Ryu UAS, still a boss

Ryu forum is kinda dead, I’ll try and bring a spark of life back into it.

So the wall bounce kick properties have definitely been changed. You can only land a C tatsu after a wall kick on some characters. It seems to me that B tatsu will always hit all characters for one hit anywhere on the screen so when in doubt…

Can’t land C tatsu:
Jun the swan

Can (3 hits):
Roll (kinda weird mileage will vary )
Viewtiful joe (also kinda weird)
Joe the condor
Tekkaman Blade

Can (2 hits):

My BnB is:
:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:,:d::snkc:, :r: :snkc:, :bdp::snkc:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:, :qcb::snkb: (one hit), :qcf::2p: . will land anywhere on screen. You can get the full amount of hits in the corner and with the right partner you can continue for another :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:, :qcb::snkc:, :qcf::2p:. I use Tekkaman Blade.

I play very rush-down heavy Ryu. I never want my opponent to get to far away from me unless I know the character will just destroy all my jump ins. If I’m up close to the him I will jump hit all three buttons fast and then a.C. This is a really fast jump in that beats out a decent amount of attacks. If they block you can either go into a safe block string with a baroque at the end of a few low As then a 6B baroque mix-up. You can also double jump right after the blocked hit and dash in and a.C again. This is really neat because if you do it right the second hit will be a cross-up but if you change your timing slightly it won’t. I find this to be a really good mix-up. Around mid screen I do pretty much the same thing but with a forward jump and at full screen I will walk forward untill I’m close enough. The key is to not be too predictable, toss some throws and other mix-ups into the pot.

Another interesting mix-up is after you kill one of the opponents in the corner, you can walk right about where the next will land and do a super tatsu. If you do it right, it will be very hard to tell which side to block on and you could get some free hits. This is also very safe having very little recovery frames.

not bad the first combo you talked about is all day. u can also not super and baroque to go a lot further. Tricky at first but easy with practice

You can still land C tatsu after wall bounce. What I usually do is:

:d::snka:, :snkb:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :d::snkc:, :r::snkc:, :bdp::snkc:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :r::snkc:, :qcb::snkc: (3 hits), :qcf::snka:+:snkb:

This works midscreen. Also take note of what character you try it on. I’m still perfecting enders in the corner outside of :snkb:, :snkc: into :qcf::snka:+:snkb:

Hum… your right, you can land the C tatsu on some characters. I’ll make a list so far I have that you can’t on ryu but you can on gatchaman (ironically because he use to be one of the characters you couldn’t land all the hits of this combo on)

lol ALL of Ryu’s old combo’s work seriously none are changed except some corner stuff you have to leave out certain hits.

That’s not really true… C tatsu won’t hit some characters after a wall bounce. Trust me, go into training mode against Ryu with auto guard on.

Also, maybe posting something useful would be the way to go instead of making comments like this that aren’t true :razz:

I can’t seem to hit with Ryu’s donkey king. After I do 6C it seems like they get enough time to block it for me =(.

blah blah C donkey kick, st. B>f.C>C Tatsu>Assist > st. B > f. C> C Tatsu Hits almost everyone midscreen with about half the assists in the game. Jun/Morrigan/Saki/Soki/Polymar/Roll all work and you can get an air chain instead of the B>fC>Tatsu with Zero

blah blah C Donkey kick in corner> st. B > cr. B > st. C >f. C>C Tatsu >Assist> st. B > cr. B > st. C >f. C>C Tatsu can work with pretty much every assist in the game against almost all characters. Megaman/roll/zero the cr. B doesn’t work on.

Those were his best combo’s in the last game and still are as far as I can tell. Though his launcher after the donkey kick seems to net more damage if you don’t have an assist to keep the combo going midscreen.

Are you doing 5C, 2C, 6C, C donkey kick? They have to be in the to land it I think. If you are doing that, then maybe try getting the reverse dragon punch motion out a little faster. Practice will make perfect. :smile:

I have a question that’s not terribly related but I don’t feel like making a new topic so w/e.

Who have you all been using as an assist for Ryu? I’m wondering which character would support him the best right now.

So far I’m really liking Chun and Megaman and not many others. Zero is ok but his health is so damn low that I feel nervous about situations where I might want him on point or have to put him on point. Batsu is ok I guess, I haven’t messed around with him too much but he seems decent. I don’t care for the projectile assists too much. I haven’t unlocked TekkaBlade, Condor, or Y2 yet so obviously I haven’t tested them (I just got the game last night).

Can you follow up the Shin-Shoryu with Hadouken/Donkey Kick/Tatsu?

Anyone got a video to help with the timing?

should i use Ryu with Morrigan, Viewtiful Joe, or Jun the Swan.

pretty good with all of them but which tier is best?


There ya go. If you’re midscreen…ummmmm…just do Shinkuu I guess

I find that if you time a B tatsu just right you can combo with a 2A, 5B etc… combo. It’s tricky but will work if you have already done a wall bounce in the combo already.

It’s pretty impossible and kinda useless to have a tier list out for this game right now because radical things could be discovered any day that way change the whole game (that might be a little over board but still). Ryu is a pretty well rounded character he doesn’t really require any assists. I would say, pick your favorite (if you like the design, or the style, or think one is super funny to look at). But if I had to pick out of the three I would say Jun. Mainly because I feel she benefits most from ryu, I don’t know much about Joe, and I think Morrigan is another one of the “well rounded” characters.

i honestly just went through that list and had no problems doing any of the C tatsu combos that i know of after a wall bounce. matter fact i was able to still link into shin shoryuken after the C tatsu followed up with the hadouken. so i think that list needs revision.

For my personal experience, half the time I do the wall bounce kick the opponent will fall to far away from me, so I cant continue the combo. People here say it works everywhere but for me it hasnt been the case. I just play safe and use d.a, d.b, d.c, f.c, qcb+c ( 4hits ), super hadoken. I only use the wall bounce combo when I have the opponent near the corner.

The hits you do after the 421C are dependent on the character you’re performing the combo on

Any comments on basic Ryu 101? What’s his mixup besides low/throw?

Ok, Keits showed me the light in IRC and gave me the universal Ryu combo (which should’ve been a no-brainer to me):

5A/2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C 421C(wallbounce) 5A 5B 5C 6C 214C 236A+B

All hits of tatsu won’t connect on smaller characters, but this combo should be your basis. This works in the corner also.

IAD j.C. Do it. All day. Then depending on position, low/throw. You can also do super jump straight up, 214 A, B, or C version, then falling j.C. The reason you want to interchangeably use the three versions is to make it harder for the opponent to read where exactly you’ll drop

EDIT: I forgot about 6B. Baroque off of it on hit/block, or just do a super on hit :confused: