Ryu trial 12



Seeing as how it’s a relatively easy trial, when I completed it the first time, I didn’t think much about it. Until today, when playing with a buddy of mine when he picked Ryu and U2 for the lols.

So quick recap, trial 12 is j.mp -> U2. Just like the setup with U1, except you get less damage since the U2 doesn’t do much damage if you don’t get the full animation.

In the match today, my buddy tried the same setup, save for the fact he only hit with the 2nd hit of the j.mp, and then got full animation with the U2. I tried to see if this was well known, but nothing came up, and none of the videos showing this trial showed it with full U2 animation. I apologize if it is out there, I just wasn’t able to find it.

I find it kinda neat you can get full animation and damage of U2 this way, and while this might not make U2 used more for my part, it might make for a nice change of ultra once in a while. xD


It’s not entirely well known. But anybody that understands enough about the juggle mechanics would know that would happen. Thanks for the contribution though.

This also allows you to connect two hits from a non-EX dp on a juggle. Among many other things.


you can even fadc ex-dp on the 2nd hit into ultra… i think every body knows but just not the best practice…


meh I knew that…I think I did it on a Gouken on accident…too bad for him :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know how to manipulate the jump to make it happen, however.