Ryu Painting in Photoshop

Hi folks! Been a while since I’ve been in here. Been busy with work. My buddy’s wife commissioned me to do this piece of Ryu. She asked me to capture the process so we could have him watch it and then present it to him when I was done. It worked out beautifully. It was a fun piece to do. Any way thought I would share.


Here is my blog where you can see the sketch progression then to the final. The video link is in there as well. Hope you like it.

Here’s the video

awesome. what was your old username?

The head is far too small and the face is kinda… not Ryu-like. Other than that, it’s a great painting. Very solid technique and brushwork.

Some constructive criticism:

His nose area is abit off.

Other than that, professional level work there. Great job.

i agree about the head being too small. other than that everything is spot on. very awesome work sir.

Thanks to everyone for the critiques and the comments. Yeah you guys are right about the head. I think I was trying to keep the tradition of exagerated features but I guess it just didn’t work that way. Sometimes you get into a drawing and you don’t see those flaws. You just tend to zone out. I proabably should have addressed this in my line work but just kept going. Didn’t focus on proportion enough.Kinda rusty with character design. I illustrate matte paintngs and draw machines all day at my job so I need work in my character department. But you guys gave me some good pointers. I will most likely address those suggestions if I revist this piece. Thanks to everyone!