Ryu Season 2



Yeah at this point i’m not quite sure what capcom was intending with the seasonal changes. Like how is ryu supposed to be played optimally? Zoning style? His fireball has way to much recovery for that to really be a thing. Neutral? They nerfed his best poke and buffed some extremely slow normals. Vtrigger oriented? Sure, he gets more vtrigger bar on a successful parry but they also nerfed his recovery.

It just feels like the game is rewarding players for playing really dumb neutral(mash sweep in neutral,random dash ins,etc). It’s like, do you play solid or do you play random?

I have this feeling that capcom doesn’t know what they want to do with ryu. They’re afraid to take a direction with him so they sit on their hands.


Well tbh they nerfed me rather than Ryu. When they did this I decided that they ruined everything about Ryu thats fun for me:

*nerfed horizontal hitbox on sweep and made it slower.
*nerfed st.lk horizontal hitbox
*nerfed his lp fireballs recovery fmd.
*nerfed cr.mp is now 6f startup

I relied on these the most and it helped me win the last s1 tourny in Sydney.

I understand the nerfs to j.lk and st.lp I never used that shit on me anyway so my gameplan didnt change but they nerfed his normals and his fireball and that made me think what the fuck man… even Daigo is confused at his neutral buttons nerf because lets face it… his neutral wasnt his strong point… it was his awesome aggression and his ability to play so defensively.

I went back to my original main, Laura. I had a strong Laura back in s1 so now I’m hoping to bring my Laura to the level of my Ryu.

Don’t get me wrong I love everything about Ryu, easily one of the most fun characters I ever used in SF history but he isn’t tournament viable for me, I feel like hes usable but I think Laura is a much stronger tournament character than Ryu. Thats my 5 cents.

I will never drop him but goddamn why use Ryu when Akuma is just a better version of him?


Capcom said merry Christmas Ryu players.



You gota be an utter sad fuck if you come into other threads to laugh at character nerfs. Prolly the same dudes that caused the problem in the first place with their constant bitching. Can’t wait to see the backlash when you scrubs play Laura and Urien in Season 2 and you don’t know which way to block or when to press a button. You’ll be begging for Ryu and Chun back.


What do you mean by “way too much recovery”? Ryu has been known for strong zoning for 25 years, his fireball recovery in V is around the same as in IV (counting the changes to jump frames), and I think faster than in SF2.

Which best poke? The cr.MP that now hits further forward? The cr.MK that is now one frame slower like the mediums of half the cast? The axe kick that now works better at max range because it is special-cancellable, and if spaced right causes punishes to whiff (and lets you get cr.HP combos)? The only thing I can see you meaning is st.LK.

“Nerfed his recovery”? 3 more frames on a 29-frame whiff?

Ryu has always been able to strategically sweep in neutral, and if you think never dashing in makes you more solid, you’re just wasting a tool you were given.

Capcom clearly knows what they want to do with Ryu. The same thing they want to do with nearly every other character. They want to separate players by their skill levels using spacing to test their execution.

The optimal way to play Ryu is “well”. He does most things decently, it’s up to you to do them well.


I didn’t play the older games beyond mashing level, dirty 16’ er here, but back then fireballs had much more pushback on block, leaving you safe to spam more hadukens freely, and also had much stronger anti airs and fewer, easy to use, anti fireballs tools, that makes a lot of difference even if the recovery is similar, Ryu can’t have a gameplan around fireballs in such a jumping game.

And even if he can dash, and gets closer to do mixups, or meaty you, his pressure ends in 2 hits, and if he grabs you he can’t do shit to keep momentum going, even in the corner, someones dash at you, you can’t punish it properly because cr.mp, st.lk xx tatsu doesn’t reach anymore, and i don’t understand things like cr.mk having more startup, it’s one of the worst cr.mk in the game, and you lose a counter hit link off cr.mp, nerfing his sweep and st.mp doesn’t makes sense either, it’s like Capcom put some user of eventhubs to balance him, he might as well be the Dan of SFV now, that’s why i switch to Akuma, at least i will make them know true cheapness =P


At least you got this bit right. They do want to make the game standardised so beginners don’t need to learn anything.


-Indeed he has been known for strong zoning for decades but the loss of invincibility on his dp drastically hurts that aspect of his game. Last second dps have always been a very important part of his arsenal. Now you eat a counter hit.

-Yes, I meant st lk. easily his best poke. Used for long range confirms, punishes on a lot of -4 moves, and an excellent counter poke. Throwing out axe kicks are really risky, and honestly the buff isn’t all that’s cracked up to be.

-Notice that I never explicitly said people should “never dash in”. Of course there’s a time in place to dash in to keep your opponent on their toes, but in this game it feels like more abuse of the system than anything else. Like, i’m pretty sure i’m not the only person in the world who’s had a season 1 nash dash in on them, press a button, and I eat a counter hit. It’s gimmicky gameplay.

-You said it better than I could have. lets add 3 more frames to something that already takes an eon to recover from… why?


Just what I had in mind. You said it right. It doesn’t feel like SF anymore.

Contemplating on quitting the game not because we can’t adapt to change, but rather, it just feels darn slow and thus odd game play.


I’m sure someone already discovered it first but I just found out a cool way to use cancelable axe kick. If you V Trigger cancel a anti air axe kick you can juggle into full EX DP or Super, with Super being the main reason why you would want to do this. Not a very big deal since this is not something you have access to often. But when you do have it you basically have the air and ground covered when it comes to using V Trigger to react to something so you can punish with super.

It kind of feels like a anti air DP, FADC, Ultra. Another thing, the meter gain buff from parry basically nullifies Akuma’s 3 hit shaku from full screen. Parrying a 3 hit shaku gives Ryu half a bar, 4 gives him full access to V Trigger. I’m still kind of down on S2 Ryu, but it’s nice to find some good things about him.


Well, I am not scared of playing mirrors anymore.
I need a new main. Tried Akuma and just don’t like him. Will probably move to Guile, Ken or Ibuki.


People are definitely sleeping on the new Ryu. If Daigo, XSK Saumurai, that Domincan Ryu or anyone else sticks to him, I think people will be surprised. Those buffs are very significant and I would say he technically wins every fireball war now. With Nash you can at least throw EX fireballs at him to throw off his V Skill absorption, but Ryu can parry all fireballs down and make them add to his gauge. He essentially has to be rushed down now unless you can zone with pokes like a Karin, Chun or Cammy.

Plus 2 on block EX fireball is being very slept on also. So is b+HK in general. Another button that creates true block string into fireball from anything but absolute max range like c.MP and since it’s a heavy will win priority trades easily vs abuseable medium and light pokes

Not to mention people don’t realize how many places you can still use meterless DPs. You will still see them a lot. Ryu player thinks you’re going to screw up your meaty? Meterless DP works there. Throwing out too many buttons or specials in neutral? Meterless DP works there. Doing a frame trap with a 3 frame gap? Meterless DP works there. He catches you early with a jump in, there too.


There are no fireball wars on SF5 Jin unless you’re playing Guile - which he monsters. Stop sprinkling your magic dust in the Ryu thread!

…whiff punishing with a 8 frame sweep in 6 frames of lag… Might as well be mortal Kombat.


Jin the ex hadoken being +2 onblock is definitely a nice change… but I don’t think anyone is sleeping on it. There are very few situations where we can take advantage of the plus frames.


If your perception of what a “gameplan around fireballs” means is “spamming a lot of fireballs uncontested”, then yes, Ryu doesn’t have one in this game. The only character I know of who can do that is Guile.


I feel you are doing too much theory fighting there. Yes its cool if he has ex fireball +2 on block and buffed axe kick but in practice if these tools dont change his mu’s or dont improve his tools then ryu will have a problem in season 2.


Discovered something:

The range of s1 s.lk is now exactly the same range as c.mp

How does that affect gameplay ? Not sure but it is useful in footsies using normals and catching the opponent at the edge of c.mp. potential frame trap perhaps?


I am a Ryu player. And I lulz at capcom for the very reason you posted.

Also, why in God’s green earth is my REVERSAL DP’s, let alone my DP’s in general getting cr. MP, thrown etc?
What is this!!!


Because there is no God. And yes, what’s the point? It’s not like it was completely free or cancelable like in SFIV. If you read your opponent’s intentions, said DP’s were heavily punishable.

I went from Super Gold to Ultra Silver, so salt alert: why can Gouki and Ken cancel their specials into V-Trigger but Ryu can’t? What’s the rule?


1.The rules are that DP’s *on reversal *should not be getting MP, jabbed etc due to invincibility on startup. That is an atrocity! Takes away from the word “special” move.

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