]I’ve been looking for Ryu safe jumps setupd but no no avail even in Q&A

His main safe jump (and easiest… in the game :p) is jump up-forwards and do j. HK after a sweep. Against characters you can safe jump, it’s a good idea to end combos with c. MP to sweep or jab to sweep.
Option select it with tatsu, sweep or shoryu depending on what character you’re up against and the players tendencies.

You can safejump easily. After a knockdown (when he is still sweeping), hold forward up, hit roundhouse and then put your thumb on down back to block. Easily safejump setup there. You can also go for crap like forward grab, whiff standing medium punch, jump with crossup mk.These also apply to the corner and you can use ambigulous lk as well, but do note that they can dp you. From a sweep, you can also go with automatic heavy crossup tatsu. Hope these setups help.

Thanks much. Does he have any for forward an back throws

After a foward throw, walk back a little back and jump foward with hp or hk.

After a back throw, walk foward and jump in.

You have to time your jump so that your attack hit as meaty as possible.

You can also safe jump after landing Super or Ultra 1 but its more a ‘feel’ timing

Thanks much!!

The thing about back throwing is that it isn’t as reliable since you have to “walk a little” before jumping. If your timing is off by a frame, then you’ll lose to a dp. I recommend you figure out the frames a dash and another normal lasts for you to time it.

There is another setup for a backthrow that isn’t a safe jump. Backthrow, dash foward, immediate medium tatsu. The tatsu willl crossup.

Actually you can time it by whiffing a c.MP as soon as you revover from the throw,then immediately jumping,I was having some trouble timing it and that’s how air told me to time it.Personal preference really.

Do you guy have any idea how to time it perfectly with a foward throw. Its really a guess for me vs 5 frame reversal if they are going to hit
me. Sometimes I time it well sometimes I am off and eat the reversal.

vs anyone with risky safejumps just mix in empty jumps. :slight_smile:

normally mixing in crossups / empty jumps are enough to stop them from doing anything on wakeup but if you HAD to time from forward jump, try looking for a move to whiff that will get you the right amount of time

That sounds more reliable. You should try it because it’s more accurate then “waiting” a little everytime. You aren’t going to be able to gauge the timing ideally everytime, so try to learn this setup haha.

The thing about throwing out a c.mp after a throw to help you time the safe jump sounds good, but doesnt it give the game away to your opponent? your opponent will see the whiffed c.mp and know that its a safe jump setup.

No because you don’t have to safe jump you can do a high low mixup like empty jump cr.lk,cr.mk,throw, even tatsu or empty jump dp.So use the cr.mp as a bait.This is great in a tournament setting because if you havent played someone before hand they think safe jump set up then they get hit by a high low into combo.Next time tatsu or throw then you can get a free jump in combo because you condition them accordingly.Characters without a 3 frame dp will block instead of using the dp.

Even so, (ignoring throw, hi/low, tatsu mixups) most characters will just be forced to block because you can OS their backdash and even hit them out of FA-backdash (usually a reset). Safe jumps are good pressure tools.

Ever since I saw Laugh do this, I’ve been trying to do it, but I fail at it so many times… it’s quite hard to time.

This only applies for back throw yes? Or is there a normal that can be whiffed for a front throw?

I’m not sure,I just go for feel timing on forward throw.

I think I’ve seen Laugh whiff s.hk after a forward throw and then jump in. I don’t think it’s a perfect meaty setup, though.

I think it some kind of corner unblockable set up vs some character. I think Ive seen a video about it but dont remember well.

I think it is just a really ambiguos thing,you whiff s.HK after forward throw in the corner then jump-in with LK.It is really difficult to tell if it will hit cross-up or not,and even you hit on one side you might not land on that side.

yeah I’ve mainly seen it as a corner ub trap as well. I use that a lot it’s really good.