Ryu video thread!

I haven’t seen one so I decided to make one , a video thread! Okay I am no expert , I will upload myself playing! However I was hoping you guys could give me some tips ! Also sorry for bad quality etc. Also , vs the ken the uppercuts were on purpose as a joke :wink:





Hi Skilledshinobi.

First things first, you might be in need of prescription glasses, because there’s a sticky already lol. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to give you advice based on the first video, because your opponent was just going crazy. But instead of just pressing cr.hp, try to condition yourself to perform a dragon punch instead.

Edit : Having watched all the three clips I would say this. Try to make it so that there is a purpose behind everything you do. Try to remove auto-piloting and certain patterns. For example : You went from a jumping attack into cr.lp xx throw even though you connected with the initial attacks. That sort of thing usually implies that you have already made your mind instead of reacting to the situation. Same thing with cr.lp xx sweep even when Ibuki blocked the jab. That’s death when a good Ibuki has u2 loaded, because the sweep is punishable by many many things.

So instead of thinking “1) I’m going to attack her with a jumping medium kick, 2) then I’ll do a jab 3) and a throw”, just take it one step at a time.

I’m not the best teacher or anything but hopefully this helps and keep it up!

Okay thankyou! Also I saw that thread after I posted this ._. , but thanks for the advice and I will take them into consideration!