Ryu V.S Dee Jay

Does anyone else have an extremely hard time jumping in on this guy at wake up, or any time? His Shoryuken keeps auto correcting and if we trade I get juggled into ULTRA 1. :frowning:

Plus my tech throws seem to never work against him, its probably my technique or something
I hate Ryu with a passion. Any tips?

First tip: use the matchup thread.

Set the dummy to mash srk, and sweep him. Then learn how to safely crossup.

Thanks, but the EX-sobat kick doesnt work well with high end Ryu’s, they wont projectile at a specific range, and if they do its a bait to block then I get sweeped, but regardless, I guess I should work on my light sobat pokes

If they are baiting it don’t do it. Simple fix.
Slide under the fireball to get in range.
well spaced sobats can chip Ryu for free. Don’t get to predictable because one neutral jump and you’re eating at least 300 dmg.