Ryu notes

Ryu is an experts level “skill” character. Don’t pick him if you still suck in general at this game. Well… it probably is a good idea to pick him because he’s one of the best characters to learn the basics of SF with, but don’t expect to win a lot that’s all. Sagat is a lot easier to use, and I recommend all new players start with him instead of Ryu.

f, f dash
97 pixels long
0 pixels high

Same data as Ken’s. Ryu’s dash is very fast and useful.

Dash back, hadouken
whiff jabs, dash forward

close s.LP 400 +7/+7
12 frames total

far s.LP 300 +7/+7
12 frames total

This move is important to whiff in order to bait your opponent into attacking you, rolling, or whatever. It’s a rapid fire light attack, so you can stick these out very quickly whenever you want.

d.LP 300 +7/+7
13 frames total

This is the shoto’s trademark move. Yielding +7 on the hit or block, nearly all the shoto’s offensive patterns start off with or involve this move in one way or the other. Ken, Ryu, Akuma simply would not be Ken, Ryu, Akuma if they did not have their 3 frame, +7 crouching jab.

close s.MP 800 -3/-3
26 frames total

This move sucks. I honestly see no reason to ever use it, because close s.MK is better.

far s.MP 1000 -1/-1
28 frames total

d.MP 900 +6/+6
20 frames total

Ryu is special. His d.MP has 2 frames less recovery than Akuma’s or Ken’s d.MPs. As a result, he can easily link a 4 frame d.MK after this attack hits normally while Akuma and Ken cannot.

This is also Ryu’s meaty attack of choice. Potential +12 after this move (the same as Ken’s meaty close s.HK… cheap!).

This move also controls the space directly in front of Ryu quite well. At 20 frames total, this is Ryu’s best meter building whiff attack. By whiffing this move, you’re hoping the opponent will try to walk up and punish you. From there, you can stop him with d.MK or ram your fist into his face with far s.HP. No opponent can freely roll through a 20 frame attack either, so don’t worry about that.

close s.HP 1200,1000 -8/-8

Generic shoto 3 frame close fierce. d.HP is more useful the majority of the time. The good thing about this move is you can walk up and do it whenever you want to attempt a counter hit. 3 frame startup is very fast.

far s.HP 1400 0/0
37 frames total

Now we’re talking. Either this move or d.MP is hands down, easily Ryu’s most useful normal attack. This move is super cancelable (!), totally safe on the block, has far range, quick startup, and does big damage.

The weakness to this move is that it CAN be rolled through safely by the opponent, as the total frames are a little long at 37 frames. But don’t count on it, as the timing is really quite tight. With Ryu, you shouldn’t be throwing out this move against an opponent who you know likes to roll a lot anyway. Against, Kim or Terry scrubs for example, focus more on sticking out d.MPs and punishing roll attempts.

This is also Ryu’s safest poke string ender. Ryu players do things like d.MP, d.LP, d.HK xx hadouken/hurricane. Against a raging K-Cammy or a full metered A-Bison, that’s probably the stupidest thing you can possibly do. In all the instances where you would normally end a poke string with d.HK xx something, do far s.HP instead. You can mixup the timing by either doing it fast (for guard crush right away) or slightly delayed (for the possible counter hit). You can even stagger moves in between, like a whiff s.LP, in case you think a P-groover might parry.

Anyway this move is awesome, but only after you learn how to use it properly.

d.HP 1200, 800 -13/-13
40 frames total

This move is very, very important. It serves as both Ryu’s situational anti-air and as his main combo filler. At only three frame startup, this move is also useful for counter hit attempts. As a bonus, since this move is a hard attack, it can also serve as option select tech throw attempts.

There is suprising horizontal range on this move as well.

d.LK 200 +5/+5
15 frames total

Short, short xx super. Enough said.

d.MK 800 -1/-1
28 frames total

Don’t let the frame data fool you. Just because it doesn’t leave you at a positive frame advantage doesn’t mean it’s not one of Ryu’s most powerful normal attacks. On a counter hit, this move becomes +2 anyway.

Four frame, cancelable low attack. Characters who have an attack like this are extremely good. Bison, Chun-li, and Sagat most notabably. They can punish all sorts of stuff.

d.MK along with far s.HP are Ryu’s main whiff punishers when playing footsies. You can walk up, d.MK xx shinkuu hadouken after Sagat whiffs a d.HP when you bait, anticipate, and react properly.

far s.HK 1200, 1300 -6/-6
34 frames total

Four frame far anti-air. Notice how the move does more damage when you do it from far anyway? Good. Use this to stop low jumpers too.

d.HK 1200 knockdown/-15 x/o/o
47 total frames

The basic shoto sweep. Move is cancelable, hits fast, knocks downs, and has good range.

At max range or outside of max range (when used on reaction against whiffs), this is a very important footsies tool because of the knockdown potential.

-d.LK, d.LK, d.HK xx something (1 frame gap, cannot be jumped from)

f+MK -4/+1

The hop kick. Ryu NEEDS this move to be effective against Blanka. It’s his only normal move that will stop a Blanka df+HP slide.

On a counter hit:
-You should be at -1. Keep attacking if you want.

On regular hit:
-You’re at -4. Don’t try to press your attack after. Just block and be ready to tech throw.

On the block:
-You’re at +1. Try going for a throw, a low attack, or far s.HP. It’s all good when you’re in frame advantage.

You hit the opponent out of the air:
-This situation occurs very commonly as well. The only thing I don’t recommend you do is going for a roll. After a hit where both characters land on their feet like this, anybody can see a roll coming from a mile away.


4 frame startup
LP version for ground moves, deep HP version for anti-air

Red Fireball
knocks down
Only useful in combos when you want the knock down. Regular blue fireball is better 99% of the time.

Hadouken “blue fireball”

qcf+LP 800 -9/-9
12/42 (54 frames total)

qcf+MP 900 -10/-10

qcf+HP 1000 -11/-11


Situational anti-airs:
-far s.HK
-deep HP shoryuken
-deep “cross-up” HP shoryuken


-Opponent near corner, d.LK, d.LK xx level 2 shinkuu hadouken, qcb+LK, juggling level 1 shinkuu tatsumaki

-d.MK, level 3 shin shoryuken
-d.HP, level 3 shin shoryuken

Blocked String Data:

Just for reference, I’m using C-groove Ryu (also applicable to A-groove). N, K, S, and P add a whole bunch of new moves you need to take into consideration on your offense. I’ll save those for when I’m a more advanced CvS2 player. I just want to focus on the must-know basics for now.

Best blocked string enders:

  1. far s.HP (easily #1)
  2. d.HP xx qcf+HP
  3. d.MK xx qcf+LP
  4. d.HK xx qcf+LP
  5. d.HK xx qcb+LK (the least useful… only good when opponent’s guard it about to break)

After you’ve ended your poke string is when the match either totally resets, is slightly in your favor (depending on screen position), or is totally in your favor if you’ve gotten the knockdown or the opponent cornered. Whenever you sense the match is in your favor is when you rush the opponent down for the win, either coming from the guard break or the dizzy mostly. Whenever the match is totally reset (ie. the opponent just blocked everything you did, doesn’t have a flashing guard bar, and is still in at a favorable midscreen position) is when you need to play patient. Start up the footsies and poking game again in order to regain your control.

Best moves to keep your momentum going:

  1. d.LP or d.LK, walk forward
  2. meaty d.MP, then dash or walk forward
  3. f+MK

WORSE moves to use in the middle of poke strings:

  1. roll
  2. jump
  3. cross-up jump
  4. f+HP
  5. random hurricane kick
  6. dashing after anything other than d.LP or meaty d.MP (you NEED the frame advantage those two moves give for a dash to be effective)

The following are all 99% safe and totally inescapable once started. They’re all either perfect links or only leave a zero to two frame gap in between. The opponent HAS to block, or he’ll get messed up if he tries to jump away or attack you:
-meaty d.MP, anything
-d.MP, far s.HP
-d.MP, d.LP
-d.LP, far s.HP
-d.MP, d.LP, far s.HP (takes off a CHUNK of guard meter. I use this very often.)

-close d.MP, d.HP xx qcf+HP
-d.MP, d.MK
-d.LK x 1~3, d.MK

-d.LP, wait, d.LK, d.LK

Anything ended with d.HK xx qcf+LP is not always safe. Use it depending on how you feel your opponent will react to it. If he’s dumb, he might roll, so you can hit him with a free d.LK, d.LK xx super combo. If he’s smart however, he might super/CC you in the face, roll cancel through, or parry/JD for your efforts.

(to be continued…)

Footsies and Poking:

RANGE, RANGE, RANGE! I can’t stress that enough. Knowing all the distances and ranges of every character’s most often used moves is the single most important aspect to having a strong ground game.

Most powerful tools:
-qcf+LP (easily the best poke Ryu has)
-far s.HP
-d.MK (four frame low attack)

-d.MP (used more defensively in poking)
-roll canceled qcf+P (LP is the safest, HP is the easiest)

Ideally, you always want to stay at the range were you can hit the opponent, but the opponent can’t hit you. The shoto’s fireball is what makes that possible. Always be ready to counter your opponent possible reactions after you poke with a fireball (or fake it altogether etc…). d.MK counters your opponent’s roll attempts for example.

-any whiffed light attack
-whiffed d.MP
-whiffed d.MK (to bait the opponent into jumping, then you deep shoryuken)
-f, f dash

In close ground tools:

-d.MK (Usually the pay off attack. You’ve properly setup your opponent with your positive frame advantage giving moves, he takes the bait, then you make him eat d.MK xx Shinkuu Hadouken)
-far s.HP (can cancel into Shinkuu Hadouken)
-d.HK (knockdown)

-punch or kick throw

-stand just out of range, mash d.MP, random far s.HP, random d.MK xx super
-mash far s.HP, get random counter hits, the other guy dies

(to be continued…)


Some basic C-Ryu tactics you can try:
-c.LP, wait, c.LK, c.LK xx super fireball
-walk up c.LK, c.LK, walk up c.LK, c.LK xx super fireball
-c.LP/c.LK, walk up whiff s.LP, throw
-c.LP/c.LK, walk up whiff s.LP, c.LK, c.LK xx super fireball

Don’t worry about jumping in yourself too much. However, shoryuken EVERYTIME the opponent jumps in when he shouldn’t. Ryu’s DP hurts a lot…

Play cautiously offensive since you’re in C-groove. Run away with air hurricane kicks when facing Sagat, Blanka, Cammy, or full metered A-Sakura.

Far s.HP is really good. Make liberal use of it whenever you’re in range.
-d.MP, d.LP, far s.HP (or c.HK xx qcf+LP)
-far s.HP when you’re in range, and the opponent is sticking out on light attacks for no reason.

nice breakdown, i’m a noob and think that he’s a cool player to begin with. i can definately see that it takes a true master to get as much out of ryu as possible, cuz i’m still not sure how to connect his dragon punch super even 50% of the time…

Oh, you use the level 3 dragon punch super when you’ve gotten the other guy dizzy. Dash up and do d.HP/d.MK xx super. 8000 damage.

You can use it after a guard break too, but you only have one second to react, so it needs to be after a move that leaves you close.

(opponent’s guard bar flashing), close s.HP xx dp+LP, (guard breaks), Shin Shoryuken

(opponent’s guard bar flashing), d.HK, (guard breaks), xx whiff qcb+LK, d.MK xx Shin Shoryuken

If you’re in the corner and have three levels, do the level 2 into qcb+LK, into level 1 juggle instead. Combo it from a jump in and you’ll get more damage than just doing a simple Shin Shoryuken combo.

sumthing really gd

seen then ryui or ken are fighting joe u can hurrican kick throught joe’s hurricans just incase u wanted to know that

Grammar is good. Yes, yes it is.

THX KCXJ!!! I can’t thank you enough. I was waiting for your notes for Ryu. salutes Keep up the good work bro.:cool:

I see you said don’t worry about jumping in too much. Howevery I would like to know how good is Ryu’s cross up? Also what do you think is his best groove? Is he best as a battery, anchor, or clean up character?



Ryu’s a good clean up character, his best groove is either c or a depending on how youre using him. Youre good with either.

My team has been ken ryu sagat since first i played this game, hasnt changed since then :cool: I DO have to agree that it was difficult to play the shotos as a begginer and win, but its given me an advantage in that ive had all this experience built around only them.

Side note, even though he is best used as a clean up character i use him as the middle fighter in my team because i beleive sagat does an even better job at cleaning up :lol: .

thx man for the tips. Also, how the hell do shoto’s fight RC Blanka? If i get in they run away, if i throw a fireball they RC hop or RC blanka ball through it?



this is really useful… thanks :smiley:

i have a question…
i play K- nak,ryu,cammy(2) as my team

when i was ryu against my friends C groove cammy, i was able to combo a c.lk into far s.hp. we were like :eek: :eek: even though i don’t play cvs2 that much, my friend does and he said that shouldn’t have worked. we tried dupicating it again but no success.
what is the timing to do this again?

btw, he was not rolling, just in a nuetral position.

sorry if this is a noob question.

The c. lk must have been a counter hit.

I don’t know what your skill level is, but I’m personally only about an average/intermediate level player. I recommend you be like me and just play C-groove to master the basics for now.

The strongest Ryu’s I’ve seen all play N-groove though. The matches usually start off where the N-Ryu player jiggles around and pokes for a little bit, then like out of nowhere starts rushing the hell down. Guard break, run up d.MK xx shin sho, peace out.

Until you’ve become skilled enough to run that kind of kamikaze offense though, just stick with something easy like C-groove.

To answer you other questions:

-My “business” C-groove team is Ryu, Ken, R2 Sagat. So he’s good as a battery I guess

-Unless you’re facing Chang or somebody fat like that, don’t ever use the cross-up j.MK without setting it up with a knockdown first. Stuff like, jab, jab, cross-up j.MK only works against scrubs. If you’re ever playing against me (or anybody else who just slightly knows what they’re doing :lol: ), you’re going to eat my tiger uppercut everytime.

nice, gotta love team Dan:D

i’m not sure how many of his video’s you’ve seen, but it’s really interesting how he plays his ryu. i only remember bits and pieces of him vs an A-sak player, but he would do super jump hurricane kicks to runaway and build meter, jumping mk to trade with crouching fierce (not sure whose favor that’s in), and would hit a level 2 and then runaway some more to force the A-sak player to do stupid shit.

good thread

hey my team is, Kyo , Rock and random
in K groove.

sumtimes I use Ryu and I was wondering if I shuld use a special hurricane kick alot
and is it safe to use? or shuld I stick to shinku hadoken?

I think its good for wakeup when the oppoent is doing RC.

Ryu is the only character in the entire game that I ever do wake-up super with*. Level 1 super hurricane beats all low attacks, jump-ins, and even meaty attacks (!) on wake-up. You’re playing K-groove though, so you don’t have have access to this super at level 1. Stick with comboing into Shinkuu Hadouken always. If you’re about to chip your opponent to death though, by all means, go for the hurricane super. I recommend you do it like this…

-you’re raged, knockdown, run over fallen opponent, whiff an attack (like close s.MK), psychic level 3 hurricane just as the opponent gets up

This is good too, but a lot riskier. Use it once on a blue moon.
-f+MK (blocked), random level 3 hurricane

Never waste a level 3 super just randomly or on your own wake-up. A level 1 is worth it, but if you used a level 3 and the other guy jumped or something, you only get about as much damage as a jab would of done. You get NO damage if the guy faked you out and was standing out of range. If you absolutely must do random level 3 super, always try to at least set it up some how first. Again, comboing is always better.

*I do wake-up level ones with Rolento and Blanka too, but this is a Ryu thread after all, so nevermind that.

ok so for now its mostly for chipping dmg.

but sumtimes I do wake up special and the other guy does RC sonic boom and manages to nail me.

so if I use hurricane kick it would hit him rite?

Offensive Flowchart

The following are Ryu’s most useful up close attacks. Note the startup of each move and which moves give frame advantage. Once you’ve memorized how each move works, every attack your Ryu does will seemingly flow one right into the other.

d.LP: 3 frame startup, gives +7, rapid fire attack
d.LK: 3 frame startup, gives +5, rapid fire attack
d.MP: 4 frame startup, gives +6

d.MK: 4 frame startup, gives -1, but is cancelable into super

d.HK: 6 frame startup, knocks down on hits, but -15 on the block. Best to always cancel into something.
far s.HP: 7 frame startup, don’t worry what it gives, it’s a flowchart ender

d.MP —> d.LP (3 frame link)
d.LK (3 frame link)
d.MP (2 frame link)
d.MK (2 frame link)

	d.HK (0 frame gap)
	far s.HP (1 frame gap)

d.LP —> d.MP (3 frame link)
d.LK (chain at anytime or 4 frame link)
d.LK (chain at anytime or 4 frame link)
d.MK (3 frame link)

	d.HK (1 frame link)
	far s.HP (0 frame gap)


d.MP <—> d.LP

Either one of these attacks can always flow seamlessly into the other. They both give heavy frame advantage as well, so learn to love these moves.

OK, now that you have a general idea of how Ryu’s close attacks behave, now what?

Getting your offense rolling

No player other than the training dummy is going to stand there and let you do whatever fancy offensive thing you want to them. Unless you know how to properly play footsies, gain control, and set yourself up, all the flowchart info you just learned above is totally useless.

(see “Footsies and Poking” on page one)

“Unblockable” cross-up j.MK

-close dp+LP, hold forward on the stick, roll to up-forward, DEEP and MEATY j.MK
-max range d.HK xx qcb+LK, walk back for a split second, jump forward, DEEP and MEATY j.MK

The two setups about are just examples. When properly timed and distanced, a shoto’s j.MK can be one of the most difficult to block attacks in the entire game. You might cross-up or you might not. If the shoto player doesn’t even know which way he’ll hit half the time, how can the opponent possibly stand a chance?

After a deep j.MK, I usually go for the following…

-d.MP, follow flowchart
-d.LK, d.LK, react from there

Here’s a fancy combo you guys can do:

-deep cross-up j.MK, d.MP, d.LP, d.MK xx level 3 Shinkuu Hadouken

See how I followed the flowchart to the letter? The beautiful thing about this pattern 1.) it all combos and 2.) the first three attacks all give huge frame advantage. Deep j.MK, d.MP, and d.LP give me a very long amount of time to react to whether my attacks are hitting or not, and whether to continue the full combo. Even if I’m a little slow to react and continue all the way to d.MK, d.MK still leaves you perfectly safe yielding -1 on the hit. But if I do react in time to stop my attack at d.MP (+6) or d.LP (+7), the opponent better watch out. He’s about to get mixed the hell up by my yomi skills.

EDIT: only works against fat characters (Rolento, Sagat, Blanka, etc…)

-d.MP, walk up d.LK, d.LK xx super

More Set-ups

After a punch throw (outside of corner):
-dash, super jump j.HK, level 1 hurricane super for chip damage
-dash, super jump j.HK, d.HP xx qcf+HP

Remember that at max range, the tip of Ryu’s j.HK is invincible. Just some stupid 3 hit combo like j.HK, d.HP xx hadouken does quite a lot of damage and stun when you have Ryu as well. One of Ryu’s best strengths is that he can dizzy an opponent in very few hits.

Mindgames 101. Don’t play Ryu at all unless you fully understand how they work you scrubs!

Thanks Maj. I know it’s MAD late, but I just read your article yesterday. You did a great job with the breakdown and I appreciate your work very much.

Damn K stop beasting with the strats. Very informative. Do you use the CvS2 frame data book? I wanted to do something like this for benimaru possibly. Excellent ryu shiz tho, keep up the good work.



Actually, cr. mp stuffs Blanka slides clean. I just mash cr. mp against Blanka scrubs who love to start the match with a slide

bleh… C-Ryu is weak. I’ve used him pretty seriously for a good few months now, and everytime it’s the same… too many common situations C-Ryu can’t handle.

At midscreen, C-Ryu can’t do anything about RC Blanka balls. Even when he chicken blocks, none of his moves reach far enough to punish. Ryu needs to be in the corner to do anything about thosel. Putting yourself in the corner? wtf? Automatic disadvantage already… nice.

Hibiki doing RC running slash up close as well. Ryu blocks, and can’t hit her after. :bluu:

I recommend everybody move to K-groove if they really want to play Ryu seriously. Even C-Kyo or C-Iori I’d rank higher than C-Ryu at this point. C-Ryu would be good if only he had some more range. It’s too bad really. I like this character too.