Ryu versus Yun

I was playin’ 2nd Impact and I’ve been playin’ this game for quite a while now my bro sucks at it but I’m quite good I’ve been playin’ it everyday now right now I’m kinda hooked on Ryu until I find another favorite and I was doin’ good in arcade mode until I got up to Yun. I donno what it was but he kicked my ass. I used the Shin Shoryuken combo but he always knows when its comin’ he likes to parry my shit alot, he escapes every fireball and ducks every Hurricane kick. And the strange thing is he loves to show mercy on the 1st round and I kick his ass but not the next two does anyone know some strategies here with Ryu or anyone against Yun.

Exodus is gonna have alot of fun with this.

LOL dont worry, keep practicing yun sucks

right exodus!


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Yun sucks like cockburgers!!:lol: Isn’t that right Exodus?

Anyone download that vid of Frankie3s’ Denjin Ryu against Pyrolee’s Yun? Impressive stuff.

Where can I get it from?

Watch out for Yun’s dive kick. It’s much better than 3s version since it is not as easy to get punished (I’m too lazy to double check :p). Especially watch out if he tries to mix up dive kick into Yun’s command grab, since it works well and the fact that he can buffer it into Genei Jin for a damaing combo.


gimpy will never touch my yun. :cool:

Be nice or will bring Elena out on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s the difference between getting genei jined with ryu and getting genei jined with elena? :confused: :lol:

the best strategy against a yun user is to play it defensive untill you find an opening. remember that ryu is slower in sf3 but he has gained more power. us that to ur advantage. let the shoryuken to shin shoryken combo be your best friend =/

well after watching 20000 ryu vs yun videos, the most effect thing to do is cr.mk > shinkuu. aka “the streak combo”.

Why is that good?

I like doing random s.rh’s on yun. Beats out his stupid dive kicks haha.

I have read many of the replys and they all have some very nice points. Standing roundhouse is great against dive kicks…and so is Duck Fierces. Remember those moves reset the opponent and gives ryu many options. You can dash in and throw the opponent, setup for duck short x2 super with SAI, get close to the opponent and wait for him to grab then do a vicious combo. Remember Ryu is Strong…so every combo is damaging toward YUN. Ask Exodus he knows… :lol:. Also most players will tend to mix up the dive kicks with short forcing you to make an error by doing standing round house. If you are within reach when they land. Do a sweep…9 times out of 10 this will work.

What’s the best thing to do on a diving kicking Yun on wakeup in corner? Is he safe if I parry? Yun just puts so much pressure on me, this is probably my personal toughest matchup, it’s so hard to stop Yun when he’s got some momentum. Any other thoughts other than roundhouse on dive kicks?

I played a lot of Yuns, what don’t do a lot of parrys againts dive kicks. It has a lot of priority and if you miss, he will do genei jin combo. The best thing to do is to try to attack against him till he has a full bar for genei jin. He will most likely run away for a while then do a combo to fill up bar and then combo in genei jin. Get him as much as you can before he builds up and use short, jab, super when you can when he is open. When he dive kicks, do deep shoryukens or block. My pieces of advice. Later.