Ryu Seeking Seth - PSN

Well I’ve noticed that I have no idea how to play against a decent Seth. I mean, I really need some practice on this matchup. If anyone wants to spar with a Ryu player a little, keep in mind it might be senseless beatdown for a while, hit me up on PSN.

PSN: Merkilo

(On weekdays I’m never on before 5 pm est.)

You find anyone yet? Add me if you want.

I’m not a Ryu player, but I do need to learn the Rose/Seth matchup. If there are any really good PSN Seths out there, add me please(ShinkuuR or ShinkuuR-SRK if my friends list is full). Thanks!

How good is really good?

? Good question lol. I guess anyone who’s made it to G1 or at least 10000 GP, and plays intelligently?

I don’t consider myself a great Seth yet, but if you add me I’ll show you most of his setups, spacing tools, mixups, and runaway options.

Cool, I’ll add you next time I’m on.

Dunno, I’ve played some pretty terrible Seths at over 10,000 GP. And I think I played one in G1 too, but that might have been right before I hit G1, not sure.

Add me if you want to play, Im usually on around 20-01

If you need practce against Seth add me!

PSN: **Shin_Akuma_SRK **

Hope the connections fine as Im in europe but add my seth if you like , Im at 28000 gp .Not that it means anything ive seen some terrible seths in G1…