Ryu - T. Hawk

Need help vs. T. Hawk. Not sure how to zone him. Every match would look like I’m winning, I got him in the corner, etc. Then BAM, raging typhoon, and I’m dead.

Also on Ryu’s wakeup, not sure what to do. If T. Hawk crosses up I am unable to execute a crosscut DP for some reason.

Basically don’t ever get careless with your hadokens becuase his condor dive is too dangerous and you never want to eat one. It’s a cat and mouse game. Don’t be predictible and make him constantly pay for trying to get in. If he neutral jumps alot, which alot of T. Hawk players do, then just be patient and wait for the innevitable Condor Dive…then try and beat it with a Shoryuken. Or if you have, ex stock, super or ultra, you can block it and punish it with one of those three options. Be careful of his command throw settups (whiffing a condor dive/condor spire, empty jump ins, etc.). Hold up when in doubt so you can neutral jump his throw attempt and come down with a combo. I wouldn’t reccomend jumping towards him unless it’s to get out of the corner with an air Tatsu. But if you do feel it’s an ok time to jump at him, make sure you connect with a move deep enough to keep him in block stun until you are able to neutral jump away (or have created enough distance to be safe from grabs). Pretty much, whenever your in grab range, and he’s not in block/hit stun, you are in the danger zone, so be sure you are not just blocking or trying an attack but actually trying to jump away. A good T. Hawk player knows you’ll be jumping and will still hit you, but I’d much rather get hit with a normal while neutral jumping, than eat his super or ultra, so that’s the trade off there. It’s the price you pay for letting the fight get close.

You have to out-footsie him and zone him out. Like ^ PA0 said, never get careless when throwing out hadokens, they will jump in at one point and you have to be ready or else they will start the mix up game and you will be guessing some pretty big damage potential for the T.Hawk player. Also, no need to jump in at a grappler, treat it like the Zangief match up.
That’s the match up in a nutshell, what you have to practice the most I’d say is the spacing for throwing out hadokens, and beating his long range normals and his sweep which hits twice and its somewhat fast.

ask anything you want.

Hope this helped. peace.

Alright thanks for the tips.

Take it from a T. Hawk player. The smartest thing you can do to us is stay just out of our grab range, but still deal damage. You can throw fireballs, but be smart about it. A good Hawk (not me) is very rarely going to dive. What you’ll want to do with the fireballs is bait that dive then punish with either a shoryuken or (the smarter choice) block and hit, Ultra I works wonders against a blocked dive.

And one big thing I think a lot of people overlook: Condor Spire is a pretty unsafe move. The best a non-EX Spire does on HIT is -5, so its punishable on hit. The blocked versions, even more so. Just watch out for a whiffed Spire, since I’ve seen a good few Hawks follow it up with a grab or a Tomahawk.

Basically, as previously stated, treat it like the Zangief matchup. Just remember that Hawk has a Shoryuken. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NEVER LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN TO ULTRA II!

yeah just treat it like gief and keep him out best you can.Against good T.Hawks your wakeup can be a nightmare.
can you dash forward and punish a blocked dive?

Ultra :Use U1.

Basic game:
He can fly over your crouching MK and command grab if you are predictable. So mix in standing HK with your ground game as this will also stuff him if he tries to use condor dive like a dive kick. Careful with fireballs. THawk can use quick dives to land right in front of you and go for a throw. You want to block the dives not avoid them because blocked dives can be punished much easier than whiffed dives. Usually you should be looking to DP the whiff or backdashing. Both will avoid throws. A lot of THawk will do a jump and wait to see if they should dive or not -> beat this by hitting them with air to air. Also, for hawks that like to jump and not dive - get underneath and DP with LP then EX fireball or U1.

Remember Condor Dive can be blocked high or low. It is like a dive kick.

After all blocked condor dives it is safe to throw a fireball. Super and U1 punish condor dives. Basically when you have U1, Hawk cannot safely easily dive. Watch the height of the dive for an ultra punish. For instance, if EX dive lands low, THawk can block the U1. Super can always punish.

If you get a untech knockdown, THawk can be safejumped. Even if he has U2 you can safejump because it does not hit grounded opponents. You cannot jab your way out of range on a safejump - so if hawk is mashing after blocking the jumping attack you are going to get thrown unless you jump - which is the best way to punish that. If you are playing a hawk that just mashes throw, safejump, cr.LP, neutral jump, combo.

Against THawk cross up splash, DP is very hard. But, i think you can focus dash out. Or block dash, or block jump. THawk might OSs to beat this stuff, but I haven’t played any Hawks that have used them.

That’s all i can think of right now. gl beating your buddy.

Alright thanks for the help guys. Since then I’ve gotten better at autocorrecting my reversal DPs and haven’t had much problem with his splashes. But EX condor dive is a pain.

His s.HK wont hit you while crouching, dont mater what. Plus that you can throw c.mp and it will beat the s.HK clean every single time, from any distance. You can hitconfirm with hadokens but it will almost never connect (you will be doing c.mp from outside Hawk’s c.MK range), he will have to block, tough. his EX Condor Spire will go trough the projectile but wont hit you (watch out for SPDs here, if he dont hit you, you have the oportunity to start a combo). If you hit confirm with HP super it will aways to connect.

He will keep mixing s.HK, c.MK and dashs into SPD. Sweep his c.mk, its reeealy easy, and once you will be crouching the s.HK wont hit you aswell (plus that the s.HK itself can be sweeped aswell). Take care about the dashs into SPD, you must be fast and stuff him with c.lp/c.mp and deliver a combo, I think its better than to jump back because you can get DPed or U2ed if he is playing loose.

Your c.MP will win or trade against his Ex condor Spire if you are just outside his c.mk’s range. Its hard to do that on reaction, tough. You can spam them randonly because at such range nothing he may to try will hit you. The Ex Condor Spire is punished by 3f moves (c.lp, dp) if it hits you early, but its safe if hits you at the end of the move, so watch out for SPDs in such case.

Its aways better to crouch block the regulars and EX Condor Dives, makes it easier to punish, if you think it can crossup just stand up and problem solved ( it can crossup a standing opponent aswell, but he have to go for it, once you are crouch blocking everything, he will try to do a CD that crossups a crouching opponent, but such CD wont hit a standing one so just stand up when you see it comming, then punish with hadoken/super/ultra)

If you block his regulars Condor Dives while crouching, you can punish him with hadokens and ultras, and if he aims at your head/shoulders you can even Solar Plexus him (dont try c.HP after it untill you get really used to that situation, it misses a lot due the distance).

The Ex Condor Dives will be punished by an U1 IF he hits a crouching Ryu on its head or shoulders, otherwise he will be able to block a reversal Ultra, and if he have meter he can Ex Condor Spire trough it and rape your ass. HP Super will aways punish it. You also can to step ahead when you see him EX CDing, so he will hit Ryu in a bad way and will get punished. It can end up giving him a crossup CD, but only if he aimed at your head, and good T.Hawks wont do that, unless they expect you to step ahead. Have fun with the mind game and remember, if you think it can cross you up, just stand up.

If the Condor Dives misses and land at point blank, you better be with your reaction up to date otherwise its gonna be a mind game that is in his favor. If the CD misses, just punish, the best one damage wise and meterless is c.mp, c.hp xx hk tatsu.

Theres a situation, that is very hard to happen but when it happens its dangerous. If the CD or the ex CD hits you in its last active frames (really near the ground) you will block it but Hawk wont jump back, he will just land as if it have missed you AND he will land safely, your 3f moves will get blocked (some people say his super is 2f, the wiki says its 1+2, anyway it dont hit Hawk aswell). Good luck guessing correctly here. Anyway its really hard to happen (and because of that its even harder to react to it, you never expect it).

About his ambiguous j. d.HP, its all about timming so I cant help you to dp or block it better, it depends on when Hawk jumps and when he pushes the buttom (if youre going for a dp trade into ultra, use the HP dp because you will have more time to throw the ultra after it). What I can say to you is that I tried to do 4 hit combos with the crossup j.d.HP and didnt managed to. So if you block the jump in and he did a standing anything, you can start thinking about to jump/backdash/mash something. Hawk’s frametraps aint that good aswell, he needs to be really close in order to hitconfirm a LP into a MP xx dp. Its really easy to see when he does j.d.HP, LP, walk in LP, cl.MP xx dp. He have to walk a lot in order to the cl.MP to connect.

I didn’t see anyone mention this, but if a thawk is spamming cr rh, just mash strong/fierce(in this situation fierce may be better because of the longer range) dp->ultra or mash ultra itself. That normal is free as fuck between the two hits and can’t be fadc’d like guile’s(which is also a really bad move but w/e). If you have the spacing down feel free to whiff punish w cr rh. I also didn’t see anyone mention the fact that ex spds can’t be safe jumped due to the invincibility frames, so don’t get careless safejumping a hawk w meter. A hawk with no meter=free safe jump pressure.

it just sucks when ur cornered tho lol. He can’t punish cr rh so throwing it randomly does wonders too.