Ryu Player List

After reading some of the threads I thought it would be a good idea to make a Ryu players list to help out the people who keep asking for good Ryu players in other threads. Since Ryu is pretty versitile in play style it could be separated by supers for people looking for certain ones like Vanao and Frankie3s with Denjin. I just thought it would be something helpful for newer players trying to learn.

OK, I’m a Ryu player since ever to forever…
I’m in Jakarta. I really think he’s the best 3s characters…
Anyone from Jakarta wanna meet up?

I love ryu also since everybody picks ken. If some people would ryu a chance.:woot:

They do. There are plenty of really good ryu players that beast often. You tube it baby

Since no one understood what I meant by a player’s list I went ahead and put a quick one together for you guys:
Abu- SA1
Amir- SA3
Ban-San- SA1
Bulletproof- SA2
Calipower- SA1 and SA3
Chef- SA1
Drop- SA1
Eriru- SA1
Frankie3s- SA3
Frodo- SA3
Heboryu- SA1
Hirai- SA2
Jey- SA1 and SA3
Kokui- SA2
Kyo- SA3
Magu- SA1
Mopreme- SA3
Nakanishi- SA3
Namijin- SA1
Nekonohi- SA1
Rukawa- SA3
Rumu 1/ Rumuichi- SA3
Ruu- SA2
Shohei Hey- SA1
Spriggan X- SA3
Tottori- SA2
Vanao- SA3
All of these players have vids on youtube; if anyone has anymore players to add to the list please do.

I thought he played SA1? I don’t recall him being an SA3 player. If there’s a vid that shows it or something, then feel free to provide a link. I’m not 100% sure.

Friends of mine used to joke about Valle being the denjin-less Ryu. He picks sa3 a lot, but rarely actually uses the super :rofl:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=a4vvGeN-2rg He’s played Denjin Ryu at EVO too.

I wanna put emphasis on guys like


Flare is godlike. Recognize.

Jose The Mexican