Ryu Or Evil Ryu?



What is better in ur Opinion Ryu or Evil Ryu?
I agree that Ryu Nomal ryu the best I’m always bad as hell with that hes Better!


really what in the hell are you talking about anyways evil ryu is way more faster then normal. if you can use a faster character better then your going to be better


he takes a lot more damage


Ryu > Akuma > Evil Ryu


Evil Ryu > Akuma > Ryu

There are some exceptions within certain grooves however but generally speaking this is true.

Characters with less health are harder to use but that doesn’t make them worse. E-Ryu is a stronger version of Akuma dmg wise and has a few other slight advantages. He loses Hakkinshu but that not as good as the gain of hopkick and the s.MP>s.HP knockdown. Along with speed and the fact that his tatsumaki senpu kyaku doesn’t have the crappy knee-up at the start which wastes a juggle. Again he also has the command air whirlwind kick which is SO good. Akuma is better than Ryu hands down. This is plain obvious in many a groove. Not saying Ryu is bad as he’s my fav char, but Akuma is better.

As a sidenote if all these chars had equal hp E.Ryu and were available on arcade, E.Ryu would make MUCH more of an appearance. As it is he only appears on Live occasionally with the rare player who knows how to use him. Less hp is a disadvantage, but it’s not as bad as say Shin Akuma’s where you can die of a BnB, it’s just a minor hinderance easily made up by his great moves.


Evil Ryu. Because he’s evil, and that gives him super powers.


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