Ryu Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Ryu? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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Hi Forum,

During the Beta #3 I only used Ryu for close to 500 matches in two days. I didn’t focus on using Parry like Desk or others who wanted to make a video about that skill. What I did do was just play as much as I could and cut out the Parries I performed for you to see. Here is a playlist highlighting the rare times I used Parry, some Training Room setups, high level zoning, and overall strong fundamental play for you to enjoy. Please offer your feedback. I’ve improved because of you!


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here is me sucking and getting ragequit. woooo

The SFV Guidebook - Part 1 (Street Fighter Tutorial)


Here’s a match agains a cammy I had earlier


Got sick of not getting lobbies to work and got inspired by those dirty Kuroda / Daigo dash under resets. Dash under setup in the corner that leads to stun and potential 90%+ damage






here is another ragequit from rank 99 hahaha. :frowning: come on man, don’t make my grind any harder than it is. I don’t get to play so much. :frowning:

turn the sound down. i forgot how close the mic was at the end

Couple of my own matches, a win and a loss.

I definitely feel the struggle sometimes and it’s confusing fighting some of these new characters or the new play styles of past characters. But even though Ryu remains very similar to past ones, I’m finding myself having a lot of fun playing him. Much more so than in any version of SF4.

Hey, SRK. Some matches of XsK Samurai’s Ryu and old school PatMonsta209’s Nash.




VesperArcade - Combo Guide


Picked up Ryu after getting frustrated with Karin in tournament. Let me know what I should be doing.



Been messing around with jump in frame traps with Ryu, I feel sorry for anyone trying to punish a jump in from him with a light, mid or throw:




Let me know what you think so we can develop this further.

here’s me grinding ranked from 3000LP to 3700LP today and providing some commentary on the matches.

Ugh - sorry I’m streaming noob. I don’t know how to link past broadcast directly - so just go to my channel and watch the latest one? I’ll try to put just highlights when I have time and/or player names I’ve matched against.

I need to take lessons from Daigo’s Ryu. His use of the V-Reversal in this match is ingenious and he’s so defensive compared to Tokido and FourWude literally walling the opponent out.