Ryu Strategies and Matchups

Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

Other than that, try not to piss anyone off or start any flame wars.

Some strategy I learned at Evo (forgive me if everybody else knows this stuff already):

It’s my opinion that C-Ryu is best played for the dizzy or guard crush. Whenever the opponent hesitates for fear of a counter hit, he’s giving you an opportunity for a hop kick. ALWAYS take the hop kick opportunity. It gets you back in and the guard damage will really start building up. Also remember that by continually pressuring the opponent, his dizzy meter will never have a chance to recover either.

Keep in mind you’re never going to get the opponent to block any hop kicks (and consequently keep a successful offensive flow), if the opponent is always hitting a button. You set up those hop kicks by getting the opponent to stop mashing first. How?

One way:
Consistently go for a sweep or a far s.HP after d.LP. You’re betting that once the opponent realizes everytime he hits a button after the d.LP, he’s going to get counter hit, and he’ll start blocking a lot more as a result. NOW is the best time to start going for hop kicks.

nice strat but how about if ever you fought a poker like sagat or cammy how can you beat them?

Poke them back. Ryu has one of the best pokes in the entire game with his Hadouken and RC’d Hadoukens. When you think either Cammy or Sagat is going to do something to try and get around you doing just that one move (drill for Cammy, roll for Sagat), use your d.MP to counter them.

When they have super though, there’s nothing you can do. That’s why I don’t use Ryu anymore. He has to run like a bitch… :rofl:

Don’t take my word for it though, as I’m not exactly the best player around. Choiboy and Calipower are the only really, really good shoto players I’ve ever seen outside of the Japanese. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen either of them ever post once in the strategy section of this forum.

That is why I don’t use Ryu too. Ken became my alternate character, since I also use A- groove i dont have problems on poking someone and making RC Thanks dude Ryu really sucks!!!

Blanka is a bad matchup too. He has many tools to disguise his patterns (multiple hops, random normals), which makes it hard to try to air-block that RC Blanka Ball…in this matchup, it’s basically me (C-Ryu) testing out my opponent’s RC consistency by throwing out lots of hadoukens…well not really, but you get the picture…

The good part about this is that Blanka will be confident, meaning more chances for him to screw up. Gotta be patient with this one…wait a lot with Ryu, and try to get him in the corner so his ball attacks won’t be as dominating…try sweep xx hadouken, and WAIT to see what he does…must be patient…it’s a good payoff later on, cuz you’ll be able to get more throws once your lockdown strategy gets better…OH, i think a lvl3 shinkuu hadouken can punish a blocked Blanka Ball if you blocked it standing…don’t be afraid to use your meter…

the problem with ryu is he doesn’t have any poking abilities. Pokers versus Ryu players needs to be more patience inorder to win, but they have the 60/40 chance on winning versus pokers IMO.

Ryu’s poking game is really, really nasty. Where you at Evo this year? The Japanese and a few of the Cali players had some of the strongest Ryus ever. I don’t know how they were doing it, but every few seconds… hadouken! hadouken! whiff some jabs, hadouken! It was actually hard trying to get in on them. It’s all screen positioning probably, but damn, they were making that move look cheap.

Actually, I live in the Philippines I tried downloading some of the fights in evo but I found only two right now. Do you know any website about evo? So I can study the fights of ryu.

Get Direct Connect and go on the “goforbroke” hub. Look for old video files of John Choi (from around 2002-2003) or Japanese player Dan. They have the hands down best C-Ryu’s I’ve ever seen. There are some old videos from the Acho website of Japanese player Nakanishi as well. His style is different though. He plays as if he’s using Rolento and runs away for the ENTIRE match like a little girl. He gets his wins though, so I can’t argue with that. :bgrin:

thanks dude. I download some of ryu’s fights they make ryu like midget sagat, using FP as a poking which is cool. But I didn’t see him plays a Rolento becuase his always cornered all the time. After I saw some vids Ryu has 50/50 chance to win in poker characters.

I do this little trick, but bitch slap me if everyone knows this already. :clap:

Cross up mk, c.lp, crouching or standing Fp, QCB+LK, then Fk throw.
If they try to poke you DP or custom that shit, or you could even do c.lpx2 then dash and throw. This works whether they are crouching or standing, or if the combo connects or not, but the lk hurricane will not connect. You will get more damage with the throw at the end then you will with a FP hadouken (1100), with the Fk throw (2100). Just a little trick nothing special.

PS: Oh yeah and I dont think Ryu sucks in my opinion (well maybe a little, but his dash is fast as fuck), I find him quite nice to use in A-groove. His customs take like 8200+ corner to corner, and in the corner its like 8300+ or so, hes not as boring to me in A, just my opinion though.

Fight On:nunchuck:

Yeah I seen that stuff too. It’s like they have this feel for the game that not many other people understand. I think it’s all about having a sense for when the opponent will give up waiting on the fireball. So then u throw one!

Ok, Im a street fighter noob; just started to get interested in Street fighter after I realize that KOF is too scrubish for my taste.

I just wanna know what is the differents between ryu and ken besides the super moves[shoryuken and hadouken]. Is ryu’s pokes really better than ken? Why? they seem all the same to me. Thanks hope you guys dont mind answering this noobish question.

Same basic moves, different specials AND supers.
Ken has his hcf + k set of moves, while ryu only has a command kick(hop kick). Ken also has command roll, and a really good meaty roundhouse. I obviously prefer ken. Not to mention his supers do more damage.

Ryu’s entire gameplan revolves around breaking your opponent’s guard meter with the fast and powerful far s.HP (advancing with f+MK when need be) so you can land d.MK xx Shin Shoryuken. When the opponent wants to attack you, a major part of Ryu’s defense is to zone (ie. maintain a certain range… usually just a pixel outside of the opponent’s longest normal move) and counter poke them with qcf+HP whenever they do anything.

Notable moves:
-far s.HK (perfect far anti-air for when they try to get in by jumping)
-qcf+HP (it’s faster on the release AND recovery than Ken’s same move)
-far s.HP (does a lot of guard crush and is safe on the block)
-f+MK (is safe on the block and allows you to attack after… the guard crush can really build up with this move)
-d.LP (+7 frame advantage… I base entire game around making the opponent block or get hit by this move. It’s what sets up almost all of Ryu’s up close offense. d.LP, throw; d.LP, d.MK xx qcf+HP; etc…)

Ken’s gameplan is mainly based around getting a knockdown so he can use his extremely powerful cross-up j.MK attack. After any kind of cross-up, the opponent is drawn TOWARDS you, rather than pushed back like after a usual jump-in. From there it’s a matter of making the opponent guess by mixing up the kick throw with low shorts xx combo.

Notable moves:
-f+HK (The range is a little less than you think it would be, but it’s still quite far… This is a very important advancing tool. You usually want the opponent to block this so you can start your up close offense.)
-far s.HK (This move is laggy, but it’s Ken’s fastest and farthest reaching normal attack. Stand outside the max range of Blanka’s d.HP. Have Blanka do d.HP, then press far s.HK with Ken when you see it whiff. Now you know how to use this move.)
-j.MK (You want to time this attack so you’re perfectly over the center line of your opponent’s character sprite whenever you press the button. They literally have to guess which way to block if you do it correctly.)
-d.LP (see Ryu)
-hcf+LK (Used for combos or to poke on the ground. Ryu doesn’t have this move.)

Ken can easily punish a Blanka ball by blocking high and then using f+HK. Ryu cannot punish outside of a super. This gives Ken a HUGE advantage over Ryu in my opinion. Ken has the superior range (although a slower qcf+P move, which is kind of annoying) and the highly useful hcf+LK move which makes him the stronger character out of the two.

the best shoto is sagat. i thought everybody knew this already. anyways start playing tekken5. use kazuya. hes like ryu just not invincible.

I never realized this for some reason, but Shinshoryuken sets you up for a guaranteed, really deep super jump MK.
Non-scrub setups (midscreen):
-d.MK xx shinsho
-d.HP xx shinsho (cancel as early as possible)
-anti-air shinsho

Now wait a second, then super jump forward with MK. Finish with your strongest non-super combo. I recommend j.MK, d.LP, d.HP xx HP Hadouken.

d.LK, d.HP also works if you’re afraid of a random parry.

In the corner at point blank range, d.LK, d.LK xx level 2 shinkuu hadou, dp+LP, level 1 shinkuu tatsumaki works. It does 400 more damage than the common corner combo, however the dp+LP makes the timing is extremely tight AND the opponent will be kicked out of the corner instead of remaining there so there’s pretty much no point in ever using dp+LP over qcb+LK.

if you can avoid it dont put ryu vs. blanka that knows how to RC bad choice use vega

A little something I accidently found out that might be useful.

Ryu far s.HK can beat and trade with Sakura’s s.HK. I think whats going on is Ryu s.HK hits early (3-4 frames start up?) so when done simultaneously with Sakura’s s.HK which has longer start up, it beats it clean, but if timed a bit late it trades.

s.HK can beat clean Ken’s F + HK.

I wonder if it can beat similar horizontal kicks like Yuri s.HK, Yama s.HK, Haohmaru s.MP and the like?