Ryu Season 2



Nah, taking away the THREAT of a DP is stupid. If a player is able to mash out through block strings, that is on the player for messing up the strings or because he/she is careless and not looking out for DP. You can also bait out mashed DP’s on Blcok strings too. It just takes away from having BOTH players think about these things and is what made SF fun. Now that fun factor is gone.

Now I have to lolol at my “special [nothing special about it now]” move when it gets casually jabbed and thrown. This tactic is catering to lame scrubs who cry “masher” every time they lose [who am I kidding they even say that when they win] to a ryu or Ken. They could never handle it, so guess what, lets just weaken the system for them.

Some event hub members work for Capcom, tell the mods to inquire!


My general feeling on this Ryu is that they wanted to build a classic zoning character in a game engine that is nearly antagonistic to zoning. In doing so, they are creating a character that doesn’t make sense in the system.

Ryu is almost by definition a linear character. He has one game plan, throw fireballs and punish you for doing something. If you take the safest route of blocking, you lose by being chipped out. However, in this game, zoning is almost not a thing unless you’re Guile.

If you are going to remove his zoning aspect, then you need to give him better tools to fight in the neutral or give him some serious pressure options. Nearly all the characters without a FB in this game have far superior pressure options to make up for it.

Without a command throw, he has to take high risks to open up turtles with Shimmes which can backfire in a game that rewards mashing. Without his DP, he can’t stuff overly aggressive people. Normal throws really aren’t that rewarding in this game when you consider the risk / reward profile.

I think the problem for this iteration of SF and Ryu is that they said, “we want to tone down zoning,” which is cool, but they didn’t fully think through about how you actually make a full 2D fighting game character when you tone down what was the core essence of the design of the game and the character.

Sorry for the long dribble.


In 3S you cannot mash dp. Once you let go of block you will be hit by the string.

They should have removed auto block in sfv if they want to avoid mashing. Make players commit to blocking.


I don’t know about you but 3S, CVS2, A2, and even ST were fun without the threat of a random DP just that nobody earned coming out of nowhere. I would rather have frame traps than random DP bullshit. Also If i knock you down you better take that hit because i earned it and learn how to deal with it. idk, that’s always how I enjoyed SF and I know a lot of people who fucking hated 4 when it came out for the reason that the reversal windows and the invincibility on DP’s and the like made meaty’s nigh impossible.

to each his own though. But it’s not an eventhubs scrub thing. a lot of old school players like this change.


That’s what made SF4 exciting, the mind games, the various options you had to watch out for and make sure your strings are on point. I felt a third hand touching my controller when I baited out DP’s on blockstrings, and DP’d an overconfident careless block string, punishing both with joy, ah, good times. Now we have normal’s stuffing DP’s on Block strings, this is noob friendly ridiculousness. Don’t get me wrong, I still bait out stuff but I will also by accident jab a DP, lol.


Man ryu is so free on wake up.


Use meter.


Been thrashing around real hard with ryu. Looks like c.mp is really good in footsies during normal game play.

Also, j.heavy , s.mp x2, s.HP , s.hk / mix up vt and super is really good.

Try it.


Ryu should still be played like s1… just the only differences are no oki off f.grab, no inv uppercut and j.lk got nerfed.

Still play your basic Ryu game and you’ll rekt as you normally did.

Just no more cheap stuff and I’m ok with it… guess we just gotta get used to his slower normals.


LOL meter dependant ryu on wakeup.


^Just block makmak!


Any tips for waking up against command grab characters?


Rofl. The “nerfs” Ryu received is nothing compared to what they did to Chun.


You can still bust out opponents’ imperfect block strings. Anything with more than 2 frame gap you can time your DP out. You just cannot mash it out mindlessly after initial blocking. And you are talking about carelessness?


Yeah I know how to block since sf 2.

This is what I have been talking about.

So how many spd ryu receives before getting a single bar?


Best bet is to jump lol but still can be punish


I’m getting so used to stHP->Specials, but seriouslyneed to become a thing even without VT and to work also as MP>HP>

Ryu will be so much more fun


His DP gets stuffed and jabbed out of. What’s worse is he gets thrown out of it.

The stubby normals makes only 2 approaches, jump or fireball. SF2Turbo Ryu was better than this.
Im done with the game its boring me, they sucked out all the fun.

Might be back when the new characters hit.


This has been my issue with SFV Ryu and how Capcom has viewed and made SF:V all together concerning zoning and what they’ve done to their main character.

Ryu’s issue in SF:V isn’t that he can’t do damage, the problem arises in that he has difficulty getting in due to the poor ranged normals that he has, which were also nerfed for S2. Maybe because Capcom probably felt like since he had a fireball, and a Shoryuken that it was okay for Ryu to be stubby. However they seemed to have glossed over the fact that they’ve made one of the worst SF games involving fireball zoning.

It would actually make sense if his normals were stubby, but his zoning capabilities were powerful and a threat to the opponents. Then at the very least, I wouldn’t necessarily have the right to be complaining about a real lack of inability when moving in. This ultimately puts him into a situation where he’s still sort of the jack of all trades but really can’t do anything well, in a game engine that clearly doesn’t benefit what he has always been known for doing.

Why should Ryu always remain a Strong Character in every Street Fighter game? Easy Answer.

Not only is he the Poster Child and one of the most Popular characters, if not the most popular. However because of how his tools are set up, he is arguably one of, if not the most fundamental cored character in the game. This means, that even when he’s strong, his tools only help to inflate his fundamental values, and not like many other characters who will necessarily be using stupid priority tactics that may only involve heavily into one focal point or annoying gimmicks that players simply can’t deal with.

From my perspective, some of, if not the **Best **Matches of Season 1, all involved Ryu…gasp, should we be surprised? Daigo (Ryu) vs Tokido (Ryu) <—I would argue the Ryu vs Ryu match is the best Mirror match in nearly every SF game, Nuckledu (Guile) vs Daigo (Ryu) <---- In my humble opinion the Best Match of Season 1 and (once again imo the Best Two Character Match Up in any fighting game period), etc etc.

This is because when you actually watch these Top Level sets, it actually feels like a legitimate Street Fighter Match where an individual can break the entire fight down and see practically all aspects of what a SF game can bring at the highest levels of play strategically and mentally.

Yes, I know I’ve said this in the past, however Capcom should follow with what Harada the creator of the Tekken series does in his particular fighting game franchise. Harada intentionally wants to make Mishima’s strong in the Tekken games, and when you actually look at the Tier List for practically all Tekken games, the Mishimas have either been Top-Tier or Upper-Tier level quality. This in turn produces positive results because the Mishimas as playable characters carry the fundamental values of how Tekken should be played like.

So because of this, you get to see multiple facets of the game from a strategy level, which makes for more quality matches. It’s like as though Capcom has Michael Jordan (Ryu) in their game and they’re trying to make sure that he’s only mediocre or worst yet, less than that at times. However they’ll make these situational 3 point shooters (characters whom are only really strong at one singular thing) excel at their particular category and many times, too very stupid levels. Let me just say…Get out of here.

In my honest opinion, Combofiend has his finger prints practically all over this game, which I believe has made a bigger impact on SF:V’s gameplay than many might like to believe. Combofiend has always enjoyed SF games where moving forward is the best thing (because that was how he played during his prime years in the competitive scene), and not necessarily the other archetype or strategies that we’d all inherently like to enjoy.

Could I be wrong here? Sure, it’s just speculation, however when you look at the clear lacking character archetypes in SF:V and the prominence of an aggressive play, it to me at least screams out what Combofiend enjoys.

So this to me is one of the reasons why we’re left with a game engine that entirely doesn’t benefit how Ryu may have been intended to be played by Capcom, but he is somehow still being forced too in a way in SF:V. Fireballs are nerfed, and zoning is nearly non-existent, while Dragon Punches have been nerfed, directly hurting the normal basic style that Ryu uses. Then you make some of his normals have less range, and you’re just putting him into a situation where he really can’t excel in my opinion.

I’m holding out, but hoping that this isn’t SF:4 Ryu all over again. Came in strong during Vanilla, but ended up at the backseat burner by the end of USF4. Will this be SF:V Ryu’s fate? I sincerely hope not.

Season 2 has me turned off quite a bit, and I do play it, but definitely not as much as I did in S1.


Watch this video, and then go test out some different scenarios in the lab.