Ryu unlikely combo vids

Got this link from someone on the Yang page and was lookin and they had Ryu vids. so I posted em’.Nothin great but short (like 9 sec.) combo videos.


If the link doesn’t take you directly to the page where the vids. are then

go to the right and click the 7th link

First storage box

scroll down

they were pretty cool combos, especially the one with Shinkuu… i might have to try that out to see if it’s actually possible

edit: yep, they work

does the one with the throw connecting with saIII while dudley was still laying there work? i dont see how it could connect unless dudley rolled out?

It works only on Dudley after a forward throw from Ken, Akuma, and Ryu. It’s an OTG (off the ground), meaning it does combo… it just looks weird. Anyways, you can only do it w/ Ken SA1 or SA2, Akuma SA2, and Ryu SA2, and that’s if Dudley DOESN’T tech roll.

i think sean can do shoryu-cannon after throwing dudley also.