Ryu vs Blanka/Sagat

How can you do it? Is it possible?

When playing at the arcade, i seem to have the most problems fighting against sagat and blanka with ryu. Very rarely i’ve been able to get in on them let alone put on any offense, so any tips or pointers to fight sagat and blanka would be much appriciated. I use Ryu on N and K groove.

If blanka can RC imo there is no chance other than lucky rolls and you’ll be stuck doing air hurricanes all over the place just to stay away. Otherwise a good opening would be when blanka lands from a jump in front of you. That is probably the best time to jump in. After they block your jumpin you gotta do some crazy rushdown and try to bait jumps, rolls, and balls.

Against sagat you have to put yourself right outside his low fierce range and react to his jump or roll. If he is using stand short, you have to run away, reset and start over. be safe with fireballs and u will eventually bait him. Then he won’t be so quick to use low fierce or kick, and it will open up your run up jabs and low jumps. basically it’s his fear of your fireball that will keep him from spamming his super pokes.

d.MP to beat Blanka’s slide is really important. It fights good against his d.HP somewhat as well.

JD, hurricane kick is a high damage counter to the random ball. When you’re raged, JD, run up d.MK xx super fireball is the easiest punishment. Anytime you’re near a corner though, JD, run up d.LK xx shin shoryuken does huge damage.

N-groove I don’t like so much because you need meter to counter the random ball. Block ball, counter roll forward, close s.HP xx shoryuken or hurricane kick.

Use far s.HK against Sagat a lot. It really discourages him from abusing his far j.HK on you. I wish Ken had a move he could use like that actually. Either Ryu’s far s.HK or the old A2/3S far s.MK.

All of Ryu’s normal ground moves (including his primary far s.HP) have annoyingly poor range, so in order to play Ryu well, you really need to use the fireball well. f+MK hop kick is always tempting to try and get in with, but d.HP mashing beats it clean unfortunately. Use the f+MK mostly after a blocked d.LP to build up the guard crush and keep your momentum going instead. Ryu’s all about the guard break anyway. Run up, d.MK/d.HP xx shin shoryuken after every guard crush is too good.

You have the great run to close any gaps, so don’t forget to always keep bullying the other guy whenever you knock him down. Basic shoto mixups like whiff low short, throw or whiff low short, d.LP, d.LK xx super. Meaty close s.MK or meaty close d.MP are very useful. It forces a waking opponent to block so you can easily link a d.LP afterwards everytime. Mostly it’s knocking down the other guy in the first place that’s going to be hard in these matchups.

So more or less i need to stay out of sagats c.fierce and abuse s.rh when fighting blanka and i poke using lp hadous and the only offensive i can bother measuring is meaty c.mp, c.lp after sweep. sounds better now i guess.

I like HP Hadoukens at around footgames range (just outside the max range of Sagat far s.HP). Sagat doesn’t have time to react with a jump without getting taken out of the air by your fast Hadouken.

The only thing you really need to watch out for is C-Sagat and his roll. He can roll on reaction, counter hit s.LP, d.MK xx super you every time you throw a Hadouken (no matter what strength) from halfscreen to midrange. To fight against that you can discourage him from rolling by throwing LP Hadoukens from far range and countering his roll with d.MK every time he rolls against you. That’ll make him think twice about rolling next time he sees you do the Hadouken.

The best way to poke with Hadouken though, is to only use them when you know Sagat wants to walk up and poke you with d.HP or far s.LK. Use it as a counter to shut down his offense. Taking the initiative and throwing Hadoukens randomly or whenever you feel like it gets Ryu killed to scrub Sagat’s doing roll, super. It’s really important to watch how the other guy plays before you decide to go with any strat for Ryu.

this is a long hard uphill fight for ryu. keep in mind that c.short, c.lp, c.mp all have pretty big frame advantages so go ahead and set up them counterhits for any mashing sagats/blankas. I kinda like c.short, c.short, s.far fierce. it doesnt combo but alot of the time ull get a nice fat counter hit and can super hadoken them if u want. watch for that focking sagat roll though, so it might be a good idea to press b+fierce to get an option selected throw if they roll. kcxj got some good advice here

:lame: :tdown: You is just Fucking sad HAHAHAHA!

Sagat and Blanka

I just stomp him down with continued hurrican kicks and fire balls. (for Blanka) :karate: When fighting Sagat I just chill till i can get any hits in that i can . If you wait for him to uppercut or fire ball standing up so it shots over you get a good front hard kick in.

Any good Blanka will RC ball, df hp, parry/jd, or jump in if possible when you fb, hurricane kicks will be punished, and Sagat will destroy you if you just sit back and wait. If anything, you have to rush them both the fuck down because you’re already at a disadvantage from the start. Sagat and Blanka made me drop Ryu from my team (for Blanka haha)

with N groove Ryu and facing blanka that knows how to roll cancel. limit your projectiles. blanka is a fast character so use the short shoryuken because it has higher priority then anything blanka has to offer. play defence for a little while and try to control the pace once you get him where you want him run and hit hard with a five hitter, if he blocks the air kick dash and throw him, wait after he recovers so you can see what he does next if he trys to jump shoryuken if he rolls throw him keep the pace, you can also beat him in the air with a air hurricane kick.

lol at the previous post and one shortly above it! i use ryu in P and have trouble with sagat, without parry i’d probably drop him and go with someone else. i don’t know K groove at all so i dunno if you can counter after a successful jd of his mk for example and super fireball him after. also crouching mp is tough to counter blankas slide with, i only seem to land it when i get lukcy. it seems to have quite a small sweet spot against his slide as opposed to always working vs joes slide for example. i think running jabs, well spaced small jumps and an opponent that makes nice mistakes is your best chance!