Ryu Thread

Couldn’t find a ryu help thread but if one exists feel free to delete this thread.

I’m still learning ST but i’m getting the hang of o.sagat so now i want to move on to ryu, and i’m curious to know why he’s ranked 12 according to sobatcarnival. In AE st ryu istoptier but in ST he’s like upper-mid what makes him #12?

I know the basic fireball trap+SRK and pressure after getting bar strat is obvious but i’m still learning ST so any help on how to effectively use ryu, his combos, and strats against the characters would be appreciated also when is it appropriate to use hurricanes n is there a better way to build meter then to spam fireballs? i remember john choi used alot of lp srks to get bar but is that not advisable for someone like me whos not on that level of play yet for ST?

What are his good/bad matchups and why?

in AE, ST Ryu is not top tier.


Ryu has a hard time vs. Many of the top characters. He can win no doubt, but he has to work a lot harder for the win.

Of the top tier: Claw, Sim, Rog can give Ryu a difficult time.

O’Sagat, M.Bsion, give him a hard time too, but not as much as those other three

Chun and Ryu prob. on par with each other. Many may say advatage to Ryu, but then I say, watch some Otochun matches, he’s always seeming to beat ryu players.

I am not an expert enough to give details on the other characters:

I really don’t know enough to give an opion on them.