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can some one tell how to combo Ryu’s super?

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

Damn, that means hours in training mode again


I was trying to figure out the combination to do the cr.forward xx super. Btw, do you know if this works on the anniversary collection version of st, do you have to hold start when you do it, or does it not work at all on that version.


It works on that version. Just do it the way Ketsuban said. Do one fireball motion and, on the second fireball motion, hit Forward while at D or DF and then complete the motion and press punch. You cannot hit Forward on the first Fireball motion, though.


Its just not the same with out ryuROCKst, and kalok…


That sounds really, really hard to hit confirm. Is it even hit-confirmable?


Ya, I just did that combo today and it works like a charm… If you have a super, this is a fun combo on a crouching opponent (works on Ryu, Ken, Dee Jay, and Cammy)

(Crossup) j. rh / towards st.fierce -> cr.forward ->QCF + fierce stun cr.forward xx super… opponent dead.

This works on most characters, and the cr.forward xx super is described earlier in this thread. I haven’t tried this on all Characters, but i know that sim gets stunned to early, and on Zangeif, instead of the cr.forward after the double punch, do cr.strong x2 to QCF fierce.
Enjoy your death move, a gift of the Bum King!:rofl:


This is a good combo while the enemy is dizzy,
up, and then when landing :qcf::hk:(in the air):hp::qcf::hp:


RYU! Do’s and dont’s.

Put em all in here. hope this isn’t a stupid idea. I’m hoping to exchange some character specific knowledge.
edit: I know the format is pretty dumb, but I just thought it might be an easy way for random people with random knowledge to drop it here.


DO keep your distance and spam c.mks and c.mps to stuff and punish dashes.
DO stuff supers with dp.
DO f.fierce, c.roundhouse xx hadouken to pressure his face.

DON’T do hadouken’s close enough to get rising head butt in face.


DO throw hadoukens, build meter and go over fireballs with HKs and unleash super in face.

VS Blanka

DO stuff rolling balls with s.jabs and stuff ground slides with c.shorts


VS. Boxer

s.jab stuffs super, from 2/3 to 3/4 screen minimum distance. Can bate with a fireball, if timed right…but can get stuffed by super, as well, if timed wrong.

VS. Blanka

Triple (1-hit per) juggle w/ j.strong, if initiated close enough to ground, followed by super juggle.


anyone know good character specific game plans?

What’s Ryu’s best general game plan.

For example, Guile players throw projectiles and respond to how their opponent reacts.


Lure with hadokens, measure the distance of that with the opponent to counterattack with a lp shoryuken.

This helps prevent damaging throws and whatnot, since the lp shoryuken has a quick start-up with better recovery. Try to catch the opponents reaction timing to land a successful super, also try to remain as close as possible if you’re going to do so. Then there’s the usual combo’s and whatnot…

Really comes down to execution with Ryu.


For general game plan stuff, check the Ryu wiki:


In regards to the specific match-up vs. Guile…

This is a very interesting match. Ryu has to be careful with his fireballs, because of the omni-present danger of eating a backfist after a boom neutralizes one. Ryu basically has two options:

  1. Back up and pressure with fireballs from a safe distance. Guile has to charge, so he will eventually be forced to jump or block a fireball. It is important not to just throw out FBs mindlessly, because Guile may try to jump one and stick out an early roundhouse/mk to keep ahead of the block damage.

  2. Crazy rushdown. Ryu’s mixup game is strong, and it’s easy to abuse safe jumps and cross-ups against Guile. This option works well if you can get in, but first requires you to score a knockdown, which requires a bit of luck. You can predict a boom and hurricane kick over it for the throw, but beware of using any strength but short for this sort of thing, unless the Guile player is being very predictable with his boom pattern. Jumping forward over a boom is dangerous, but straight jumping a jab one from mid-screen can buy you a lot of time to play footsies\probe for that knockdown.

Whichever plan you choose, a big event in the match is when Ryu finally gets his super charged. This makes it very dangerous for Guile to chain out rapid-fire booms when Ryu is at mid-range, because if you predict one and super through it, he loses nearly half his health. With the pressure from the booms lessened, Guile’s defence opens up a lot.


Is old Ryu good, or do people just stick with new Ryu?


Old Ryu is good. He has a faster fireball that he recovers from more quickly and I think there’s something fancier about his jumping up roundhouse or whatever. Most people stick with New Ryu, though, partly because of his overhead and juggling but mostly because his super is really good and extremely useful in a lot of matchups.


got some q’s

when old ryu is mentioned, which version on AE is that?

need a little help with ryu vs claw? even general tips seeing how all my normals are neutralized by vegas and my fireball gets countered by his jump. I’m completely lost except for trying to make him jump and dping his ass or trying to make vega zone into my dp range. trying to out footsie him seems impossible.

whats the best method to reversal against command tick throws? i was messing around today with constant qcf’s and looking for my chance to hit p for an srk. Its weird that you can qcf x 3 + p and get a shoryuken but i’m not sure if this is the exact method to use. Since its taking an odd # input, I can just spam the motions and hit P when I see the tick happen right? Trying to reversal giefs spd when he can change his tick throw timing is tricky and probably would need some funky input trick like that I suppose.

best way to learn low fwd, super? i’ve just been doing it really slow so I can build up my speed for the input. I can’t input that thing to save my life. Should the timing for it be the same timing as a super by itself? is low fwd super hit confirmable? will any combo that combos into low fwd super always connect? for instance, xup, c.mp, c.mk, super?

what about short short being hit confirmable as well?

whats up lp dp hitting twice? double active hitbox? does it leave me safe?

should I take j+mp, super?

when i watch the japs play, I hear them piano for reversal. If you fucked up and the lp version didn’t come out, your dead right? I know if they’re bating it out, your done anyway but the lp version forces them to combo faster. The other 2 srks give them time to plan a big combo.

how many frames do you get a chance to reversal? how many inputs a frame does the game allow?


Wow, this was really useful. Could you do something like this for Boxer and Claw? I realize that some ideas vs Boxer were previously mentioned, but if you (or anyone else reading htis) could add your 2 cents in, that would be helpful.


Both of these are pretty tough matches to play.

vs. Boxer, your optimal distance is just outside of fierce headbutt range. From this range, it seems like he (Boxer) has a lot of options versus the fireball, but none of them are really safe. Keep throwing fireballs, and reacting to how he reacts to them:

  • Jab/strong headbutt: doesn’t matter, throw another fireball. He’ll be forced to block it, and it will push him back. He can slowly advance when doing this, so if he makes it into fierce headbutt range, step back a step and repeat.
  • Fierce headbutt: walk up sweep xx fp fireball as he lands. He can block the sweep, but he can’t headbutt through the FB since he just used his charge.
  • Jump forward: depending on distance, either throw another fireball (which he’s forced to block), walk forward sweep xx FB as above, or uppercut.
  • Straight jump ~ float with fierce: wait patiently until the fireball is off the screen, and use with random mp and mk to prevent random dash punches.

The boxer player may also try to trade st. fierce, high rush punches, and TAPs with fireballs. This is ok, accept the trade and continue making him block FBs inbetween to stay ahead in the damage race. If you score a knockdown (probably off of a burning fireball), Boxer’s headbutt is really slow, so it’s easy to abuse safe jumps against him. However, do not try to cross him up except with hurricane kicks, as it doesn’t work.

When done correctly, the match should go something like this:


However, unlike most of Ryu’s other matchups, the big turning point here is when Boxer gets super. His super can go through an FB from almost full screen for full damage, which severely cramps Ryu’s style and turns the game into a match of footsies. Thankfully, most of Ryu’s common pokes will stuff random dashes, but they lose badly to Boxer’s cr.mk/st.fp.

vs Claw…FBs are not safe from close up thanks to his fast jump. His long reach is rough, and many of his pokes stuff yours. I’ve always had the most success rushing him down and staying on top of him, because he will completely rule the match if you let him run it at his pace.


So if staying on top of claw is the thing to do, whats a good way to advance in on him?


low short. What you want is to let the vega player know that he can’t completely control the ground game with his pokes and slide. Ryu’s low short will snuff the slide and low strong, but you must use it smartly and not just jam on it because Vega can counter this tactic with standing fierce and standing forward(?). Your goal really is to get a knockdown here which either means landing a sweep or uppercutting Vega whenever he jumps. So to win this match you need to know how and when to use low short to stop most of Vega’s ground game and you need to be able to DP vega whenever he jumps. Once you get that knockdown, use crossup hurricane kick to stay on top of him, then mix it up with sweeps, throws etc. to keep him on the defense.