RYU Shoryuken AA


Hello everybody,
I’m still pretty new to the game and have a question regarding the Shoryuken shortcuts when using it as an AA while standing. The quickest way for me to pull it off while standing is the forward, downforward, forward motion; but as it has me moving forward slightly before the DP comes out it got me thinking if it’s better to use the downforward, down, downforward motion anyway. Please let me know what you guys think about this.




Just do the forward motion faster so that he doesn’t walk forward, it’ll still buffer. Shortcuts for simple motions are bad news in my book. You learn bad habits that won’t necessarily work in other games.


Thanks for your answer. I know I need to get faster but I thought I’ll check with you guys first before I train the wrong motion. I think you have a fair point with the shortcuts but as a beginner my brain has a hard time reacting to a jump in with a DP as it is, so when I found out about them recently I thought they were a god sent.


Using the shortcut allows you to uppercut deep more easily. Why wouldn’t you use that?


Yeah just do the regular motion, shortcuts are bad for you in the long run, especially if you play other games that don’t have any. Just practice the motion until it’s stuck in your brain. That way, you don’t have to really think too much. There’s an article on this actually if you’d like to read it! https://kayin.moe/?p=2047


That’s some fucking scrubbery right here.
Ignoring an easier and safer option because “bad habits” and “other games”.
Even Daigo mashes shortcuts like no tomorrow.

It’s like saying “I don’t do option select x or y because it doesn’t exist in other games”.
Pure stupidity.


The shortcut also allows you to dp from a crouching position without standing which is very much to your advantage. Anyone who is fool enoungh to try to do the standard dp motion while crouching is just begging to eat a quick low attack. Use every tool the game gives you. Master both methods so you always have the correct tool ready.