Ryu punishment list versus various characters



Ok i know you can learn theoretical punishments by reading frame data. Anyway i’m just an average fighting game player so if you are average or better you can do these as well. I know most already know these but i’m bored and figured might as well. To test these i’m recording the dummy doing a move and instantly crouch blocking. Except when tsting an OH as a punisher then i will have the dummy hold back. If that is a flawed way to test i would appreciate it if some one spoke up. We will start with akuma.

srk any version

if you block all sorts of stuff is free


depends on distance from far not much you can do. Up close you can get a free hit into a combo just do the hit as soon as you see him glow right before he throws the fireball. From mid screen you can tatsu but if you are to far you can recover before you get to him you can also do a super

air fire ball lp version All these assume you actually wait to see the fireball animate

Full screen not sure if anyone would actually ever throw a air fireball from full screen but just in case
You can get a free.super but if you do it to soon you will whiff. You can also get a free hadoken but the timing is actually stricter then on the super

mid screen You can also get a free super but if you time it right you can jump over the fireball then hit him as he lands for a free combo

up close super still works but the jump over no longer works at least i can’t do it. You can however dash in and do something like cr.lp to start a combo

Mp version

pretty much the same as lp version

HP version only difference is the jump over tactic no longer works

ex version

same as the above but everything is harder to time

Hurricane kicks

lk version

If you block you have enough time to do a quick normal
You can also counter with an srk and knock him out of it. Even at close to point blank range. You can also counter with a super if you have a little room. If you want to make the srk counter easier just do the ex version
Mk version

same as lk version

HK version

this is the most difficult to counter for me. I kept trying to do an srk counter but kept getting smacked in the face. Crouching fierce was much easier to hit. Also since it hits multiple times you can block it and just mash out a counter srk in between the last 2 hits

Ex version

As far as i know you must block. I’ve tried alpha countering and srking in between the hits but i can’t get it to work. Although i haven’t tried an ex srk though. So far the only real punish i’ve found is to block and super him on the bounce back as you recover from the hit stun of the last hit but before he hits the ground.If someone has a another punish please share cause it sucks that i have to use 2 bars to teach him a lesson. I’m gonna try to see how a ex srk works and report back later.

Air tatsu

lk version

depends on whether it is a cross up or not. Depending on how well your opponent does it your options range anywhere from a crouching Fp to a super but all options must be done before the move actually makes contact as it’s +8 on block… If you decide to do the super you must wait just a sec because if you do it as soon as the move animates the super will wiff and the kick will hit you

mk air tatsu

same as lk

HK air tatsu

same as lk and MK

EX air tatsu

same as all other versions. The non cross up version is actually easier to counter as he stays airborne throughout the move

Normals after blocking
Not gonna do every single normal but his normals are fairly safe on block. If done from a far they range from -3 to +2.

close standing

not much better but ST.hk and ST.hp become punishable St.Hp is -12 frames so is easy to punish. St.hk is only -5 so much more difficult to punish

His crouching normals are all safe on block save for Cr.hk and cr.HP both are easy to punish


sonic boom

lp version from far away you can do a super or ex hadoken and hit him before he recovers. From mid screen you can do a super or just jump over it and hit him

Mp version pretty much the same as the lp version but it’s faster so much harder to do the ex hadoken counter from a far. I would just block or jump over to close the gap unless you have a super to use.

HP version same as mp but it travels the fastest so ex hado counter from a far seems nearly impossible

Ex version impossible to punish from a far even the super will not reach him in time other then that it’s just another sonic boom


Can’t imagine anyone doing these outside of combos or to punish jump ins but just incase. They are -34 frames if you block them so punish at your leisure. If someone whiffs one from far range which i assume would be an input error you can get a free super. From other ranges you can get a free super an hadoken or even a free normal to start a combo depending on how close they land to you


Almost all his normals recover much to quickly to punish when blocked. Only his medium kick and hard kick ones can be punished and that’s only if they are close or from crouching.



lp version -4 on block so can only be punished be reversal DP and quick normals. from point blank range you can interrupt it with a standing jab. Just hit the button as soon as you see his shoulder go back to start the move. if you wait until he starts coming forward it’s to late. If he is a couple steps away you can do even slower normals. he can also be jump kicked if he is far enough away but not so far that the kick whiffs.

MP and HP version

same as lp version

Ex version

Same as all the other versions. The fact that it’s an ex move makes no difference. You can still use a jab to counter due to the fact that if you do it correctly you will land the jab before the active frame start.

QCf+p strings ( assumes you blocked the first hit)

high ender

You can interrupt with crouching mk but it’s sketch and you will just get hit clean or trade more times then not . Better interrupts are are MP srk ex srk and super


This move is easier to deal with from point blank and close range due to the 21+ frame start up. In short his crouch will be wide open for about 5 minutes before the move starts. From farther it becomes more difficult to deal with. I would stick to blocking unless you have an ex move at your disposal. The ex srk works great. MP srk also works but depending on the distance it can be risky. Ok mid range is the most difficult to deal with. Honestly the only counter i’ve found if EX srk. You can’t super because it will miss due to the arc. A regular srk misses more times then not. Technically it’s -7 on block but abel usually recovers to far away for any of ryu’s quick normals to reach. Even a reversal srk will usually whiff. You can block and super if you want to use the meter. From a far is the best situation for you. You can even use a jump kick to start a combo. If he is near the bottom of his arc before he hits you just time the kick to hit him as he lands. Another way to look at is if he starts from far enough away that the kick would hit low below the waist then the jump kick is a good counter.
Ex version

As expected this is the hardest version to deal with. Up close non of the counters i mentioned above actually work to to the armor on the move. Also perhaps my reflexes aren’t up to par today but i tried interrupting with an ex srk but the kcik hit me before i could get the srk out every time.

you can hit him with lows if you time them to hit him as he is coming out of the roll. Just gotta get the timing right. Do the move to soon and it just whiffs as he is invincible to late and he will block. I’ve tried interrupting with an srk but so far no dice. Ok srk interrupt does work but is much more difficult then just doing a low .


Raising uppercut

Its -3 on block so nothing is guaranteed if you block it. You do have the frame advantage but if you attack you might get frame trapped. Only guaranteed punish is the alpha counter but that waste 1 bar for minimal damage. So far i’m having trouble finding a good punish for this move.
Ok with a little more practice this move isn’t hard to counter. When you see him start to duck down ie the start of the cd you can just stick out a jab and counter him and go into a combo. If you are quick on the stick or have the motion buffered you can do an srk. Ok the srk counter is not that reliable. I Did find a couple more things though if you are already crouching you can counter with Cr.lk CR.mk or CR.hk


block and punish ou have all day

Dragon uppercut all versions

-20+ on block so you can punish with just about anything


Lp version

+2 on block but if you anticipate it or know how to read the starting animation of the move you can counter with a jab.

MP version

Same as lp version but it can be punished after a as it is -11 on block

HP version same as the other but even easier to punish on block

Ex version

also the same as the other versions

rajin stance

lp and mp version safe on block but easy to see coming and counter

HP version

also see to see but can also be punished on block

Ex version

also easy to see and counter and it’s-21 on block


Megaton punch

Lp version -2 on block so nearly impossible to punish but it has a 14 frame start up so you can can counter it with any punch button. Just watch his shoulder and when it moves ht a button

Mp version

slow start up so easier to interrupt.Puls i’s -4 on block so you can block and punis

Hp version

Even easier to punish. -6 on block and it has the slowest start up of any version

rollin bear

lp,mp, and hp versions.

You can counter with sweeps and srks just wait untill he is coming out of the roll but before he can block

ex version

not much difference then the regular version but i does have more frames of invincibility so countering can be more risky. Sometimes your counter move will whiff and they can get a free headbutt

lp,mp version, and hp version

up close it must be blocked but it’s -22 on block so easy to punish. From farther away you can land a counter srk, and a counter tatsu

Ex version

Despite the invincible frames it is easy to counter with an sr. You just have to wait untill closer to the ending of the animation for the move.


st.lp can not be punished
st.mp-4 so can be punished by reversal srk
st.hp-13 so punish at your leisure

St.lk can not be punished on block and with a 7 frame start up i personally can not beat it on reaction

st.mk even quicker start up but it is -2

st.hk -6 on block but it pushes kuma to far away at times to be punished

CR.lp -1 on block so can not be punished

Cr.mp-3 on block so can only be punished by a reversal super.

CR.HP -3 so you can reversal sup but only if you block it standing.

CR.lk can not be punished

cr.mk -4 so can be reversal srked

cr.hk-10 but it pushes him away and lots have moves that should hit will whiff, I prefer to start a combo with cr.mk or just use a joudan.



From afar

Lp,MP,hp versions can all be punished by a super

Ex version can not be punished

From mid screen

You can jump over all versions for a free punish


Lk version can be countered by mp srk and punished by a super if you block it.

MK version safe on block but can be countered by a mp srk

hk version same as mk version

spinning bird kick

Lk,mk, and hk version

can be reversal srked if you block and you can counter/interrupt the move with a super or mp srk

ex version

-10 on block but push back makes it difficult to punish. A lot of the time the only thing that will reach is a super


st.lp is + on block so can not be punished
st.mp -3 so you can block and super
st.hp same as st.mp
st.lk 0 frames on block so no punish
st.mk canm be punished by a super
st.hk-7 so you can start a combo with a normal

st.lp (close) is unpunishable
st.mp (close) -3 so can be punished with a super
st.hp (close)-5 so you can add reversal srks to the punishment list
st.lk(close)+3 so no punish
ST.mk(close)-0 so no punish
st.hk(close)-5 so punish with reversal srks or supers

cr.lp no punish
cr.mp punish with reversal srk
cr.hp punish with reversal srk
cr.lk no punish
cr.mk punish with super
cr.hk-8 so you can start a combo with a normal but lk and lp will not reach her.



chun li continued

lk,mk,and hk version all are safe on block but if you anticipate that she will do it you can jump over her and get a fee combo from behind

ex version is very punishable on block


all versions

has lots of push back but a donkey kick or ground tatsu will easily hit her. on top of that you have time to dash in and hit a crouching mk.

all versions

safe on block and partially invincible just the same all versions are easy to punish if villain just throws them out. If you wait until she is just about finished with her spin you can counter with an srk or ST.HP or even jump str8 up and kick her in the face.

hooligan combo

all versions

If they don’t hit any buttons during the move it is really easy to stop if they hit Lp+Lk the trow will override most all moves save for one the SRK. Assume they are going to do the throw and just use the MP.srk it shuts the move down. Unless they do they ex version then it ryu will just pass through her but both characters will be undamaged. The only sure fire counter to the ex hooligan is your super but it’s a risk as it’s hard to connect depending the angle of trajectory. The easiest way to escape the ex is to simple jump back or do the srk trick from above.

Cannon strike all versions

Ok i’m pretty sure this move has been nerfed. the sfxt guide says it’s + frames on block but i am able to reversal DP it with a srk.lp. The trick to this move is knowing whether she will cross you up or not.No cross up just block and counter with srk.lp. If you see that she will cross you up simply jump backwards and you can land a free HK for a combo starter. The trick is you have to start your jump back near the top of her arch. Once in a while you’ll mess up and whiff the kick but you will be safe. Another risky thing you can do versus non cross ups is to simply jump str8 up and hit hk to kick her and start a combo. This is risky though because you could wind up getting hit by her cannon strike.

Spiral arrow

all non ex versions

-9 or more on block so punish at your leisure

Ex version

you can block and get a free cr.lk or you can counter it with a EX srk


srk all versions

just block and start a combo with a cr,mk

Tatsu all non ex versions

This move really sucks now. No need to even bother blocking. You can counter with srk or even crouching HP Even if he crosses you up CR.hp will shut it down. Their i a certain distance where his Tatsu will beat your cr.hp but it’s hard to explain. Basically if he is close enough that he can hit you before the second rotation starts you’ll get smacked before your cr.hp becomes active. In which case yo have to just block

Ex tatsu

Very slow on block recovery but it pushes you way back. You can punish with a super. You can also counter with a well timed ex srk

Air tatsu all versions

Wow it’s a lot easier to punish this move now. Before only a well timed auto correct srk or perfectly time cr.hp would get the job done. Now you can do the CR.HP even with sloppy timing. You can even do st.hp. In short before the move had loads of priority now it has almost 0 priority.

Hadoken all versions

from afar

a quick super will get to him before he can block

mid screen

you can get a free jump kick

close range

if you anticipate the hado you can jump str8 up and kick ryu in the face. A cr.lp will also shut the move down if you are in range. You can even do it on reaction. Just wait for the ball to start to animate in his hands and hit the button. That’s the best way i can explain it.


all non ex versions.

after blocking you can do reversal srk or hit with cr.mk to start a combo.

Ex version

reversal srk will not work and neither will cr.mk. Cr.lk might be quick enough but it pushes you back to far. So far the only punish is to block and super


srk all versions

They are all -12 or worse after block so just about anything is free.


all non ex versions

Kens tatsu will hit grounded opponents if he starts it at point blank range so in that aspect it is slightly better then ryu’s version. Barring that it is just as easy to punish. Just use an srk or cr.hp both moves will stop him just so long as you have room to get the move out . If you are forced to block you are better off crouch blocking. You can hit him with moves as slow as CR.hp. If he does the lk version he will not travel at all and you will be forced to block the hits but that’s ok cause you can get a free CR.hp Not saying that’s the best move to do but that’s how much time you have. For the mk and hk version if he is close you will block the start up knee the he will pass over you and you can punish with CR.hp,srk

ex version

punish it the same as the other versions all difference is it travels faster so you have to react a little quicker.

Air tatsu

all non exversions

pretty much as easy to punish as ryu’s air tatsu only difference is his hk version travels at such an arc that it will sometime beat your cr.hp and st.hp works a lot less often then against ryu’s version

ex version

so far the best option i can find is to block but i’ll look more later



If you are quick you can counter it with a low but it’s risky so you best bet is to low block and reaction block if kaz does an OH. If he does the raising upper you can block and super. u could also stand block it and try to react to lows from the mist step but that is much more difficult as lows are quicker then over heads but if you have the reactions go ahead. Then you can take advantage of your 1 frame advantage after blocking it and go for a low/oh mix up of your own. Just depends on how risky you want to be. If he does the ex RU then he’s safe as it’s +1. If he does the dragon upper you have all day to punish. Also a lot of people cant do a uppercut without doing a very obvious ducking motion. so if you see kaz suddenly start to duck that is your chance to react. f he is right in your face you can Do a cr.lk to start a combo You just got get it out before his uppercut comes out. If he is a little farther away do cr.mk even farther do cr.hk. The trick is you move must make contact before h upper cut comes out.