Ryu sa2 glitch

i was playing 3s in the arcade today using ryu (sa2) vs alex. in the last round, somehow in the middle of the round, i noticed that even after i threw an ex fireball, i still had a full sa2 meter. i threw a few more ex fireballs, and i still had a full sa2 bar! has anyone ever experienced this glitch, or know how it can be done?

You mean you didn’t try jump in Fierce, fierce, EX donkey, EX tatsu, EX shoryu into SA2, dash up EX shoryu into SA2, dash up…

You just tried EX fireballs?


LOL. if only i noticed it sooner, i would have tried some crazy shit. unfortunately, the round was winding down, and i dont think my opponent noticed the glitch… so i was just trying to win the match.

if someone can recreate the glitch, it would be interesting to see if you can perform sa2, and still have full meter.