Ryu vs. Birdie thread



Any tips on playing Ryu vs. Birdie? Can this be the thread for tips on this matchup? Later.


Lol your profile pics suggests you may be a Birdie spy?

My take:

  • Preferably you want to be at close range on the offensive. Being mid range means you need to play a very very reactive game to Birdie‚Äôs numerous options, also his buttons are damn damn good. MK, cr MK, HP. You dont really want to be trading with him.

  • Dont respect his wake up. Always pressure unless he has CA.

  • Chain and the hop grab will beat your fireball clean (so dont throw too often). Try and jump in the former and neutral jump the latter with a good combo.

  • Keep a DP on lock and zone until you get a knock down and can go in