Ryu Stun Combo(s)

Here’s a stun combo I’ve been working on with Ryu.

It works against almost all characters, even yun.

Opponent in corner; almost stunned:

Ryu: Jump in fierce, crouching fierce, ex side kick

: opponent stunned :

Walk back a bit, standing jab, universal overhead, dash in ex shoryuken (both hits hit).

Pretty cool looking and does a lot of dmg.

You can also substitute a roundhouse hurricane kick or dash in crouching fierce in place of the dash in ex shoryuken, which saves meter.

The dash in crouching fierce variation has the hardest timing IMO.


hmm good stuff. does his jab and uoh combo or is it more of a mixup stun than a combo? and the dash in options combo as well?

They all combo; when the character is stunned and bouncing off the wall from the ex side kick it has weird properties that lets the UOH hit.

Oh shit thats sick I haven’t tried it yet but throught the second part was after they stood up from the stun. Didn’t realize it was in the air. Bout to go get this shit down, I only wonder if it works on everyone. Like Alex, Hugo, Twins, perhaps you can even do a bigger one against Q and Makoto and stuff.

If I figure anything out Ill be sure to post it. Of course you’re a lot better than me so you’d probably know this already.

I always find corner jump in high kick medium sweep medium punch then hadoken, but your method sounds good.