Ryu Problem


I recently got SSFIVAE and have palyed two main characters: Akuma and Ryu. I have no problem playingeither of them (I’m still having a little trouble doing a shoryuken, but meh) but that’s one big thing I just can’t seem to pull off, the Metsu Hadouken. For whatever reason, I cannot wrap my head around how to pull it off. I’ve gone into training to keep trying it, but a regular hadouken or a fireball is the only thing that comes out. If anyone can try to help a bad player like me, it would be appreciated.


Go into training mode, turn on your input display.

Ensure you have enough Ultra meter to actually use the Ultra.

Attempt to do the Ultra

Look at your inputs, you should see the following input

forward + 3 Punches

If you don’t see that, then it means you screwed up the input somewhere. Another possibility is that you’re doing the input too slow for the game to register that you’re even trying to do it.


You actually only have to press forward once.

:d::df::d::df::f: + :p::p::p:


Probably shouldn’t encourage sloppy execution, even if SF4 series kind of does…


This works great until you want to learn any other game and realize you have to relearn basic inputs before you can move up to playing.


yeah, this kind of thing used to happen to me when i would use rose: all her special and super/ultra moves would get mixed up. very annoying.


It’s not sloppy. It’s the easiest and quickest way to do a double qcf/qcb ultra.

I don’t think this is a valid reason not to use shortcuts. It’s just the same thing people have been spouting out ever since SF4 came out. “OMG, this game is gonna mess up my execution so bad!”

You relearn inputs every time you pick up a new game. The truth is, if you’re stubborn, and won’t use the shortcuts, you’re hurting yourself. Doing a dp from a crouch is the best way to do it. Hitting forward is bad in a lot of situations because you stand up and give yourself a much bigger hitbox. The bigger hitbox gets hit sooner, and the window for doing a deep dp is much smaller. It also takes almost twice as long to get the motion finished. Speed is the reason to use the ultra shortcut…ultra as anti-air or on reaction to something like a rush punch. In those cases it’s much faster to use the shortcut, which makes it possible to ultra more attacks on reaction.

Play the game you’re playing. No sense in using KOF inputs in SF4. You’re just giving yourself a handicap.


DP from crouch actually offers an advantage to you as a player; you don’t have to telegraph the attack by standing up. Since there’s no good reason I can think of to just throw out a random super or ultra, all 23236+PPP does is let you start the input (which should almost invariably be buffered into something else anyways) **a single frame **later. This offers no material advantage.

In general, I have no problem with the use of shortcuts, I just think people should learn to do the inputs correctly first.


Who said anything about random ultras? If you’re crouching with no health…waiting for Balrog to chip you to death and you ultra his rush punch on reaction, that’s not random at all. In the same vein as what you posted…if you were sitting there in the same situation and Balrog sees you standing up and down, you’re telegraphing and he’ll know what you’re trying to do. There’s a lot of stuff out there that you can just ultra on reaction to seeing it, and the shortcut helps you get that ultra out faster. Might also help this new player get his ultra out.


Ultras outside of combos are important for some characters. For example, Ryu doing U1/super through fireballs, Seth doing U1 against… anything, etcetera. The shortcuts change what’s practical in SF4, and the unfortunate consequence is that you HAVE to use them sometimes. Shortcuts also make some combos more consistent in realistic situations, like Dhalsim’s yoga flame xx yoga fire.

However, you are right, in a controlled situation like DP FADC ultra I recommend practicing the normal full ultra motion. Using a shortcut should be a conscious decision, not a “boy I sure hope these messy inputs work!”

If you can’t get used to doing an uppercut differently in one game as compared to another game, you just need more practice.

First of all, everyone sucks at first. So don’t feel bad. Think of how easy it will be for you to improve, right now all you need to do to get better is learn how to do the moves!

The full input is :qcf: :qcf: :lp::mp::hp: (while facing right). If you are using a normal controller as compared to an arcade stick, I recommend using the :3P: macro (set to L1 by default). Turn on the input display, and compare your inputs to the above.

If you get an EX Shoryuken/Dragon Punch (abbreviated SRK), you didn’t do the full ultra motion. Usually the problem is that you didn’t hit the last :r: input.

If you get a super, you didn’t hit the buttons at the same time.

Practice doing it slowly and methodically, without extra inputs involved. Then work on doing it faster.