Ryu unblockable Jump in Mk on Cammy so far?

Don’t know if this was known before I asked around and seems like no one knew about so I made a video of Ryu’s Unblockable Jump in Mk vs Cammy.

The first set up could be used (may be) if Cammy tries to do a high cannon strike that hits the top of your head and tries to follow it up with a grab or normal pressure. You Lp Shoryuken take a little fraction of a step forward then jump right when or a little bit before she hits the ground from the shoryuken then Mk

Can be escaped by whiffing Spiral Arrow,Spin Knuckle, cannon spike Crouching kick, Back dash, dash under,
crouch for a little bit then block as a crossup.

The second set up can be done from a back throw and is more reliable. You back throw take a full step, jump then Mk.

Can by escaped by whiffing cannon spike, Dashing under, Back dash, crouch then block as a crossup

Now that I think about it may be you could use set up 2 to set up the right space for set up 1. Again I’ll have to test it more on Cammy and others.

I suppose what you’re doing is really just a strong crossup when it comes down to it. Even the cammy/akuma/etc setups could probably be referred to that way as well.

The hidden inputs caused by the black bar make it difficult to see that you tested with holding a direction to block either way, regular or crossup.

That you can dash under it probably has more to do with the defending character than anything I suppose.

Ryu has “unblockable” jump fwd MK/HP/HK on quite a few characters. I have some of them recorded but I forget to turn on the hud before recording so I never uploaded them. He has it on Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Bison, Dhalsim, Cammy, Seth, Guile, Rufus, Juri, Balrog, Vega, Guy and Fei(I think?, I dont rmember) Some of them, while being “unblockable”, have an easy way out, but thats all depending if your opponent knows what your trying to do.

He might have more but I havent tested/adjusted the timing for the rest of the cast. The ones I did test all shared a similiar timing.

You can also use lk, but you hit so high that you cant combo after landing. But the thing is, no matter which side they choose to block, after landing the lk, they’ll still be blocking the wrong way so you can continue with your combo assuming they dont adjust in time.

They are not really unblockable. They can be blocked if they know how and they can be reversal’d as well if they got the skill/knowledge to do it. Yours is the first I’ve seen off a DP, all the ones I recorded were done off a throw.

Quoted from the Ken thread on this. For anyone curious why this works, or how to block it. It’s more than just a strong ambiguous crossup.

I was pretty sure Ryu had this, also. I have a ambiguous hp setup I’ve used for a long time…and it definitely seemed to hit way to often to just be ambiguous.