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If you feel you can’t react to a Condor Dive, you can just block it and punish with a Hadoken. Maybe even a Tatsu (although I doubt it)


Hadouken, EX Fireball, walk-up sweep (spacing dependent), Super, and U1 are punishable options for blocked Condor Dive. It should be the least to worry about.


How many frames of recovery does Ryu’s dp has? I have zero problem punishing Ryu dps.


LP - 10
Everything else - 18


How exactly do you do Ryu’s air tatsu so that it goes almost full screen? Not talking about the coward copter btw. I’ve seen Daigo punish Rose, Ryu and Sagat fireballs by using this tech. I’ve tried it over and over again in training mode and I can’t get it to travel far like Daigo and other high level Ryu players do.


You have to do the tatsu just as Ryu starts his descent. The light version doesn’t work, you have to do the medium or heavy versions. The heavy version does the most damage so you should use it always. If you do it correctly you can hit someone from almost full screen. You can also hit Sagat’s outstretched arms as he throws a tiger shot from full screen. It has a deceptively long range. If you do it from full screen it looks as if you have to be at 3/4 screen for it to connect but you only need to take a small step forward from full screen and you’re in range already.

It’s pretty good for surprising your opponent. Not a lot of people are prepared to anti air Ryu from full screen. Often when they see you jump from far away they try to close the distance not expecting you to reach them and then you hit them by surprise. The problems with it are that it has a hard time hitting crouching, although it CAN hit. It also doesn’t do much damage. Also if you don’t reach them they can punish you for it or at least apply some pressure. It’s certainly great against better zoners like Sim, Sagat, Rose, and Gouken because it puts you right next to them. It also pushes them really far into the corner if you hit them.


Is Ryu’s f+HP xx Cr.HP 1 frame?


It is indeed a 1 frame link. Really good damage though if you can get the timing of the link down.


What do i do when i’m versus Hugo?
I’m getting walked to the corner all the time and losing to claps
Can you punish the claps?


Heres the frame data, no it isn’t punishable on block, + on block for all versions


you can beat the startup or whiff punish it


How do I push grapplers out of command throw range when they’re right in front of me?
MP>MP gets me command grabbed every time when they just churn the butter, and the same happens with LK>LP>MP.
If I dash back I can get green handed, if I jump back I can get ultra 2’ed, if I neutral jump they get the additional option to lariat me and blocking right next to a grappler seems like a bad idea too.

I just feel incredibly uncomfortable against grapplers and feel like my options are so limited if I’m close to them that I’m afraid to go for any pressure. I feel like a fucking mouse getting chased by a cat in a closed room.


Well you just described Zangief’s perfect answers if he knows exactly what you’re going to do. Ryu’s only chains are light attacks so you can use those to push him away and he can’t mash through them. You can also try going for a 1-frame frame traps to catch mashed spds, which are jab, jab (linked) or mp, jab but that’s risky since if you mess up then a mashed SPD will punish you. Ideally you should never be next to a grappler since that’s the range where they can actually hurt you. You basically just described why you never want to be next to a grappler. Instead, you should use footsies at crouch mk or sweep range and anti air him. On his wake up just make him block a meaty fireball, once he’s used to blocking it you can try going for a meaty throw especially against Zangief whose only throw invincible moves are ultra and super.


What all do you think is necessary to have learned to stay above 1000pp?


Footsies and zoning


What in your opinion is the best resource on the net for mastering footsies and/or zoning?


^Much of this information applies to SF4. He explains zoning better than anyone IMO.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQQCan5oo90 <- the absolute best tutorial ive seen on footsies so far.


i agree watch the last one by juicebox, its the best


I watched the first few minutes and good god is he annoying.


BTW light punch dp gives you the most meter gain. I think I asked this before and someone said they were all the same.