Ryu or Evil Ryu?


I’m primarily a Guy player, but I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits so I’m learning the game from the ground-up. (USFIV)

Ryu is typically the character people suggest learning to develop your game, but I know ht E.Ryu got buffed in Ultra and is strong now. Apparently, he’s stronger and more solid than Ryu now. That said, should I be using E.Ryu to teach me the game or…?


Well E Ryu has less health, so youll lose a lot. Ryu usually is good for beginners people say, but honestly if you mainly play Guy just play Guy. What bad habits are you forming with him?

I dont usually play Ryu just because so many people play him and hes boring.


My fundementals are very weak overall and I really heavily on Guy’s gimmicks to win and I feel it has stiffled me as a player. I’ll go back to Guy once I have enhanced my overall play.

I know E.Ryu’s health is lower, but isn’t only by 50 now?


The big difference* between them is that E.Ryu has less health and does more damage than Ryu in a lot of situations, especially with meter. However, this is (obviously) provided you can actually confirm into and execute his big combos. Before you know how to do that, they’re fairly similar, but Ryu is easier to use, and packs quite a bit of punch himself. Ultimately you can use whoever you want, but I’d say Ryu is still the better of them when you’re just trying to learn. E.Ryu is still not bad either, mind, so if you like him better, feel free to play him.

*there’s a lot of smaller differences as well, granted.


Either are fine. Evil is going to be more frustrating imo. The low health will make you lose quicker.

You can transition between ryu and evil ryu pretty easily, so why not start with ryu?

Focus on footsies and zoning.


Evil Ryu 950 health, 900 stun
Ryu 1000 health, 1000 stun

The difference in health is almost negligible now, and stun does not matter as much as health(my opinion) so the 100 difference is not nearly as
bad as it seems. Evil Ryu is definitely better on this game now, but not to the point where Ryu is just irrelevant and not worth picking. The only reason Ryu is being slept on is cause he didn’t get all those shiny red colored buffs that Evil Ryu got, but that doesn’t mean he lost versatility and solid options.
Pick who you want, maybe even flip a coin, i still say Ryu is the best choice for a beginner. Play the character that you like, what i’m saying is don’t let the tier list control your decisions in fighting games when picking characters, unless your a play to win type of player, but that’s a different story. (sigh)


I’m finding hardly any Ryus online since Ultra, but an endless stream of E.Ryus. Power of the Daigo I guess haha.


From my experience, still as a beginner, I’d say the difference is that Ryu has lots of simple combos, where as to get the best out of evil ryu you need to be able to take advantage of his big ass combos. Ryu has less special moves, but what he has covers the bases, so you can concentrate more on learning his fundamentals, and not get distracted by too many shiny moves xD


Yeah, I ultimately decided to learn Ryu. I still honestly think I’d get more millage out of playing Evil Ryu, but Ryu’s links into sweep are really appealing to me. Not to mention he’s a much cooler character, but that’s neither here nor there. (;

I only wish that U2 was better so as to actually be viable and be a real threat, but it is what it is. Thanks for all the feedback.


Same thing happened when Ryu’s c.mk was temporarily nerfed and Daigo was using Akuma.

If anything the question you should ask is Akuma or Evil Ryu, because they share almost all of their normals and have similar combos (but still play differently).


I have thought the same as you at many points, that I should learn the game with a new character… but maybe you should actually consider learning all the characters, instead. You would be surprised how proficient you can get in a week or two if you have a healthy amount of training mode in your gaming. Going back to Guy, you would probably rely on less gimmicks from the fact that you actually know your opponents better.


Milage out of what though? You’re likely to play the same way with both characters since they offer similar tool sets applied slightly differently. If you have that many bad habits , you should try fixing them with your main character not switching. All you are doing is denying yourself the right to derp and you’ll find new way’s to derp with Ryu. His Ultra 2 works from a juggle, from a crumple, as a whiff punisher and can be used as an anti Air, it has high damage and can be used from a combo… what’s it missing exactly? It’s a solid Ultra, just doesn’t offer the utility of his first.

Ryu doesn’t teach you the game, he just offers the most amount of tools in one package which is why people recommend him. It’s what you do with the tools that count. I suggest getting it out of your head that winning and losing is important if you want to get better because the only reason people use scrubby tactics - It’s easy and effortless. The game represents you with a powerful move and you abuse that tactic on the weak and scratch your head when it doesn’t work on the strong. Sit down and look at your replay’s, study them, study high level players that represent your character, study frame data - all of it, work on links and frame traps (you play GUY?!). Work on baiting your opponent when he has meter, work on keeping meter for the next round, work on blocking, work on slow teching, work on wake up options. Look into option selects.

Changing character offers nothing more than another shell in which to be lazy and take the easy route out. You have to work hard if you want to be good at this game.

I play a player often who plays Guy, his weakness is EX meter, he uses it at every opportunity even though I represent whilst playing him that I know that (by baiting and making him burn his meter). He won’t learn though, he will never be good at SF no matter who he picks, because that’s what he does with everyone. Face your habits head on.




Probably one of the hardest characters play in the game. They don’t call this the newbie dodjo for nothing…


Stick with Guy, don’t change character to level up your game. Sure Guy has gimmicks but playing Ryu wont iron them out. What happens when you go back to playing Guy? (rhetorical)

Learn your pokes, st.mp and st.mk are really good and even beat out Ryu’s cmk.

Learn your anti airs, st.mk is the button you want to become familiar with here.

Learn your simple OS such as pressing s.mp then cancelling into run stop/slide. If the st.mp hits, then it cancels into the special move. If st.mp whiffs, then it doesnt cancel into anything.

Most importantly though, master each of your normal moves inside out! Find the ranges and what other moves they beat or lose to. The only negative is, it takes some time learning all this in training room.


My friend always plays as the “evil” versions of characters such as orochi iori in capcom vs snk 2