Ryu players who attended FR9, listen up!

Yeah I’m looking for a particular Ryu player that attended FR9. He said he was from Cleveland, Ohio. If that’s you then hit me up on aim.

AIM: bizzarollamaj

If you’re just some other person reading this thread, then feel free to talk to me as well!

Hi, I play Q. LOL at me!

Lol, hey, what’s up man. PM coming.

His Q is pretty serious if any of you guys see him at a major or play XBL. Kuroda Jr.!

Dude, your Q was sick.

Yeah, I’ve played against my boy RPD on Xbox Live. Of course since it’s XBL the matches were just kind of a taste of what it would be like to fight him offline (stupid delay online). We had a pretty decent connection though when we played. I’m pretty sure my Ibuki would give him a hard time regardless (Ibuki is just bad news for Q for the most part) but I’m sure he’d be able to get some wins in. He’s got some cool Q tricks up his sleeve and has nice CandDB setups. Now he just needs to learn how to use an arcade stick. :lol:

RPD is my sensai in Q :pray:

Ibuki’s bad news for Q? More like the entire cast is bad news for Q. The fact he can do so well with what little tools he has is a testament to the fact that RPD is pretty solid. :tup:

Yeah, Ghaleon’s the Ohio Ryu.