Ryu Q's

just pickin up the game, so bear with me

1.) how reliable is this:

hp, ex donkey kick, lp then shinkuu hadouken as a reset? and i know, mix it up so they don’t really expect it. but what i’m wondering about is IF they parry the shinkuu, is there time to throw in a punch in there or something to screw their timing up?

2.) what is his strongest corner combo with shinkuu hadouken? say he has full meter

3.) what would you consider his bread and butter combo (excluding supers)

4.) anybody got the url for the “ryu encyclopedia” video? i want to know which overheads links to the supers and under what conditions

thakns to anyone who replies

(correct me if i’m wrong) ex donkey kick > lp > reset shinkuu would do less than ex donkey kick > ex shoryuken…

against corner, most people would just follow another shinkuu hadou after the first one. you can also do this from half screen towards wall :

SRK xx shinkuu hadou (it should kinda do a juggle like urien’s tackle > ex tackle thing, instead of landing all the hits) dash, dash > ex donkey kick > … and it would probably stun

i don’t know how the ex shoryuken would do more damage than a reset shinkuu. but i don’t have a DC to test it out so i can’t say for sure.

you live in vancouver BC? whereabouts do you play? i go to johnny zee’s in metro.

then you must know about the tournament on 29th?

i don’t go to zee’s much… i play at rush 'cus it’s closer for me. rarely have decent matches here tho

of course i know about the tourney on the 29th :slight_smile:

i go play at rush too. i go there mondays to wednesdays from noon till about almost 2 (my girlfriend goes to richmond kwantlen so i wait for her class to end by playing at rush or RPM). tell me when you go there so i can play ya :slight_smile:

mons and weds 12 to 2…
i’ll try to go tomoro, but i usually go at night

i usually a red Q as my first char, so holler at me when u see me!
peace :lol:

a red q… i think i saw you playing like this wednesday i think. did you play on the computer after?

i was wandering around trying out all four third strike machines. i can’t do srk motions in those sticks!! sucks i like the american sticks at jz’s better.

i never play comp =/
is there another red Q user? what a wannabe

  1. Replace lp with UOH.

  2. j. fierce, s. fierce, ex hurricane, SA1, ex mule kick, l. fierce or shoryuken. Well, not overly strong but eh.

  3. I really hate that bread and butter termonology :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Sorry no :frowning:

why UOH rather than lp? cause it moves you forward? more damage? haha bread and butter? :stuck_out_tongue: what about peanut butter and jelly?

hey nanitaberu, i went to rush today and only played two guys, and i don’t know if you were either one of them. one of them had a good dudley, don’t know if that was you. i was the ryu guy in case that was you :stuck_out_tongue:

haha sorry man i didn’t make it today

but you probably played the fat guy with afro hair
he’s the only good dudley there

hey are u on msn or icq or friendster? PM me maybe we could play together on wednesday

hehe it’s cool - i actually walked up to the dudley guy and asked him if he goes on srk… didn’t look like he knew what i was talkin about so yeah :rolleyes:

already pm’d ya

bread and butter:

Punish Fierce XX Donkey Kick and ex donkey kick

c.short, c.jab, c.short

c. forward, short donkey kick

sc.strong, dp

thats what I use for the most part… I play Denjin so jump ins help.

i found this vid with ryu’s corner combo
actually two of them


they’re easy to do

i use the f+mp overhead move to reset them. the jab is too sketchy.

screw the reset. it doesn’t add any noticeable damage (if any at all) and it’ll give your opponent a chance to further reduce the damage by parrying. say he parries, you’ll go and hit him to screw his timing, yeah? well, why waste an EX + a super just for that?!?

after EX Joudan ( aka, Donkey Kick :lol: ), the smart thing to do is either fierce Shoryuken or roundhouse Tatsumaki.

regarding overheads into supers, Ryu can go from UOH or his personal overhead ( twds + strong ). this must be a meaty. to know if you’ve executed at the proper time, only the 2nd hit must connect for you to link into Shinkuu. UOH -> Shinkuu can be done either from the right distance so that Ryu will land immediately after the hit or as a meaty attack. if the UOH is done as a meaty, you can add hits before using the super.

e.g., taken from Mopreme’s Total Ryu vid:

  1. in corner, meaty UOH -> c. short x2 -> Shinkuu Hadouken -> Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken
  2. in corner, meaty UOH -> c. fierce -> EX Tatsumaki -> Shinkuu Hadouken -> EX Joudan -> fierce Shoryuken
  3. in corner, meaty UOH -> s. fierce -> EX Joudan -> EX Tatsumaki -> fierce Shoryuken

those were combo sequences that Mopreme performed in that vid. in combo #1, you obviously don’t have to do another super after the first one. #2 is for show. #3 has pretty good damage and stun.

Ryu also has a bunch of other links into supers, but they’re not overheads:

  1. close s. strong
  2. close s. forward
  3. c. strong


i’ll show you these when i see you. hopefully on saturday if you don’t sell me out :stuck_out_tongue:

Rush Arcade 3S

Hey all of you guys from Vancouver, I was wondering…how much is it at Rush to play 3S? i’m from victoria, so i wanna know how much it is so that i can prepare some change next time i come over here…and are the sticks there in good shape???

hey hyperd

it’s 50 cents to play at rush, but the sticks there are japanese (personally i preffer american sticks). and nobody really plays there, so just go to johnny zee’s at metrotown. almost all of our better players go there, plus they have a marvel/cvs2 machine.

let us know when you come down.


that’s the bc players thread, so give us a shout :slight_smile: