Ryu Season 2

Hey guys… thought we should use this as an archive to Ryus changes once they are confirmed…

What have you guys heard? Any specific nerfs or buffs?

Stuff I’ve heard so far -

Full invincible gone on all meterless Dps
Throws now have no follow up ( everyone)
Potentially some slower normals ( not specific)
Meter building potentially slower
V-trigger normals better ( not specific)
Dps possibly now not CC punishable
St.jabs nerfed
V-trigger now - on hit ( no follow up)

Back HK possibly special cancel ( completely weird and pointless buff)

Basically - the games getting worse but hopefully there’s some buffs to other things because it sounds awful , not just Ryu, but the game as a package.

Are there no specifics known from the PSX build?

I’ve just been going of twitter quotes. If those changes stick or not, who knows.

sigh It’s too much to hope we could get back to SFV-Beta, hits-like-a-MACK-truck Ryu, isn’t it?

All I’m seeing here and elsewhere is Capcom once again going back on the whole “We’ll buff the weak but we won’t nerf the strong!” posture. I mean, I know these changes aren’t final, but damn this is depressing if these stick.

Imho they will let some high tier exist and low tier exist. And create new high tier and low tier.

But flat Ryu because “iz our focal point of game balancement etc etc”

Thanks a lot bro


ps: give me back old CC HP and CC cr HP

I have this bad feeling season 1 will end up being better than 2. Capcom is constantly changing things by adding stuff but making the game more stale than it’s already been since IV. I hope cross cut Dp can still work because if it doesn’t well that just really sucks, no way im burning ex DP just to reverse DP someone crossing me up

It’ll work if they are trying to escape , but I think on those close ones and obviously grounded, you’ll need meter.

What’s more concerning is his zoning, you need the invincibility frames of DP to hit deep in jump ins in a fireball situation where there’s only a few frames between getting hit and doing a DP. Now it’s likley you could possibly trade or lose depending various factors.

What’s the point of having a Shoryuken if you’re going to seriously trade or lose out completely? Their intentions are to make it so that their won’t be Wake Up Reversals is Stupid, because they’re basically saying that a character like Ryu who has an intentional implemented Anti-Air Special with a few start up invincibles will now have to block like everyone else when someone jumps at them? WTF?! Why in the world does a character like Ryu have be universally gimped because of they supposedly want “less” wake up reversals? Capcom is acting like this hasn’t been a thing since the days of SF2 to this very day.

The reasons more that I’m frustrated is that I’m inherently a Safe Player and so wake up DP is not something that I utilize on a daily dose of my gameplan, if very rarely ever. I use the Shoryuken as an AA to make my opponents fear jumping in on me and of course as combo finishers, but it’s universal tool is to put fear factor and respect into opponents wanting to UP/Foward.

So although they may have taken away the wake up reversals unless you’re using meter. They are now indirectly opening up the skies for people to start jumping more frequently now knowing that characters with an AA special like Ryu w/o meter will now think twice about wanting to throw out Shoryuken in fear of the potential to lose out completely (for making the right decision might I add). We haven’t even mentioned the zoning and AA tactics hit that this will also indirectly take on Ryu.

I 100% hate this change,** IF** it continues to stay.

To put it likely, most of the patch notes I’ve read so far really feel like knee jerk changes seemingly from the outcry of casual fans. At this point, S2 feels like Capcom saying “We’re going to take away a lot of fun stuff and basically make all of you fight within this little phone booth that we’re forcing all of you to play within.”

Seriously, I rarely type curse words…but Fuck This Change.

Welp as a long time sf ryu player this might be the one that will make me quit the game in my 35 years of age and focus on being a family man. Last philippine peso I’ll spend on a sf game.

Dp anti airs will work normally as they should. Mashed through blockstring dps won’t, unless you have meter. Adapt. You’ll all be fine.

The problem is that for Ryu, having a mash through DP is actually pretty damn critical to him not getting bum rushed since parry is pretty useless defensively. Our boy has some pretty stubby normals that are pretty easy to out footsie. We’d be playing on the back foot the entire match. This means we’d basically have to commit all V-gauge to alpha counters.

I think the game needs some work, but almost all of these changes seem like they are changes in the wrong direction or are trying to solve problems that don’t really exist.

Capcom does seem pretty hellbent on making fireballs a pretty mediocre option in this game. I was personally hoping that would improve in a post-SFIV, no FA game, but it seems the developers are still afraid of giving Ryu an ST-level fireball game.

Again, I could sort of live with that if he hit hard as hell once he got up close, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction they’re heading, either.

Hey guys,

I just found this thread today! I was at Playstation Experience 2016 this past weekend and got a good amount of time with Ryu (my main character) to see what things had changed. Like others mentioned on social media, I think the monitors we were playing on had heavy latency. Everyone I spoke with in person at PSX felt the game was “laggy”. My friend and I felt that Ryu’s light punch was weakened, probably the hurtbox or hitbox. I could not consistently hit other players and cross under. Secondly, Ryu’s jump light kick felt weakened as well. I was not able to consistently hit with it as I do normally.

Finally, I feel the input lag was reduced even further than it was as of the end of season 1. My friend was able to easily whiff punish Ryu’s Standing Heavy Punch and Standing Medium Kick, which he had never done prior to the event. My theory on this is either Ryu’s normals have increased recovery frames or the input delay was improved. Hope this insight helps!

Thanks for the feedback mate. There has been rumours that some of his normals have been slowed. There’s also rumours that the games lag has been reduced. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

Jumping lk probably did need a nerf. Although with meterless DPs gone I think jump ins will still be viable if not more so.

Hopefully we get a few stealth buffs. I wouldn’t mind cr.mk xx fireball being true and also always connecting on hit. Maybe a slight buff to his range with buttons.

Based on what I’ve heard so far Ryu’s V trigger will be way stronger in season 2. Apparently his normals are faster than they are now in Vtrigger but even if that’s not true he has way more potential for guard crush fireballs due to invincible reversals needing meter.

pretty sure meterless dps still gonna be fireball invincible, just like Guile flash kicks are currently.

It’s not just about me adapting, it’s the fact that it’s now going to promote more Jumping, which is something that has always been inherently risky in the game of SF since the days of SF2, not to mention something that is supposed to be of a bad habit.

All in all it doesn’t have enough merit to make these nerf changes on AA Inv’s.

I couldn’t agree more on this, because as it stands we don’t even really have a strong zoning character at this point with a projectile besides possibly Guile. This was one of my biggest concerns going into SF:V with Ryu which proved to be the case. Sure, he turned out strong for S1, but not in the way that I’ve enjoyed Ryu to be. We’re all basically fighting in a phone booth right now, even though his specials would indicate a character to go well beyond that.

The nerfing on jumping short was going to happen, even I’ll admit that it’s too good, however slowing Ryu’s normals down even more? Sigh. My big concern is that I do not want to see what happened to SF4 Ryu to transition into SF5 Ryu as well…Started out strong, then was sent into less than mediocrity.

Imo, some of the Best Matches for Season 1 had Ryu in it because it felt the Most like an actual SF match up (Daigo vs Sako, Daigo vs Nuckledu (Guile), Daigo vs Tokido).

With Tokido who will without question transition to Gouki, we are left with basically only one Elite Ryu player left, and The Beast hasn’t done that well with Wondering Warrior in SFV, taking into consideration that’s before these nerfs are going to set in.

So the changes are out. Ryu got hit pretty hard, possibly the hardest although I’m seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Solar plexus being plus 8 on hit means it will link to axe kick and axe kick is now Vtrigger, special cancel. That’s some mighty damage with or without v-trigger. Possibly better than starting with a crush counter.

I’m thinking something like this might be possible - solar plexus - axe kick - V-trigger - cr.fierce xx HP Dp.

Ex fireball plus 2 is quite nice, gives him Axe kick cancel EX fireballs that lead into another frame trap. Powerful in the corner.

V-skill buff is going to even out fireball wars although Guile will still body us I think.

Cr.mp got a little bit more range which could be handy.

Lots of bad news in there but somethings we can work with. I think Ryu is just meant to be a high damage machine.

EX Dp looks like it got a range adjustment so there’s a possibility that losing our st.lk punish on crush counter buttons may be replaced with an EX dp.

Disclaimer - all this is theory crafting for now. We will need to see the push backs.

Wow so no juggles on his Back Roundhouse then as an anti air? whatever