Ryu Training



Spent some time focusing on my weaknesses and gameplay improved so much.

  • Stopped jumping and focused on footsies/ground-games
  • Stopped excessive compulsive fireballs
  • Focused on defense and getting out of jams
  • Developed a turtle game.
  • Execution is much stronger.
  • Stopped relying too much on denjin setups.

Not like anybody still plays 3s as much. Okay, time for a break in this game.


i love 3s but i hate it for being so addictive.

the other day i saw loborine do a strange reset ive never seen before…

ex joudan kick, overhead mp, shinkuu… it worked but only 2-3 hits of the sa1 hit me & not as much damage as jab reset >> sa1 … but still interesting since ive never seen this before.
i dont think its as good as jab reset since opponent has to parry closer and if opponent parries, you can throw out hk tatsu to mess up their parries. (also does more damage)

only reason i think of that can be effective is if you need an overhead mp to build just enough meter for the shinkuu reset.


A couple of things that came up on my mind that I want to test…

  • opponent in the corner attempts to parry full 5 hits of the denjin in the corner. What would be the best punish?
    a) cr.MK > HK Tatsu
    b) dash in HP > HP SRK
    c) dash in HP > MK Joudan (safer than b in case they parry all of them by luck)
    d) HK Tatsu for 2 hits
    e) Jump in 3 hit combo (only works on certain chars that takes longer to parry) - this I am testing as of now

as of right now, i do dash in HP > HP SRK since HK tatsu combos into 2 hits is scaled down in damage a bit and im not quite sure if the stun bar will increase by 2 normal hk tatsus (most likely not)

Testing when 2 dashes and fireball sa3 is more effective than one dash. This occurs after lk tatsu from a certain distance or a tatsu from mid air that connects or after a joudan kick sometimes. This enables the setup to be closer and harder to parry but 3 hit sa3 charge is more strict to pull off whereas one dash in fireball sa3 is easier to charge 3 hit sa3… (but further distance makes it easier to parry)

dash > dash > lp fireball denjin (2 dashes not 1 dash)
or dash > lp fireball denjin??

As of my current exp. on the 2 dashes, it is very effective but is 1 dash more effective??

if a) opponent tech rolls, 2 dashes is extremely effective.
if b) opponent does not tech roll, the setup becomes weaker since they are right next to you (unless you decide to step back a bit and then put them in blockstun with lp fireball xx sa3)
however if c) opponent is knocked close in the corner and you have enough distance to dash twice to be close to opponent then it doesnt matter, 2 dashes is guaranteed most effective.

one dash
if a) opponent tech rolls, 1 dash is still very effective.
if b) opponent does not tech roll, you can charge up to 4 hits and play with the timing. (2 dashes does not allow a 4 hit charge)
and overall one dash IS THE SAFER METHOD

so this is a very tough decision to make and will require further practice.

i forgot to mention it also depends what char your opponent is using. if he using sa2 alex for example, 2 dashes is very risky since they can wake up super. 1 dash is the recommended setup here.


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give out some of akumas tricks and try it out on ryu.
It seems like stand medium kick close up can also be linked with his first super… (only on crouching opponent though)… and the timing is more strict.
Either way, I can only find one or two potential setup for this and it is done after crossing up your opponent.

And just a week or so ago, I cant believe I just discovered it but Ryus fierce joudan kick links on crouching opponents. After all this time playing Ryu, I finally realize this… -_-

As of for the full 5 hit denjin punish when opponent is parrying, I will do dash in fierce > fierce srk… there are two safer methods but since fierce srk does a bit more stun than a regular mk joudan kick… i believe fierce > fierce srk is the best punish…

there are many times when my opponent is parrying the 5 hit denjin, I do fierce tatsu or c.MK fierce tatsu and i realize their stun bar is very close to stun and if i dash in combo… chances of them being stunned are much more higher.


Need to improve my matchups on:

In this exact specific order:


If only I can kara throw on pad… the options are endless…

Ryus kara throw is a strong weapon


Best Supers

My selective supers against each character:

** = toss-up between SA1/SA3

  1. Alex = SA3 (really effective but have to be-careful on his wake-up options)
  2. Akuma = SA3 (SA1 is really good as well but his low stun bar makes SA3 very deadly)
  3. Chun Li** = SA3/SA1
  4. Dudley = SA3 (Dudley is very vulnerable to all of Ryus high stun normals)
  5. Elena = SA3
  6. Hugo = SA3 (Hugo is too vulnerable to denjin)
  7. Ibuki = SA1 (You need EX moves in this matchup to keep her away and give yourself other options. SA1 can counter her moves as well)
  8. Ken = SA3
  9. Makoto = SA1 (same tactic as Ibuki. EX Fireballs are critical)
  10. Necro = SA3
  11. Oro** = SA3/SA1
  12. Q = SA1 (overall SA1 is the better choice. Its too hard to land a denjin setup if Q has super 1 stocked)
  13. Remy = SA3 hands down
  14. Ryu = SA3
  15. Sean = SA3
  16. Twelve = SA1 (its hard to get a SA3 setup in a turtling consistently flying character. SA1 gives you many options to attack and pressure)
  17. Urien = SA3
  18. Yang = SA3 (SA1 is overall better but I am doing better with SA3 lately so I’m sticking with SA3 in this matchup)
  19. Yun = SA3 (SA1 is good as well to keep him away but denjin is Yun’s weakness)


damn i hate ibuki… such a pain in my ass


I lost my touch in 3s.


lol isnt it sad that your the only one posting…
anyway i hate sa3 ryu feels like all game long you’re just trying to get 1 knockdown with random upper, throws or tatsu
namijin is best ryu


does it matter?
and no namijin isnt close to best ryu. you might as well say daigo is the best ken.


Tips on dealing with Hugo?


Hugo is actually one of Ryus strongest/easiest match-ups.
Use Denjin if youre good with it because his hit box is large and when hes stunned, he takes damage like akuma. just watch out for his super bar because he can reversal and catch you with sa3. but with a good setup, you will be fine.

otherwise, use sa1 and just play solid. ex fireball to keep him away. hugo cant do much against ryus.


Thanks. I actually ran into a Hugo the first match I played after posting. I felt much more in control once I started burning EX.

I have a lot of trouble with Ibuki, as well. I feel like I can’t react fast enough to her mix ups. That could be lag tactics though 'cause I could swear I was blocking high but I’m getting hit while blocking low. I guess the trick is not to get in that situation in the first place and to keep her out. But what are some safe options if she does get in?


ibuki is a pain in the ass. i have the most trouble with her than any character.

ibuki has fast mixups so you have to get used to fighting her. if she reversal ex dragon kick, do srk right after and it’ll get her.

one thing ive learned is if she gets a 1,2,3 kick on you and jumps toward you, make sure you dash forward so you stay away from her rampage. if you try to srk afterwards, its way too predictable.

throw is also her weakness since it does big damage.

watch some ryu vs ibuki matches



changing my color to the white gi for the moment.

for some reason, the color of the gi completely changes my playstyle.
i went from light blue to light brown and now to white…

and switching all my supers to sa3 except for twelve.


When would be a good situation to pick SA2 over SA1 (I’m not a denjin player)?


i dont suggest sa2 at all. i think its only for smart players who know when to throw it out and when to rely on ex’s.

the only character i suggest using sa2 is against dudleys but then using shinkuu gives you more options.


Against dudley I love using sa1, he pretty much cannot jump in as I can either shoryu into sa1 or just sa1 if they jump in from far.

I’ve seen guys able to confirm sa2 from his s mp, but the timing feels weird for me… not sure if it should be a cancel or a link.

And btw how do you do c fp into his Joudan kick? I find it really hard to do c fp then roll the stick back and do :hcf:. I tried to just do :hcf: and input the fp during the middle part of it and it works but it doesn’t feel right 'cause the c fp is delayed a bit when I see an opportunity to punish.


Probably all you really need to do is relax the grip a little, then try to not roll back from the down position. Instead, just try to take a straight line from down to back. Rolling backwards from down then having to change direction into the reverse motion to do the half-circle is really just unnatural for the human wrist. Sure you can learn to do it that way, but there’s really no point to it.

Or here’s how I actually used to do it waaaay back when. If you’re good at quickly executing the sokutou geri from neutral:

  1. Tap downwards.
  2. Hit fierce punch while your stick is still in the down position.
  3. Let go of the stick and allow it to go back to neutral. You can push it back to neutral if you’re one of those guys who has a death grip on the stick, but it’s usually easier and more efficient to just let the stick snap itself back.
  4. Perform the sokutou geri.

This way you don’t really have to reverse your hand motion at all. It’s still a sudden change of direction, but it’s easier (imo) than rolling backwards and then suddenly reversing that rolling motion.