought about it… and it did several things. (1) it hammers into Sagat’s head that he can’t jump on you, simply because you won’t be screwing up some DP motion. this can be good or bad, e.g. give me 2 stocks and i’d prefer Sagat to jump. (2) when you’re resolved to hit low fierce instead of a DP, you can concentrate more on finding opportunities (to jump) instead of looking for threats (checking to see if they’re jumping).

lb: ryu master

Never bothered reading this thread til i got whooped today by Sagat. glad i’m not the only one having trouble with sagats tiger spam. The tips are really helpful guys, will def give them a try next time. Like the hurricane kick method.

c.MK ducks tiger knee at right ranges

Just a quick note…

Finally played SF4 for the first time at planet zero houston a few days ago…

Sagat definetly has a lot of priorities in stopping ryu’s pokes…on reaction its very hard for me to stop that damn tiger knee…HOWEVER I sacrificed a ex meter for a Shinkuu…and both me an the sagat with no life at the time STOPPED Sagat what seemed a millisecond EVEN THO we still traded hits with ryu slow recovering from the initial blow…I’m having a LOT more faith in the shinkuu in last minute situations.
Shout out to that Sagat though…had him on the ropes but I lost in the end of things…~Tarin

Ryu vs Blanka

Hi Guys,

Just want to know anyone out there that got stratagy for Ryu vs Blanka?
I have found him a pain to beat and here is why.

1: You fireball he with EX ball into you, so can only zone in certain situations…

2: If you jump in he will either slide, flip kick or even EX ball, or even jump after you jump and still manage to kick you? gosh!!! he is fast with teh air jump kicks.

3: if you get him down and try to jump in, he either spam electric/ EX roll or even /super/ultra.

4: FA / cancel is a nono since most players will just start to ball once he see you even starting the FA…

it seems very difficult to play range or close up, the only option I had was to guess the moves/fake + luck lol…

  1. Store up a super, once you block the ball you can punish him with HP super. Once you got a super they won’t ball you much.
  2. I find that jump HP is very nice for jump-ins (I think it beats electricity? not sure)

I find that I use cr. mk > hadou alot to push blanka back when close range.

Its really pure luck to break anti air atks when jumping since it depends on distance and position.

The Super is a good counter for ball but it does take a whole round to charge up sometimes.

cr.mk hadouken works sometimes timing is very important tho. guess i just need to play him more to get a hang of it.

PATIENT is the key.

I just play turtle and wait for him to screw up like sliding into me. And yea… stock up a super… it works like a charm =D… Also you could try forcing him to ball you when he’s trapped in the corner. If you’re close enough you can jus ultra straight after he balls.

Jump back Fierce beats ball (I think)

Don’t jump too much if they sit. Asking to get AA’d.
If you don’t have Super, throw in random LPs and cr. LPs/MPs, they stop the balls pretty effectively.

Try play Blanka from mid-range (the cr.mk range). Shoryu/cr. HP every time he tries to jump at you.

thanks guys, I’ve been watchign some Vids and found that its a waiting game lol…
Neet lotsa patients… but only way to beat him is to do so i guess.