Ryu Season 2



Dp xx trigger is -5 on block for ken which is full combo. I’d assume that’s the same for Akuma but I’ve not seen his data yet. That wouldn’t work with Ryu anyway, it would be a giant waste of meter since you probably wouldn’t get any juggle after and the Dp isn’t invincible any more.

I’m ok with the Ryu changes, I don’t like them, but I’m not doing any worse really and I’m playing a more offensive version of him at the moment. A buff that I think would have rounded him off perfectly would be to make cr.mk xx fireball always connect on hit, I don’t mind if they want to not make it a true block string, but playing footsies we are leaving damage on the table from lows and it would have made his super cancel stronger. I realise cr.mp sort of fills that void, but the fact that cr.mk hits low is a big bonus.

The buffs he got, I’ve not really implemented although I do occasionally throw in a axe kick xx fireball, it seems to leave you at a good spot for a whiff punish if the opponent presses a button, it looks like they should reach Ryu with the outstreched fireball animation but they usually don’t. So something like Axe kick both hits xx fireball then cr.mp xx fireball as they recover sometimes can catch the return button on whiff.

Still having a good sit down with him, I’m not playing much characters apart from an Army of Akuma’s at the minute so it’s hard to get a full picture.


This would actually be a good buff if his air tatsu hits crouchers since air LK tatsu is actually a decent way to get around standing anti air normals. But it’s useless when you’re facing someone like Balrog who is going to cr. HP every time.

Again Capcom already had that in mind that they didn’t want to give Ryu something reliable and made it more situational or match up based instead.


Or make it cross up like the other shoto’s. Then he’d have his gimmick.


It would be a pathetic reason to jump ship just because daigo etc… made so.

Yeah adjusting is part of the game but sometimes you hit a wall and it becomes too much. Ryu has always been the favorite for these nerda.

Never I have changed mains. In 3S there were a lot of yun, chun and ken but I stuck with ryu and was able to hold my own against them. That’s why I love that game. He isn’t top tier but can beat them depending on the player.

Unfortunately some players cannot adapt and had to bitch for nerfs nowadays.


I’m switching between Ryu, Akuma and Laura lately. Can’t decide to stay with Ryu or Just go with one of those characters.


Was in the same thought boat as you… Tried akuma, felt really different also he is pretty much a super shoto. Came back to Ryu and it feels great. :slight_smile:

Laura is just top tier and well… Don’t like throwers


I rarely post, but I’m gonna do it now.

I agree with the AA nerf because tbh theres too many people reliant on mashing out DP during a blockstring and on wakeup. I’ve missed meaties since the older games and I’m fine with the change.

I think the lk nerf is dumb but it’ happened so deal.

i also feel like while it’s totally understandable to bitch about being nerfed a ton-- some of us do want to keep playing this character, and in either this thread or another we should start formulating overall pivots for strategy. If all we do is keep bitching we’re still gonna be stuck here.

So if anybody has any ideas post patch for pivot with Ryu that doesn’t involve switching to Akuma, please list. I’m in NORCAL till Thurs visiting my GF so I can’t really do any meaningful study till I’m back with a PS4 in hand.


Nah, taking away the THREAT of a DP is stupid. If a player is able to mash out through block strings, that is on the player for messing up the strings or because he/she is careless and not looking out for DP. You can also bait out mashed DP’s on Blcok strings too. It just takes away from having BOTH players think about these things and is what made SF fun. Now that fun factor is gone.

Now I have to lolol at my “special [nothing special about it now]” move when it gets casually jabbed and thrown. This tactic is catering to lame scrubs who cry “masher” every time they lose [who am I kidding they even say that when they win] to a ryu or Ken. They could never handle it, so guess what, lets just weaken the system for them.

Some event hub members work for Capcom, tell the mods to inquire!


My general feeling on this Ryu is that they wanted to build a classic zoning character in a game engine that is nearly antagonistic to zoning. In doing so, they are creating a character that doesn’t make sense in the system.

Ryu is almost by definition a linear character. He has one game plan, throw fireballs and punish you for doing something. If you take the safest route of blocking, you lose by being chipped out. However, in this game, zoning is almost not a thing unless you’re Guile.

If you are going to remove his zoning aspect, then you need to give him better tools to fight in the neutral or give him some serious pressure options. Nearly all the characters without a FB in this game have far superior pressure options to make up for it.

Without a command throw, he has to take high risks to open up turtles with Shimmes which can backfire in a game that rewards mashing. Without his DP, he can’t stuff overly aggressive people. Normal throws really aren’t that rewarding in this game when you consider the risk / reward profile.

I think the problem for this iteration of SF and Ryu is that they said, “we want to tone down zoning,” which is cool, but they didn’t fully think through about how you actually make a full 2D fighting game character when you tone down what was the core essence of the design of the game and the character.

Sorry for the long dribble.


In 3S you cannot mash dp. Once you let go of block you will be hit by the string.

They should have removed auto block in sfv if they want to avoid mashing. Make players commit to blocking.


I don’t know about you but 3S, CVS2, A2, and even ST were fun without the threat of a random DP just that nobody earned coming out of nowhere. I would rather have frame traps than random DP bullshit. Also If i knock you down you better take that hit because i earned it and learn how to deal with it. idk, that’s always how I enjoyed SF and I know a lot of people who fucking hated 4 when it came out for the reason that the reversal windows and the invincibility on DP’s and the like made meaty’s nigh impossible.

to each his own though. But it’s not an eventhubs scrub thing. a lot of old school players like this change.


That’s what made SF4 exciting, the mind games, the various options you had to watch out for and make sure your strings are on point. I felt a third hand touching my controller when I baited out DP’s on blockstrings, and DP’d an overconfident careless block string, punishing both with joy, ah, good times. Now we have normal’s stuffing DP’s on Block strings, this is noob friendly ridiculousness. Don’t get me wrong, I still bait out stuff but I will also by accident jab a DP, lol.


Man ryu is so free on wake up.


Use meter.


Been thrashing around real hard with ryu. Looks like c.mp is really good in footsies during normal game play.

Also, j.heavy , s.mp x2, s.HP , s.hk / mix up vt and super is really good.

Try it.


Ryu should still be played like s1… just the only differences are no oki off f.grab, no inv uppercut and j.lk got nerfed.

Still play your basic Ryu game and you’ll rekt as you normally did.

Just no more cheap stuff and I’m ok with it… guess we just gotta get used to his slower normals.


LOL meter dependant ryu on wakeup.


^Just block makmak!


Any tips for waking up against command grab characters?


Rofl. The “nerfs” Ryu received is nothing compared to what they did to Chun.