Ryu Sakura and Cammy 3 page comic thang

My friends back home had trouble finding this so I moved it.

If you’ve seen it in my Gallery I’m sorry.

The script is UDON’s for that talent search thang. I entered for fun.

For everyone else here it is finished like I promised enjoy!

page 2

it really is

Last Page

Like I said sorry if youv’e seen all this before.

For everyone else. I hope y’all dig it.

Oh damn he beat the snot out of her:lol: Good work

wow major anatomy issues but taht shit was cool. madd props.

I’ve got issues

Thanks for the props Maxx and kz0060. I know I have crazy anatomy issues but I like it that way. I used to use correct proportions and stuff all the time but it made my work look too static. I wanted more of a crazy ass flow so I started warping my figures.

It takes a while to get used to looking at it. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Cheers fellas!

good but…

I liked it but yet I didnt, good art work, a little bit ruff, but the story line was a little hard to understand, all that I could make out of it was that cammy tryed to kill ryu.

good but…

Thanks I’m glad you like my odd style.

Sorry you could’nt follow the story. Udon posted the script on their website for their talent contest thingy. I just followed it the best I could.

And yeah the story basically WAS just ‘Cammy trys to kill Ryu’. Trust me you didn’t miss anything.

And It may have got confusing when ‘I crossed the line’ in page two.

Cheers for the crit