Ryu v Gen glitch

So, my apologies if this is common knowledge but I didn’t know this till I figured it out and figured I’d share just in case.

If you FADC the first hit of Ryu’s cl.HK against gen ryu will dash THROUGH gen. Now this only works against Gen and only works with Ryu (despite Gouken, Akuma, Seth and couple others having very similar attacks) and it only works if he is standing, not crouching or getting getting up, and is hit. If the kick is blocked it will not cross through.

Like most FADC things it’s not safe, but I’m sure it’ll at least get them to block the wrong way. I don’t really see many situations which this would prove useful and be worth the two bars but either way it’s pretty neat.

Here is a video of me messing around with the glitch:
It’s not the best quality but it get’s the point across.

Hmm, interesting stuff. Not sure why you would wanna ever cl.hk though, nevermind burn an FADC after it.

Also works on a crouching balrog.

It’s a good meaty for opponents that like backdashing on wakeup.

lol and sadly this doesn’t work on wakeup :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not sps then?

Thats pretty awesome

I found another one on accident in training mode today. Cornered Fuerte. Dash forward after a lvl 1 focus or cl.mp fadc, and you’ll dash through him. Can even combo into c.hp after the cl.mp fadc. Only works on hit, in the corner. Vs. crouching is a little more difficult, but still possible.


that one can be use to do some reset after a sls with fuerte in the corner…
but using 2 ex is too much. seems more flashy than usefull at the end.

Yea…sadly none of this stuff works on block. It could be a useful mixup then. If you can hit them, you’re better off finishing off a combo than using two meters to get behind them.

HK just works better for me. The invincibility frames of backdash seem to get them away from f+hp. I’ve recently switched to option select sweep, though.