Ryu Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



If you have any questions, then please ask them here first before making a new thread. The reason for this is because people make a new thread asking one question answers and that simply clusters up the thread which users including myself do not like.

I guarantee you if you ask here your questions will be answered in a short amount of time. As you can see, I simply stole this from the Akuma thread.


I’m very happy to see this thread here! Thanks Luken! :lovin:

I’ll start out with a simple question. In general, how do you guys feel about meter management with Ryu? At mid to high level play, in most matches, are you better off using his meter for EX moves to either score damage or scare the opponent? Or, do you guys often find yourself saving your meter to pose a threat with super? Or is it completely match-up dependent and there is no general answer?


Meter is as important as health. You use it if you need to in order to create opportunity or keep them below you in an iffy situation.

I think that’s the best way to go about it. But it’s hard to resist the urge to just play with it sometimes. In a tournament match though, using it at the right time is as important as any other aspect of the game.


I’ll save it depending on that matchup or how the player is playing. Vs. Blanka I’ll always save for it. Vs. Honda I’ll only save for it if he’s abusing headbutts. If someone is abusing something I can only punish with super, I’ll usually try and save for it. If they’re not doing anything like that, I’ll usually use my meter to land ultra, stay safe, or keep the momentum in my favor.


hey… when vsing guile

say after he trips me with crouching hk. and then does u2. is there any way for me to get out of it?


Block or EX DP I would think. Though EX DP will probably leave you vulnerable to a punish.


My problem is i dont have any match up knowledge. I know the game, fundamentals, my execution is pretty good and im an OK player but i simply dont know what moves beat what moves in ANY matchup with Ryu.

Im currently going through the cast and finding out which of Ryus moves beat every single move in the game. You may say go through the match up thread but personally i find it a struggle just to get infro from there migrating from page to page and if i did this myself it would probably help me out more.

I know theres spacing, footsies and such involved too in a match up, but is what im findng out; what move punishes what move the backbone of a match up?


As long as Guile isn’t out of range, the ex dp hits him. If he’s out of range of ex dp, you’re forced to block and take the chip. U2 also beats sonic hurricane…but who uses that? lol


jake here…

quick question about ryu’s super…

is there a difference when doing a super by pressing the jab, strong, or fierce button?


Yep, each version makes the super travel a different speed. LP super is the slowest and HP is fastest


yeh you wouldn’t be using U2, especially against Guile.


what IS one matchup where U2 is more preferred then U1? I’ve been wondering that for a while actually.


I’d say a matchup where it’s useful would be Cammy. She wants to jump to start her offense, and U2 beats all jumpins and all her cannon strikes. You can also punish a blocked dp with dash up U2 but it’s pretty hard.
Some other matchups it could be useful in are maybe Rufus to punish jumpins or Akuma to stop mixups, but I haven’t really used this much. And then there’s wierd punishes like you can punish a blocked EX MGB by Dudley with a reversal U2, but I don’t think stuff like that is important enough to pick it over U1.


I’d say those are actually bad matchups for U2. You don’t really want to AA a dive kick with it, because it’s a bit of a guess…if they dive kick early, they’ll be safe. Or they can cross you up and be safe. Same with the vortex. Akuma will just cross you up and you’ll whiff. Any of his other options, he’ll be able to block if he’s doing it correctly.

U1 is just so good, that U2 isn’t going to be favored in any match. If you can land U2, you can land a dp which leads to u1, but you can land a dp in 100 times more situations than you can land U2. Not to mention you are safe, if that dp is blocked.


Question: I was playing last night and this person kept jumping in on me and landing it. His spacing was perfect or something because i really could not tell which side to block. He jumped in using Ken and Ryu using a j.mk.

Is there any place that can explain exactly the spacing to do this? It was really hard to tell if it would cross up or not.


Learning the spacing for that mostly comes from experience. The best way to do it is to land a shoulder throw. The spacing right after the throw is perfect for a crossup, but it’s not ambiguous. So, land the shoulder throw, walk backwards slightly, and jump from there. Also, work on timing this jump so that you hit them on the first frame after they’ve gotten up. This will make it a safe jump vs. most of the reversals in the game.


I’m having a lot of trouble playing ranked matches for some reason. I dunno if this is a Ryu problem, but he’s who I main. I have trouble not button mashing at times, and my reaction time to someone jumping is poor. and I never try to pull off a combo without a jump-in, for some reason I just have trouble thinking about it. I’ll do jab jab, but usually cause I’m mashing after they finish a combo/move. What should I do to get better tighten my game? Also, are there any pretty good Ryu players on here that will sit with a lowly player and help them out? I mean, I watch videos, do all that training mode stuff, but its really hard to actually get into a match and recognize what I am doing wrong.


Hey, I’m an extremely new SF player, just picked up a copy yesterday and haven’t really played before. Limited experience with some other fighting games, all “new-school” though. How do I combo Shoryuken after a heavy punch? I’m trying to do air heavy kick into a heavy punch into shuryuken into shinku hadouken, but I can’t seem to get the timing right for the shoryuken. Thanks in advance to anyone who even bothers to reply to this scrubby question. =)


^you have to “cancel” the heavy punch into the shoryuken, make sure you do it fast enough but also make sure your completing the full dragon punch motion forward, down, crease

a quick question what are ryu’s best block strings? ive tried searching around but i cant seem to find any good info on block strings


Depends on what you want to use the block string for.